It took 3000 years, and this strategy, for one cult, To Rule This World Freeing us, and the ‘Jews’, from The Cult,

‘Modern’ Cult recruitment policies

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‘Modern’ Cult recruitment policies

At the time of Jesus, the ‘racial purity laws’ of the Cult were not being enforced. At least not upon the ‘new recruits’. Matthew reports Jesus as saying ‘compassing sea and land to make one proselyte’. So clearly the Cult was actively recruiting at least up until that point.

Unlike in the earlier days in Judah, where such massive efforts were taken to ensure ‘racial purity’, the needs of expanding the Cult outweighed other considerations, for a time.

The Jewish Encyclopaedia says that "early and late Judah derived strength from the absorption of outsiders" and other authorities agree, so that anything like a purebred tribe of Judah must have disappeared some centuries before Christ, at the latest.

Nevertheless, the racial Law remained in full vigour, not weakened by these exceptions, so that in the Christian era proselytizing virtually ceased and the Judaists of the world, although obviously they were not descended from Judah, became again a community separated from mankind by a rigid racial ban. Racial exclusion remained, or again became, the supreme tenet of formal Zionism, and the Talmudic ruling was that "proselytes are as injurious to Judaism as ulcers to a sound body".

That said, ‘Orthodox’ Rabbi’s, it would appear from the ‘testimony’ of Rabbi Freilich at Brendon O’Connell’s trial, will assume that anyone who comes to them to be ‘converted’ to Judaism must be ‘Jewish’, or they would not do such a thing. As such it is assumed that they share ‘Jewish’ bloodlines, and are allowed to ‘return to the fold’.

It is clear that the Cult considers a certain number of ‘affiliates’ to be ideal. When the numbers fall below this, recruitment begins, and the racial purity laws are set aside. Then once sufficient numbers have been ‘recruited’, the racial purity laws are essentially‘re-activated’.

So at one time in history ‘Jews’ will insist that they are a ‘biological race’, and at others an ‘ethnic group’ with a ‘shared identity based almost entirely on a shared belief in a shared history of persecution as a people’.

In the same way, depending on why a ‘Jew’ is in court as a ‘witness’, ‘Jews’ will define their ‘identity’ as being ‘religious’, or ‘racial’, or mere ‘self-identification’, as suits them. Just like their Cult leaders constantly changed the meanings of their own writings and ‘histories’, to suit their purposes, over the last 3000 years.

Of course ‘new recruits’ tend to be even more ‘fervent’ and ‘true believers’ and ‘convinced’ and ‘fundamentalist’ and ‘passionate’ and ‘active’ and ‘committed’ than those who merely passively ‘inherited’ their religious ‘affiliation’, and have little if any real emotional investment or even real interest in it. So this ‘new blood’ is often very invigorating to the Cult of Judah and its nominally ‘Jewish’ community.

Consider how much easier it is to ‘filter out’ any ‘undesirable’ traits such as the compulsion to ask questions, to think for oneself, to reflect on the absurdity of dogma, and so on, in would be ‘converts’, as compared to deciding which of the cult members you have ‘inherited’ by birth, are really committed to the Cult values, and thus ‘useful tools’ for the cult.

So if you have any special talents to offer the Cult, especially in the high tech sector, or access to ‘industrial secrets’ and ‘patents’ and ‘blueprints’ and ‘software’, you get the idea, you are especially welcome to join the Cult, and move to ‘Silicone Wadi’, to enjoy the Tel Aviv party scenes. So you are Russian Orthodox? But possess skills and insider access the cult needs? You speak Russian, and zero Hebrew? What can we say, Mozzeltoff! It is a certainty that you must have ‘Jewish’ blood in your veins, or you never would have ‘applied for the position’. Welcome to Israel. Welcome to your new career. Say goodbye to dreary Moscow.

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