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Greystone Educational Materials

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Greystone Educational Materials

Greystone has produced several exclusive video series and reproducible guides which address the needs of correctional inmates. Among them are three parenting skills series:

  • Dads: Ex-Offenders Talk about Fatherhood This 4-part video/DVD series features multi-ethnic ex-offenders offering insights and advice on fatherhood. They discuss how they learned their parenting skills, how they handled being incarcerated and separated from their children, and how they approached their reunion with their children.

  • Family Reunification: Ex-Offenders Talk About Going Home This 6-part series asks how the inmate leaving prison reintegrates back into the family. Are the expectations real? Ex-offenders give first hand accounts and insights on how they made the transition from prison to family life. They cite their struggles, successes and failures.

  • Parenting from Prison: Practical Advice & a Positive Message This 4-part series features multi-ethnic ex-offenders discussing parenting from prison and beyond. The series features Barbara Rasmussen, parenting teacher at the Racine Correctional Institution in Wisconsin, who offers her expert advice and a message of hope to parents in prison. 

Contact: Ted Harms, Owner, greystoneedmat@frontiernet.net

Website: www.greystoneducationalmaterials.com

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