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The Parenting Inside Out program includes

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The Parenting Inside Out program includes:

  • Complete curriculum manual with lesson plans and facilitation guides

  • Supplemental Parenting Coach manual with program research, organizational set up and strategies for teaching specific activities

  • A CD with all participant materials – handouts, worksheets, graduation certificates, evaluation tools

  • Three day, comprehensive training program that ensures curriculum fidelity

Contact: Mindy Clark, mindy@childrensjusticealliance.org.

Websites: www.parentinginsideout.org


Parenting Skills Training Program

The Correctional Service of Canada has developed the Parenting Skills Training Program to help offenders learn to be better parents and deal with the stress that incarceration places on family relationships. The 16-session (32 hours) program is aimed at male offenders who want to improve the skills needed to relate more effectively with their children and other family members. Based on the cognitive development model, the program strives to improve offenders' cognitive functioning while, at the same time, teaching parenting skills.

The program is structured to deal with eight common offender cognitive problems that hurt their ability to relate well with their families:

  • impulsiveness

  • putting the blame for their actions on other people

  • believing their life is beyond their control

  • lack of concrete reasoning

  • rigidity and intolerance

  • shortage of interpersonal problem-solving skills

  • egocentricity

  • underdeveloped values

  • critical reasoning problems

The Parenting Skills Training Program targets male offenders who have family problems related to poor communication; inconsistent, inappropriate or ineffective discipline; and the failure to apply problem-solving skills in family interactions or teach such skills to children. Their cognitive shortcomings can also lead to an inability to recognize and teach that actions have consequences.

Three main areas are stressed in the program: understanding a parent's job within the family, the responsibility that comes with being a parent and the consequences of parental action or inaction.

The Parenting Skills Training Program is divided into four major sections: the family, interpersonal skills, caring for your family, and developing skills. Each theme is covered during four two-hour training sessions. Within these sessions, offenders are provided with a knowledge base and are taught basic skills for addressing problems related to the theme.

The program uses a variety of techniques such as group activities, role-playing, improvisation, thinking games, moral dilemmas, problem solving, and case study examinations. All are introduced in the context of learning how to parent, but the objective is to enhance the offenders' creativity and sharpen their generally weak empathic abilities.

Website: www.csc-scc.gc.ca

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