It took 3000 years, and this strategy, for one cult, To Rule This World Freeing us, and the ‘Jews’, from The Cult,

The political strategy by way of which we would all ‘reap’ what the Cult of Judah ‘sowed’, some 3000 years ago

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The political strategy by way of which we would all ‘reap’ what the Cult of Judah ‘sowed’, some 3000 years ago.

In the Cult of Judah’s strategy, the nation state was replaced with the Ghetto, the ‘nation within a host nation’, and the Temple was replaced by the Synagogue, where rituals, and subliminal induction into the Cults beliefs and political strategies was achieved via the perfect ‘trance induction’ and ‘consciousness bypass’ methods known as ‘stories’. The ‘stories’ of the Torah would provide the political / ideological instruction, just as later ‘Das Kapital’ would form the basis of ‘scientific (sic) socialism’ and ‘the world revolution’. Where once the sacrifice of their first born at the Temple formed the core of the terror and awe of the Cult, all that was required in the Synagauge was to learn obedience to the ‘Laws and statutes’, with the horrific fates befalling those who ‘erred’ providing the ‘sticks’, and the promise of world domination, and a life as an ‘Effendi’ with 2800 slaves per loyal cult member, were the ‘carrots’. The lessons were all in the forms of parables, presented as ‘histories’ for greater impact and ‘authority’. Not the sort of Parables of a Jesus or Buddha, though. All you learned from these cautionary tales was blind, unthinking, unhesitating obedience to the cult, and rape, murder, slavery, and genocide. You learned to betray your own family members for the slightest ‘breach’ of a law or statute. If your daughter war cotton and wool together, you would have to denounce her, and ‘cast the first stone’ at her public stoning, or the entire ‘race’ of ‘Jews’ would be punished by YHWH, like Jericho, or Sodom and Gomorrah, or Canaan, or Moses’ Midanites, or Moses later ‘Israelites’.

Of course the moment they could escape, most Cult members left. Those born in the Cult, who had any sort of ‘independence of mind’ left the moment they found a way ‘out’. These are the ‘Good Jews’ who assimilated and integrated, and proved ‘the blessing to the nations’.

It would take too much space to list my ‘favorite’ ‘Jews’. Anyone who wants to try to claim that I ‘hate’ ‘Jews’ will have to make sure you overlook the fact that I am seeking to free them from the mental slavery to the Cult of Judah, if they are still in thrall to this Cult, and to protect the ‘emancipated’ ‘Jews’ from the ‘pushback’ that always accompanies the ‘revelations’ of this Cult’s activities among sane, reasonable, logical, good natured, just, friendly, generous members of the Cult’s ‘host’ nations, as they recognise the threat, and with a healthy natural instinct to self preservation, and liberty, carry out ‘pogroms’ to ‘eject’ the threat, the viper, the poison, the cancer, the danger.

That it is my job to ‘reveal’ the threat to this current generation does not make me responsible for the necessity of the host nations dealing with the threat. It is their natural right to self preservation. I am acting with no malice towards anyone. If the Cult will give up its compulsive ambitions, its ‘evil ways’, it would no longer be a threat, and thus not require excorcism from the current infested, festering, open wounds we call our nations. If it will cease its defamation of Germans called ‘The Holocaust’ and its defamations of Islam / Arabs called ‘The Official version of 911’. If it will grant justice, peace, and compensatin to the Palestinian people. If it would free us all of its debt based currency systems and manipulations of financial and equities markets. If it ceased all its ‘crimes against humanity’ and criminal activities, from drug running, to sexual slavery, to attempting to dis-arm the world with ‘gun control’, and stop carrying out ‘false flag’ attacks, and ‘faking’ mass shootings. If it started ‘behaving’ as a civilized, reasonable, peace loving, and justice seeking community of trustworthy people, then there would be nothing to ‘reveal’. No chance of ‘pushback’. No reason not to celebrate what is good in ‘Jewish’ culture and traditions.

