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Handbook for Families and Friends of Pennsylvania Dept. of Corrections Inmates

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Handbook for Families and Friends of Pennsylvania Dept. of Corrections Inmates (2006)

Katherine Hardesty, assistant professor, Slippery Rock University and Judith E. Sturges, assistant professor, Pennsylvania State University - Fayette

This handbook was designed to help families and friends of inmates understand more about the Pennsylvania prison system and guide them as they cope with changes in their lives. The handbook is divided into two sections. The first section, “Understanding the Pennsylvania Prison System,” explains how the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections works and the rules that effect the relationships between inmates and their friends or family members. The second section, “Taking Care of Yourself and Your Family,” discusses some issues that affect the family’s life outside the prison and provides resources to help resolve some of the more common problems they may experience.

Website: www.cor.state.pa.us

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