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Moms, Inc./Dads, Inc.

The primary goals of Virginia’s Moms, Inc./Dads, Inc. include providing education, information, and support for incarcerated mothers and fathers that allows them to better understand the impact of their incarceration on their children and improve the quality of their relationships with their children.

The program focuses on the legal problems that many parents experience during their incarceration, including custody, visitation, and termination of parental rights.
Moms, Inc./Dads, Inc assists offenders in learning to parent from prison. Communication during the incarceration between parents and their children through letters, phone calls, and visits is fundamental to keeping relationships stable and consistent as well as increasing the bond between parent and child.
Participants may earn an extra privilege of sending an audio message in which they talk to their child or record a book on tape that is mailed home to the child. In addition, problem-specific videos and volunteer guest speakers from the community are used to increase participants’ knowledge and comprehension of the problems their children may face at different developmental stages.
Contact: Sue Kennon, Parenting Education Coordinator, Virginia Correctional Center for Women in Goochland, Virginia, skliberty@msn.com

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