I am motivated by my universal philosophical principles. I have no favorites or need to ‘hate’ anyone. I love truth, justice, liberty, and beauty. I hate all things that will obstruct the optimal level of these ‘valuables’, which are thus my ‘values’, from being achieved.

If I saw any tradition of these values among the Cult of Judah-ism, I’d be hesitant to ‘reveal’ the ‘Jew’ World Order conspiracy. But all there is to see is terrorism, genocide, rape, slavey, deception, exploitation, racial supremacism, exceptionalism, and brutality. Nothing worth saving. No good could possibly come of such evil. In fact the Talmud teaches Cult members to bring as much evil as they can into this world, in order to provoke and speed up the coming of their ‘Messiah’, and their ‘Jew’ World Order.

If Enlil is indeed at the center of this, perhaps the world leaders were shown things that left them in awe, just as the early Biblical Israelites supposedly witnessed. The ‘Ark of the Covenant’ seems to describe a ‘portal’ through which Enlil and other ‘Annunaki’ could appear to their earthly followers, from wherever Nibiru was speeding through space, in its 3600 eliptical orbit, still part of our galaxy, but only an occasional ‘visitor’ at its apogee. The Ark seems to have contained monoatomic gold that both ‘levitated’ the Arks ‘housing’, but which was unstable and volatile if you didn’t handle it correctly. According to the Book of Daniel, the Cult actually had ‘teleportation’ technology. They wore special clothing, entering a specially prepared room with their ‘Ark components’, and exited with a ‘stranger’ who had apparently been ‘teleported’ into the room. Perhaps King Cyrus, Presidents Wilson, Truman, Roosevelt, and Johnson et al were all shown something that gained their obedience to the Cult.

But remember that magicians are always capaple, via trance induction, and suggestion, to have people ‘believe’ they are where they are not, seeing things that are only in the mind, hearing things that are only products of their imagination, feeling, tasting, and experiencing things that are not there, like daydreamers, in waking dreams. We’ve all experienced vivid dreams. The experienced trance inducer, hypnotist, NLP pracatitioner, word magician, can all achieve such states, once they have the attention and rapport of their interlocutors. They can then ‘implant’ any such experience in their ‘victims’ / ‘clients’ minds. And once‘re-awoken’, these ‘experiences’ take on the form of ‘false memories’. As I warned, this book, being about ‘Cults’, is all about ‘mind control’ techniques.

Today the masses are implanted with false memories via Hollywood films, faked new reports, and government acts of terror upon their own people, along with manufactured ‘crises’ and ‘campaigns of disillusionment and bewilderment, to ensure the people are always in a state of fear, terror, confusion, despair, and thus unable to reason clearly, and lacking in motivation to even bother seeking ‘understanding’ in a world deliberately made to appear incomprehensibly complex and chaotic to them. Most seek ‘relief’ in alcohol and other drugs, ‘escapist’ movies and television and books and magazines, ‘religion’, or run for protection to the various pre-selected political candidates and their fully co-opted ‘political parties’. The rest run to ‘controlled opposition’ like Alex Jones, Stefan Molyneux, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, for solutions, and strategies. Or at least to feel ‘sane’ among others who appear at least ‘partly’ awake to what is going on. But they will be betrayed by their politicians, their religious leaders, their ‘Alt Media’ personalities, because these were co-opted long ago, carefully groomed to do the work of their Jew World Order masters. I explain all this in detail in my other books. .

All current and ex-cult members of any cult have trouble freeing themelves of irrational fears implanted deeply within their subconscious with repetitive programming and condition. Just like the continual stream of ‘Holocaust’ propaganda. I explain how ‘pointing the bone’ in all its forms works. Why it has such power, in my other books. But for those of you with no experience of such irrational fears, try to accept that the fear is real, and efficacious. Even upon judges, lawyers, doctors, and other well educated, and worldly, people. There are many ‘emancipated’ ‘Jews’ who still find themselves unable to break the thrall of the Cult completely.

And rest assured, that up until recently the Cult enforced its ‘laws and statutes’ with death penalties. Even today, especially in Israel, but all around the world, the Cult have not only had their ‘laws and statutes’ to some degree incorporated into their host state laws, such as ‘Holocaust Denial’ laws, but still informally make their judgements, and carry out punishments.

