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The Indiana Department of Corrections implemented its Wee Ones Nursery at Indiana Women’s Prison in May 2008. Indiana is one of only nine states that currently have a prison nursery.

The Wee Ones Nursery is a voluntary program available for pregnant offenders who meet eligibility criteria. The program provides parenting education and ensures quality time to strengthen the mother-infant bond during the initial months after the infant’s birth. Mothers and their babies have private rooms in one housing unit. A small cadre of trained nannies from the offender population also live on the housing unit and assist the mothers in caring for their infants while the mothers attend classes, counseling appointments, or similar obligations. The program also includes ongoing training of the mothers in child development and attachment.

Contact: David Miller, Chief Visionary Officer, dmiller@urbanleadershipinstitute.com

Website: www.urbanyouth.org

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