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Father’s Love of Reading Relationships Program

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Father’s Love of Reading Relationships Program

The Kettle Moraine Correctional Institution (Wisconsin) parenting program has adopted the Inside /Out Dads Parenting Program as the core curriculum which is supplemented by the Family Reunification and Parenting from Prison video series. The Family in Focus packets help round out discussion sessions. Topics covered include: how people develop parenting styles, what is masculinity, spirituality, anger management, self-esteem, communications, discipline vs. punishment, child development, age appropriate expectations, family meetings, goal setting, reentry planning, and a fathering plan.

After completing the parenting curriculum, inmates may participate in the Father’s Love of Reading Relationships Program. It is an 11-week program for fathers who want to build stronger relationships with their children. Local libraries and book stores have donated children’s books which incarcerated fathers read while having DVD tapes made. The DVDs are then sent home to their children.
Contact:  Mary Pohlman, teacher, mary.pohlman@wisconsin.gov
Hope House

Hope House is a non-profit organization in the Washington DC area that provides cutting edge programs to strengthen families and, in particular, the bonds between children and their fathers imprisoned far from home. Their goals include reducing the isolation, stigma, shame and risk these families experience when fathers and husbands are imprisoned and raising public awareness about this most at-risk population.

Among the key services provided by Hope House is a reading program in available in 13 facilities, where fathers tape themselves reading a book to their children. They also provide a teleconferencing service at one facility, allowing fathers in far off facilities to be in contact with their children.

Another of Hope House’s programs is “Prison Camp.” Hope House has hosted these camps all over the country, in prisons that range from minimum to maximum security. While there are many programs across the country for incarcerated mothers, Hope House's offerings are the first of their kind for male inmates and their children.
Websites: www.hopehousedc.org.


Hour Children

Hour Children, a nonprofit program based in Queens, NY, provides comprehensive support within the prison walls and in the community to incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women and their children. Hour Children has five residences that house approximately 60 families each year. They are unique in that they begin working with women and their children while the mothers are still incarcerated.

Prison-based services include:

  • Advocacy to keep mothers and children together

  • Family visitation

  • Parenting classes

  • Legal assistance

  • Family reunification counseling


The relationships and services established in prison provide a bridge to community-based services which is key to successful community re-entry and family reunification. Community services available include:

  • Housing

  • Childcare

  • Counseling and employment assistance

  • Food pantry providing farm-fresh, organic produce on a sliding scale

  • Three thrift shops offering affordable clothing and home furnishings

Website: www.hourchildren.org

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