And remember, I’ve been blacklisted from the Australian Public Service and Public Education Systems in Australia, and de facto in all the ‘Commonwealth’ nations, simply for asserting my rights under the law, and their ‘rules and statutes’. I never did anything wrong. In fact I sought to do good. So if I can have my life effectively ruined by such supposedly ‘democratic’ and ‘well intended’ organisations, for daring to challenge these organisations ‘authority’, imagine what the Cult of Judah is capable of. And how easy it is to do major damage to anyone, in this world, if you have any sort of power.I documented my experiences of workplace victisation and mobbing in ‘An Education in Victimisation’, if you are interested. My point is that it is very easy to ruin a person’s life if you have any sort of power in this world. And so almost no-one will dare blow the whistle on any sort of authority in this world, for simple fear of repercussions. As Solzehnitizyn noted, fear of losing their jobs. So imagine if you add ‘fear of God’ and ‘Fear of eternal hell’ to that mix. Soon you can see how corruption at all levels of society is not only possible, but encouraged, by these simple facts. Those in power are smug and complacent in the lack of accountability present in our current systems. This enourages those to do their worst, with no fear of ever being ‘exposed’, let along ‘punished’ for their evil deeds.

Again, for those of you who imagine ‘it just is not possible to keep such a huge conspiracy secret’. It is. It is not only possible but really easy. Ask any ‘whistle-blower’ who ever tried to get justice for themselves, or other vicitms of other ‘conspiracies’. They are everywhere. The victims and the conspiracies. But you will never hear about them. And I doubt you would even listen, or care, anyway. You just want to keep your job, get promoted, get a new car, bigger home in a nicer neighbourhood, and put your kids into the best schools and universities. Why would you risk any of that to expose corruption, conspiracies, and criminality in your own ‘necks of the woods? What would there be in it for YOU?

Well, soon you will learn the cost of that attitude. Those values. You will reap the harvest you have sown, in your own corner of the world, in your own patch of earth, your own ‘garden’. In the form of the ‘Jew’ World Order. It will show as little concern for any principles of ‘justice’ or ‘truth’ or ‘liberty’ than you have shown to the victims you could have helped, by exposing their victimisers. Let alone the billions of animals we have enslaved, and force to endure lives of miserly, cruelty, pain, despair, and suffering, as mere means to our personal pleasure and relief from pain. As mere victims of our ‘scientific’ curiosity’. As victims of so called ‘experiments’ to ‘test’ drugs by which we hope to avoid our personal responsibility for our health via discipline diet and exercises, via the shortcut of a ‘pill’.

In an ironic way, it makes my situation more bearable. I am not trying to save innocent victims from the big evil giant. I am trying to save people who don’t really deserve being saved. So if I fail, what is it to me? That you finally reap the harvest you have sown? Who am I to fight Karma, that is going to teach you a lesson via the ‘Jew’ World Order, in the way it always has taught empathy and ‘good behavior’ via suffering the consequences of your own poor behavior, made possible by your own lack of compassion for the victims of your own actions and indifference to the suffering ofothers. Seems you have to learn the hard way what it means to be enslaved, and exploited as mere means to other sentient beings pleasure and relief.

But it is still my own Karma to try to save you. So I continue with my task in good faith, in the public interest, as an expression of the natural instinct and right of self preservation and national security, motivated by good will and beneficience to all sentient beings.

