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RealCare Parenting Program

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RealCare Parenting Program

RealCare manufactures infant simulators which make it possible for people to practice caring for an infant 24 hours a day, seven days a week. RealCare Babies are crafted from soft vinyl and feature real infant sounds to simulate a newborn infant from birth to three months old. RealCare Baby comes in seven ethnic groups and both male and female.

In addition to the normal infant simulators, RealityWorks offers these models:

  • Shaken Baby Syndrome

  • Drug Affected

  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

  • Choking

  • CPR

  • Special Needs

During a simulation:

  • RealCare Baby cries for care at all hours, day and night

  • Baby's head and neck require constant, proper head support just like a real infant.

  • Caregiver has to figure out what Baby needs: feeding, burping, rocking, diapering

  • Caregiver wears unique wireless ID to ensure accountability 

  • RealCare Baby's computer tracks its care and safe handling

  • Detailed data is downloaded after the simulation, including exact times of missed care and mishandlings – Shaken Baby, head support failure, wrong positioning, and rough handling

  • Data is reported on when clothing is changed and which clothing articles Baby is wearing at various times during the simulation

  • Baby records temperature of its surroundings and reports when its temperature varies from the Safe Zone

A RealCare Curriculum complements the use of infant simulations. It contains:

  • Basic Infant Care – child safety, emergency procedures, child abuse prevention, and infant/toddler development

  • Healthy Choices: Relationships, Sexuality, and Family Planning – an abstinence-based, comprehensive curriculum focusing on teen pregnancy prevention that covers relationships, self-esteem, communication, refusal skills, adolescent health, and reproductive issues, among many other topics.

  • Parenting: A Guide to Parenting Skills for Life – stages of child development, parenting styles and their impact, the costs involved in raising a child, and much more.

Contact: Anne Brennan, Product Consultant, anne.brennan@realityworks.com  

Website: www.realityworks.com

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