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Isis Rising

Isis Rising is a pregnancy and parenting program for women incarcerated at the Shakopee Women’s Prison (Minnesota) who are currently pregnant, have given birth within the last year, or are parenting a child under 5 years old. The Isis Rising group meets for two hours every week, for 12 weeks. Moms in Isis Rising learn about:

Contact: Rebecca Shlafer, shlaf002@umn.edu

Erica Gerrity, eegerrity@gmail.com

Website: http://prisondoulas.blogspot.com

Keeping FAITH

Keeping FAITH (Families and Inmates Together in Harmony) is the centerpiece of The Ridge Project, a non-profit Christian organization dedicated to serving youth and families in need throughout Ohio. Keeping FAITH focuses on teaching men to be men of honor and conviction, learn skills to effectively father while still in prison, build healthy relationships, and communicate effectively. Topics include offering advice to children without being controlling and coping with children who have difficulty communicating. The programming was developed by Ron and Catherine Tijerina, who held their family together for 15 years while Ron was incarcerated.
Keeping FAITH’s 18-week program involves both the incarcerated father and his partner.

  • Tyro Dads – For the first 10 weeks incarcerated fathers focus on intensive character development. Tyro Dads are taught to own responsibility for their actions and prepare to overcome obstacles as they transition back to their homes and communities

  • Couple Communication I – A four-week course teaches fathers and their partners collaborative marriage and basic communication skills

  • Couple Communication II – After the initial four-weeks, the spouses return for a four-week advanced communication class where they learn conflict resolution, anger management and relationship stability

  • Peer Leadership – The final stage of healing features peer leadership where incarcerated fathers surround themselves with others who share their goals and are committed to holding one another accountable to their new lifestyle

  • Youth Program – Where possible, children of offenders are involved in a youth program designed to prevent them from following their parent’s negative behavior and to truly rehabilitate and heal the entire family


Contact: Bruce D. Purdy, Communications Specialist, bruce.purdy@theridgeproject.com

Website: www.theridgeproject.com

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