Oh, and how ironic, because of my victimisation at the hands of the people I am trying to save, I had almost nothing to lose. I’ve been denied the opportunity to ever work in my chosen field. I’ve been refused the lowest paid jobs you can imagine, because of my ‘work history’. So the ‘Jew World Order’ can’t threaten to take anything much from me, except my freedom to write, and publish. And they’ve already effectively blocked me from even self-publishing. I can make my books, like this book, available, but my ‘discovery’ is about zero. And in many nations my books make the owner, let alone the author or publisher or even translator, a criminal. So the ‘Jew’ World Order have pretty much done all they can do, besides physical torture and imprisonment. ‘Touch Wood’ I guess. But I am too conscientious a person to back down. I am no war hero. Just a stubborn fool. I am not tough. Giving birth must be tough. Being a Palestinian must be tough. Being a trafficked sex slave must be tough. These are all examples of tough people. Just being alive in most nations, as an average person, is tougher than being me. But I do wish the nausea and migraines would leave me in peace. They come any time I try the impossible task of ‘understanding’ this world, worrying about it, and trying to explain it for the benefit of myself, and of course others, like you.

Once in prison I will know my days of trying to enlighten others have come to an end. I will be free to pursue the purest of philosophical enquiries. Like Schopenhauer and Hegel. I will accept Buddha and Ecclesiastes conclusions, and cease striving to optimalise this world. So please, if you want to reward my effort, sacrifice, risk, and time, and genuine suffering the aches and pains and migraines associated with my writing and researching, please lobby my prison system to allow me access to all the works of Schopenhauer, and Hegel, in German and English. They are too sublime and complex to devote myself to, at a time when time is of the essence, in exposing this ‘Jew’ World Order, and ‘englightening’ YOU in general. But once I am no longer free to do that, to complete my mission, to carry out my ‘universe given orders’. To follow through on my natural instincts to help others. Then I will be free to devote all my mental energies to Schopenhauer et al. That should be enough for me once I’ve free of my burdens of responsibility, by having all my ‘response-A-bilities’ removed. We are almost there. I look forward to being perplexed and bewildered by something worth investing the time and energy into attempting to comprehend. Schopenhauer et al.

The ‘Jew World Order’ conspiracy was child’s play to comprehend and dissect, map, and expose, compared to the German philosophical masters!

And I will repeat, in case they were not listening / attending, that if someone will facilitate my Vegan Holding Company, then I would stop working on this project, and devote myself to the veganisation of the world, in a heart beat. For YOU deserve what the ‘Jew’ World Order have in store for you. YOUR victims did NOTHING to deserve what YOU have done to THEM!

To clarify, The ‘Jew’ World Order are the harvest of your lack of compassion and empathy for the other sentient beings on this planet that YOU have effectively enslaved, and literally slaughter. This refers to all the humans and non-humans you have relatively power over. You abuse this power over them, just as the Cult of Judah has, and will, abuse its power over you.

So go Vegan. Seek justice and liberty for all sentient beings. Act honestly. Act in good will. Seek the truth. Seek justice. Seek a fairer distribution of costs and benefits. Do not accept benefits paid for by others. If you do these things, the power that the ‘Jew’ World Order has over you, will evaporate.

THAT is my ultimate message here. I am the least ‘anti-Semitic’ person on this planet. The Cult of Judah’s masters are the most anti-Semitic people on this planet. Using the ‘legal’ meaning of ‘anti-semitism’, at least as it is pretended to be employed.

Of course, if you have been following all this closely, you will realise that the true ‘operational’ and ‘practical’ and ‘actual’ and ‘effective’ and ‘real’ meaning of ‘anti-Semitism’, is anything, any idea, any person, any argument, any organisation, any institution, any belief, any fact, any theory, any behavior, any emotion, any thought, anything that might in any way obstruct the Cult of Judah from realising its ambitions of a ‘Jew’ World Order. A world ruled by the Cult of Judah. A world where you have only two choices. Submit unhesitantingly, unthinkingly, and unreservedly to the commands, the ‘laws and statutes’ of the Cult of Judah, as slaves, with privileges but zero rights, or be slaughtered, man, woman, child, infant, unborn child, along with all your animals.

But please realise the key to their power. Any time you behave just like the Cult of Judah’s masters, you contribute to their Jew World Order manifesting. You are in fact manifesting it with everyunfair’, ‘unjust’, ‘ruthless’, selfish, ‘other’-abandoning, action you engage in. Every thought, word and deed that does not grant all sentient beings the right to freedom, justice, and truth.

