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Children’s Literacy Foundation

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Children’s Literacy Foundation

The Children’s Literacy Foundation (CLiF) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to nurture a love of reading and writing among children throughout New Hampshire and Vermont. CLiF’s motto is “Opening Books, Opening Minds, Opening Doors.”

Through 16 free programs, CLiF serves young readers and writers who have the greatest needs, including children in shelters or low-income housing, children of prison inmates, refugee children, migrant children, children from low-income families, children in Head Start, children in communities undergoing severe economic challenges, and many other at-risk youth.
CLiF has created a powerful program to serve children of prison inmates and their families by providing the following support to each prison and jail they sponsor:

  • Books for a Family Visiting Room Library – CLiF donates new, high-quality children's books to each prison or jail for an on-site library in a facility's family visiting room for use by children on family visiting days, or by family members and volunteers to read aloud with children.

  • Storytelling Presentation – A CLiF representative visits the prison or jail to meet with the children of inmates and their families, delivers new books, tells stories, and talks about the joys of words and reading. The presenter also performs interactive storytelling, talks about the books being donated to the family visiting room, and reads aloud from some of them.

  • Books for Children to Keep – CLiF donates a selection of new children's books for the children of inmates to take home and keep. Some children select their books at a special storytelling and book delivery event held at the correctional facility and others select their books when they come to visit their mother or father at the prison or jail.

  • Storybook Program – A program offered at many of the prisons and jails gives inmates the opportunity to record a book on tape and send it along with the story home to their children.

  • Seminars for Parents – A CLiF representative visits the prison or jail to conduct seminars with inmates who are parents on the importance of reading with their children and how to make reading with children fun and easy, even if an inmate has low literacy skills.

  • Camp Agape – The summer camp for children who have an incarcerated parent has been in operation for seven years and is coordinated by the Episcopal Church, the Methodist Church and the United Church of Christ in Vermont.

Contact: Suzanne Loring, Program Director, Suzanne@clifonline.org

Julia Rogers, Program Coordinator, Julia@clifonline.org

Website: www.clifonline.org

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