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Strong Fathers/Strong Families

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Strong Fathers/Strong Families

CASTLE (Child Abuse Services, Training, & Life Enrichment), an organization for the prevention of child abuse, operates the Strong Fathers/Strong Families program in four Florida county jails.
Strong Fathers/Strong Families teaches incarcerated fathers about the responsibilities of being a father and the importance to children of having a responsible father in their lives. The program has four main components which involve the entire family:

  • Fathers' Group – Incarcerated fathers participate in twelve weekly group sessions learning about the importance of their roles as fathers in the lives of their children. The skills of being a responsible father are taught and practiced.

  • Mothers' Group – Mothers participate (before the release of the father) in twelve weekly group sessions learning about responsible parenting and separation/reunification issues. Parenting skills are taught and practiced.

  • Children's Group – Children participate in a support group that helps them deal with separation and reunification issues that arise due to their fathers’ incarceration. Children are encouraged to learn about and express their feelings as well as learn about self esteem, problem solving, and anger/frustration management.

  • In-Home Parenting – Upon the release of the fathers, families wanting to reunify receive home-based continuation of the program’s services with the addition of case management services to help the family gain and keep stability.

Contact: Doug Borrie, dborrie@castle.org

Wee Ones Nursery

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