When I have completed this book, and devoted some reasonable time to sending it to everyone I can think of that might be interested in reading it, and who hopefully will get it out to as many people as possible, I think I will finally feel I have done my duty as a philosopher, and will try to complete the songs and music I have been working on, as a counterweight to this mammoth responsibility and burden, over the last few decades.

Maybe I will be able to put some of these key points into lyrics? Maybe I will be incinerated with the rest of you? Or maybe remain a living receptable of the ‘true history’ of the ‘Jew’ World Order, to be passed in mostly verbal form from generation to generation, until the day comes when the Cult of Judah destroys itself, which it inevitably must, for an ideology based on destruction and ruthless, compulsive obsessions with power, with no other sound ethical principles, is sure to ‘eat itself’. For it will reap what it sows. And when that time comes, I can only hope copies of my ethics, my arguments, in some form, remain to inform the survivors, the ‘slaves’ and ‘thralls’ who would then be free to start again. Hopefully not having to learn their lessons all over again.

Assuming, that is, that this world is not merely a ‘filter’ and ‘lesson’ that exists merely to teach souls what they need to know before progressing to ‘higher’ worlds.

Either way, the lessons, hopefully, will be learned at the minimum possible cost. That is my self-assumed role. As ‘researcher’ into TROONATNOOR, and then advisor / teacher. I would have loved to continue onto the ‘executive’ level, and been able to operated as ‘Philosopher King’, but I guess this world was never going to lead by something as ethical as ‘The Optimal Ethics Generator’, and nothing as pure as my ‘Eden Protocols’ could survive, given TROONATNOOR itself.

Or? I’d love my skepticism to be proven unwarranted. : )

But now back to our Cult’s history. The history of every cult that ever was and ever will be.

The Cult Leaders remained in the Persian occupied Babylon long after they sent most of the Judah-ites back to Jerusalem. So after the initial ‘repulse’ of the attempts of the Samaritans to welcome them into the community of mankind, and most of the Leaders had returned to Babylon, the Judahites started playing a little too ‘loose and wild’ with the ‘statutes and laws’ the ‘Judges’, the ‘Levitical Priests’, the ‘Jew World Order masters, had concocted to ‘enthrall’ them.

While our Cult of Judah were busing co-opting the Persians in occupied Babylon to their own ends, and working the finishing touches to their ideology of total domination and zero tolerance, their racial supremacist, exceptionalist, isolationist, genocidial, ideology and political manifesto, the ‘Judahites’ ‘back in Judah’ and the other 10 tribes to the north were becoming quite estranged from the Cult, with its micromanagement, its ‘laws and statutes’ that made no logical sense at all, and which human nature organically rejected, as a alien body, were busy doing what most ‘Jews’ in the world have always done. They were assimilating and integrating, becoming part of a universal humanity. Intermarrying with whoever took their fancy, rejecting the ‘racial purity’ laws of their would- be Levitical masters.

You see they hadn’t been given the ‘revised’ and ‘updated’ ‘histories’, with their new ‘role models’ and ‘instructive fables’ and moral compasses and ethical guides.

The books of the Law were still being ‘compiled’ in Babylon.

So the Judahites were operating on the ‘actual verbal histories’ and not the new ‘corrupted’ versions as we know them. Moses at that time had not yet been ‘rehabilitated’. Their version of Moses’ tale ended with him happily married with children to a Midianite wife, on his way up the career lader to inheriting his Midianite father’s position as Chief Priest.

They hadn’t learned of the new installment added in Babylon, by the Cult scribes. They didn’t know that Moses would ‘return to the fold’ and once more become an obedient slave to the ideology of Semitism, by massacreing his family, friends, and host nation, and taking their virgin daughters as sex slaves.

