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Re-Entry Programs
Center for Effective Public Policy

Center for Effective Public Policy and its partners, the Urban Institute and the Carey Group, were selected to serve as the training and technical assistance providers to the 2007 U.S. Department of Justice Prisoner Reentry Initiative grantees. The Center developed a series of tools to assist grantees in specific areas of their reentry work, including 11 Coaching Packets in 3 series.

  • Series 1 provides a blueprint for an effective offender reentry system

  • Series 2 addresses key issues related to the delivery of services to offenders; advances in approaches to case management; the role of staff in changing offender behavior; and research and practice as it relates to working with women offenders, engaging families, and mentoring

  • Series 3 provides guidance and tools to ensure that reentry efforts achieve their intended outcomes and offers strategies for achieving continuous quality improvement

The Engaging Offenders’ Families in Reentry Coaching Packet focuses on a strength-based, family-focused approach to offender management. Included in this packet are sections on:

  • The Effects of Incarceration on Families

  • Families as a Natural Resource for Enhancing Reentry Efforts

  • Research on Families and Family Support in Reentry Efforts

  • Engaging Families as Part of an Evidence-Based Approach to Offender Reentry

  • Implementing a Strength-Based, Family-Focused Approach

Contact: Becki Ney, Principal, bney@cepp.com

Website: http://www.cepp.com/ coaching.htm.

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