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Centerforce is a non-profit organization based in the San Francisco Bay area that provides programs to improve the lives and strengthen the communities of incarcerated people and their loved ones. One of Centerforce’s initiatives is the Healthy Marriage, Responsible Fatherhood project that helps strengthen marriages and relationships of incarcerated men releasing from San Quentin State Prison.

The core element of the program includes a 12-week Back to Family class inside San Quentin State Prison that covers topics such as child development, parenting and co-parenting, stress and anger management, relationship building, and the impact of substance use, violence, and incarceration on children and families.
The program provides Couples Enhancement Workshops for men prior to their release, bringing the men together with their partners inside the visiting area to participate in a day-long facilitated relationship and communication-building workshop.
The Family Reunification Case Management program reinforces progress made in the Back to Family classes and Couples Enhancement Workshops and provides case management for men with their partners in preparation for and after reentry, to facilitate healthy family reunification.

Website: www.centerforce.org

Fair Shake

Fair Shake is an innovative nationwide website focused on successful prisoner reentry. Through an interactive blend of electronic tools, reentry awareness, and community building; Fair Shake encourages all stakeholders (former felons, families and friends, employers, property managers, communities and corrections) to participate in the successful reintegration of formerly incarcerated people into society. Fair Shake offers former felons a free virtual office that can be accessed from any computer. In addition to email, data storage and a personal resource directory; members can create a web page to use as a supplement to employment or housing applications. Instructional tutorials are also available.

Key features of Fair Shake’s Reentry Tool Kit include:

  • Resource Directory

  • Reentry Packets

  • Preparing for Work

  • Ready for Release

  • Ownership Manual

  • Culture Shock!

Contact: Sue Kastensen, Director and Founder, sue@fairshake.net

Website: www.fairshake.net
Home Program

Home Program at the Fox Lake Correctional Institution (Wisconsin) helps offenders transition from an incarcerated person to a parent and partner in the community. The Home Program allows participants to discuss their concerns, build on the positive, and plan for a more successful future for their families.

The program assists offenders and their family members in having a healthy, effective, and realistic approach during the transition period from incarceration to freedom. Its focus is to develop skills in communication, celebrate family and community, and provide information on resources. The goals of the program are to gain knowledge of what to expect, address concerns, gain helpful tools, and gather resources and information to continue the momentum of becoming a healthy family after release.

The Home Program consists of three sessions per group of participants:

  • Session 1 – Getting to know one another, sharing past family celebrations, future ideas, and identifying concerns

  • Session 2 – Celebrating cultural diversity and sharing learning opportunities

  • Session 3 – Role playing and brainstorming previously identified concerns

Contact: Deborah Mejchar, Chaplain, deborah.mejchar@wisconsin.gov

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