It would be at least another 80 years before these new ‘installments’ arrived. The ‘revised’ history of the ‘Jews’. So in the meantime their role model was a humanist with universal ethics. They modelled their behavior on him by intermarrying, integrating, assimilating, getting along, and moving on. Succesfully. They were more prosperous and happy than ever before. Their role model, whether real or mere instructional confabulation, mere ‘character in some morality play’, was a good one. Nothing like the monster we have inherited from the Cult of Judah’s scribes working hard in Babylon at perfecting the ultimate doctrine, political manifesto, philosophy, dogma, belief system, and Cult mind control system, if you aim was nothing more or less than simply world domination at any cost.

Ezekiel of the High Priest's family was this political strategy’s chief architect and probably all five books of the Law, as they have come down, bear his mark. He was the founding-father the ideology of Semitism as we know it today. That political dogma which has been responsible for more avoidable and unproductive suffering on this earth than any other.

Jeremiah’s speaks as the mouthpiece of God, reproaching the Levites with ‘And they (the people of Israel/Judah) have built the high places to burn their sons and daughters in the fire; which I commanded not, neither came it into my heart’, Ezekiel is clearly enraged by the charge that the Lord had not commanded the sacrifice of the firstborn, when the scribes had repeatedly ascribed this command to him. His retort is concerned only to show that God had so commanded and thus to justify the priesthood; the admission that the commandment was evil is casual and nonchalant, as if this were of no importance:

"I am the Lord your God; walk in my statutes and keep my judgments, and do them….Notwithstanding the children rebelled against me; they walked not in my statutes, neither kept my judgments to do them…. then I said, I would pour out my fury upon them, to accomplish my anger against them in the wilderness….Wherefore I gave them also statutes that were not good and judgments whereby they should not live; And I polluted them in their own gifts, in that they caused to pass through the fire all that openeth the womb, that I might make them desolate, to the end that they might know that I am the Lord."

Ezekiel is claiming that ‘god’ had commanded the sacrifice of the firstborn by fire, as the Cult of Judah scribes had written in their Torah, in Babylon.

Ezekiel is claiming that ‘God’ would never even have ever thought to give such commandments, let alone actually gave them. Nothing would be further from his heart. This is the ‘God’ that was lost when the Cult of Judah co-opted the religion of the Israelites, and corrupted it to their own, evil, ends.

So later ‘Christians’ could ‘hear what they want to hear, and disregard the rest’. They can claim a continuity between the ‘authorities’ of the Cult of Judah, the Levitical Priests, who claimed their authority via Moses from God. But they can pretend that the Cult’s God really is the same God of Jesus. The God of universal love, charity, peace, justice, and truth.

When clearly the God of the Cult of Judah is a very different God indeed. The infantile, jealous, malicious, vindictive, vengeful, unforgiving, ‘two year old throwing a tantrum of lesae majestie’.

This is one of our main challenges when dealing with ‘Jews’ and ‘Judaism’ and ‘Christianity’ and ‘Islam’. There are many good people active in all these ‘Cults’ who believe they are being obedient to Gods will. And that this god is really worth worshipping. In fact they are being obedient to the Cult of Judah’s will. And this Cult’s god is power lust. Not love.

If the Old Testament is ‘of equal divine authority’ as the New Testament, as the early Cult of Christianity had decided ‘by committee vote’, then you have to face facts that ‘Christians’ were lead astray to lead a totally different god to the one they thought they had been following.

The Ezekiel of the Bible is a real character. Ezekiel claims that God commanded him, during the siege of Jerusalem, to atone ‘for the iniquity of the people’ by eating human excrement baked before his eyes. At his plea, that he has always scrupulously observed the dietary laws and never taken anything abominable in his mouth, this is mitigated to cow's dung. This is just one instance where men negotiate with the all mighty god. Go figure. In the olden days you could argue with God, and negotiate more acceptable conditions!

Then Ezekiel threatens the ‘Jews’ with the following punishment, if they don’t return to mindless, unhesitating, unquestioning, wholehearted submission to the Cult’s rules: …’the fathers shall eat the sons in the midst of thee and the sons shall eat their fathers…. a third part shall fall by the sword…. and I will scatter a third part unto all the winds….famine and evil beasts…. pestilence and blood…..,

And now the true motivation for the Cult of Judah’s support of Nazism, to make good on this threat : ‘… I will bring the worst of the heathen, …and they shall possess your houses’.

