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Pennsylvania Prison Society

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Pennsylvania Prison Society

The Pennsylvania Prison Society is an organization that advocates on behalf of prisoners, formerly incarcerated individuals and their families. The Prison Society offers a variety of services, including re-entry programs for former prisoners, virtual visitation for family members and S.K.I.P. (Support for Kids with Incarcerated Parents).

The Prison Society program encourages positive family relations and gives incarcerated parents the opportunity to discuss and learn about the needs of their children. The cognitive-therapy based program fosters parenting skills and strengthens their commitment to positive family values.

The Prison Society provides parenting classes in state and county facilities, facilitates support groups for children of incarcerated men and women and operates a family resource center in a state prison. The twelve-session parenting program uses an interactive curriculum to increase parents’:

  • knowledge about what constitutes child abuse and neglect

  • ability to handle their feelings and manage their anger

  • understanding of various stages of child development

  • understanding of positive parenting and ability to interact in responsive and nurturing ways

  • awareness of community resources for themselves and their families

The program addresses each objective through role-play exercises, outside readings, interactive activities, discussion and hands-on skill development.

The Prison Society’s experience and knowledge base is so strong that they are often called upon to provide “train the trainer” sessions to staff from other non-profits who work with prisoners and former offenders.

Contact: Betty-Ann Izenman, Program Director, baizenman@prisonsociety.org

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