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National Incarcerated Parents and Families Network

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National Incarcerated Parents and Families Network

The National Incarcerated Parents and Families Network is a non-profit organization that provides a support network for incarcerated mothers and fathers and their families.

Parenting From Behind Bars is a character-based educational and support program developed in collaboration with various Department of Corrections staff, prior offenders, faith-based, community, local, state and federal agencies. The curriculum assists incarcerated parents, both adult and juvenile, in developing skills to become more involved, responsible and supportive parents while incarcerated. Once trained and certified, the incarcerated parents facilitate the program and mentor other inmates or peers.
The primary focus of the nine week program is on the following issues:

  • Understanding “self” and decision making

  • Accepting the responsibilities of being incarcerated – rules and regulations

  • Promoting responsible parenting, while incarcerated

  • Empowering incarcerated parents to assume emotional, moral, spiritual, and psychological responsibility for their children

  • Understanding child support and taking financial responsibility of your children

  • Positive relationships

  • Effects of both positive and negative communication

  • Effective and positive mentoring

  • Transitioning back into the community

The National Incarcerated Parents and Families Network also provides these training programs:

Website: www.incarceratedparents.org

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