Portraying what will happen to those who worship "other gods", Ezekiel in a characteristic vision sees "them that have charge over the city" (Jerusalem) "draw near, every man with his destroying weapon in his hand," One, with a writer's inkhorn by his side, is commanded by the Lord, "go through the midst of Jerusalem and set a mark upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof" (these are the zealots in "observance"). The foreheads having been marked, Ezekiel quotes the Lord, "in my hearing", as saying to the men, "Go ye through the city and smite; let not your eye spare, neither have ye pity; slay utterly old and young, both maids, and little children and women; but come not near any man upon whom is the mark . . . and they went forth and slew in the city".

This is all part of the ‘rule by terror’. Such vivid imagery. All to suggest the cost of failing to fully submit to the Cult’s tyranny. Fates worse than mere death, for those who would have to carry out the ‘punishment’. There is nothing linking a God that would threaten such things and the God of Jesus and the ‘Gospels’, the ‘Good News’.

Then Ezekiel promises something in the name of god I am at a loss to comment on. ‘Ye shall eat the flesh of the mighty, and drink the blood of the princes of the earth…. And ye shall eat fat till ye be full, and drink blood till ye be drunken..’ So much for our Rabbi (in the video) smug and complacently feeling superior to ‘canibals’, about the only people he could fell superior too.

The school of scribes founded by Ezekiel continued for eighty years, in Babylon, to compile their Law, in a similar vein.

Then, in 458 BC, the Cult of Judah accomplished that wonder which they have since repeatedly achieved: by some means they induced a foreign ruler, who was their ostensible master and to all outer appearances a mighty potentate in his own right, to put his soldiers and money at their disposal.

On this day in 458 BC the Judahites in Jerusalem were finally cut off from mankind and enslaved in a way they never knew in Babylon. The story is told in the books of Ezra and Nehemiah, the Levitical emissaries from Babylon who were sent to Jerusalem to enforce Ezekiel's law.

Ezra of the high priesthood came from Babylon to Jerusalem with some 1500 followers. He came in the name of the Persian King Artaxerxes the Longhanded, with Persian soldiers and Persian gold. He arrived just as Dr. Chaim Weizmann arrived in Palestine in 1917, supported by British arms and British gold, and in 1947, supported by American money and power. Ezra was in legal form a Persian emissary (Dr. Weizmann, a Russian-born Jew, was in legal form a British emissary in 1917).

What means the sect found to bend King Artaxerxes to its will, none can now discover; after King Cyrus, he was the second potentate to play a puppet's part and in our century this readiness has become a strict qualification for public life.

Ezra brought the new racial Law with him. He enforced it first among his own travelling companions, allowing only those to accompany him who could prove that they were Judahites by descent, or Levites. When he reached Jerusalem he was "filled with horror and dismay" by the prevalence of mixed marriages’.

The Judahites had broken no law known to them. For it was Ezra who first informed them of Ezekiel's new Law. One which Judahites with a good memory would have rejected as ‘made up’. ‘Forged’. ‘Faked’.

As emissary of the Persian king, with all the powers that King had vested in him, he had the Jerusalemites assembled and told them that all mixed marriages were to be dissolved; thenceforth "strangers" and everything foreign were to be rigorously excluded. A commission of elders was set up to undo all the existing marriages.

When twenty-four centuries later Hitler enacted exactly the same kind of law; it was then called "infamous" by the Zionists, and the armies of the West, reversing the role of the Persian soldiers of 458 BC, were mobilized to destroy it!

The effect of this announcement in 458 BCE was the same as in 1917 CE. Quite understandably, Judah’s neighbours saw the threat to themselves and they attacked Jerusalem, tearing down the symbols of the inferiority imputed to them: its walls. By that time Ezra, like any Twentieth Century Zionist, had evidently returned to his home abroad, for once more the artificial structure began to crumble and natural tendencies were resumed: intermarriage began again, and things returned to ‘normal’. The Cult had failed in its first attempt to impose its ideology of Semitism, its Cult of Judah-ism, this political manifesto of racial supremacism, exceptionalism, genocide, rape, and slavery, upon humanity.

Those of us today actively struggling against the Jew World Order must always keep in mind what Reed has made clear for us. The majority of ‘Jews’ want nothing to do with this Cult that publically acts in their name. They want nothing more than to be free of it. So we must help them help themselves. And in doing so deprive the Cult of its public ‘status’ and ‘prestige’ and ‘priveleges’ as supposedly representing ‘The Israelites’ and the ‘Jews’, and speaking for the God of the Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

We must awaken every ‘Jew’ to the reality of their situation. That they are unwittingly aiding and abetting a Cult that does evil in their name. And they will be held accountable for that evil done, unless they vociferously renounce and denounce the Cult and expose any and all activities of that Cult that they are aware of.

We must inform the ‘Jews’ of their own interests. And of how their interests are being sacrificed by the Cult of Judah, the ‘Jew’ World Order. We need to enlist their support. If they withdraw their support of the Cult, whether merely superifical and nominal, or committed and substantial, then the Cult will just evaporate. And then we will be left to deal with the lesser dangers to our freedom, to justice, and to truth.

My fear is that even if we succeed in cutting off this head of the Hydra, other heads, maybe less organised and efficacious, will merely replace it. So please refer to my TROONATNOOR books, to ensure we don’t jump from one frying pan into another, perhaps slightly more bearable, fire.

The real power of the Cult has been its ability to enlist the self-interested motives of the most powerful people in the most powerful nations, and to co-opt them to its own objectives, from the very beginning, in Babylon, over 3000 years ago.

What we must attend to, if we are to save ourselves, and the ‘Jews’ from imminent catastrophe, is that this Cult acts in the name of ‘Jews’, but really acts upon its own narrow political agenda. And that this Cult has always used force. The force of non-Jews. The military and financial power of nations it has secretly gained the ‘remote control’ of. The ‘steering wheel’ of. It has always needed these to coerce ‘The Jews’ themselves into submission. As it has used them to force us all into submission. Submission to its new ‘religion’ of ‘Holocaustiantiy’ and ‘Man-made global climate crisis’ and ‘Islamic terrorism is the threat, not our own Cult of Judah occupied governments’.

The greatest power the Cult has wielded has been that of the ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’. The power of ‘Reflexivity’ as George Soros, one of the most public of the Cults figures, would put it.

You simply write your own history, then present it as proof of your inevitable success, as ‘God’ has proven in the past to be your ally, he has promised to do so in the future. The worst failures are ‘spun’ to ‘prove’ this Gods power and interest in your future, at least to as great effect as are any chance successes, and good fortune.

And remember you can ‘create the illusion’ of a pattern, and thus ‘suggest’ future expectations, by writing history to justify that ‘suggested’ pattern and future expectations.

I ‘prove’ I have power by claiming I manage amazing feats in the past, so people follow me, anticipating similar ‘miracles’ can and will be performed by me, as ‘God’s’ will. As the instrument of ‘God’s’ will.

Thus as I achieved ‘the impossible’ in the past, surely I will be able to do so again, in the future. As between the start, and now, I prophecied events, which the stories claim ‘came to past’, the events, the success, prophecied for the future, can be expected to also come to pass.

People fail to escape the loop. To remember that all the ‘histories’ were written by the same people who wrote the prophecies. And they simply backdated their prophecies to prophecie events that they know happened, as they too happened before they committed the prophecies to paper, or simply retrospectively re-wrote the prophecies to ‘suit’ the intended purposes of the writers. The Cult Scribes. Writing for the Cult masters.

After thirteen years, in 445 BC, the elders in Babylon struck again. Nehemiah was another figure, as typical of our century as of that time in Babylon. He was of Judahite descent and stood high in the Persian king's favour (as Zionist "advisers" today habitually stand at the right hand of British Prime Ministers and American Presidents; the parallel could not be much closer). He was cupbearer to Artaxerxes himself. He arrived from Babylon in Jerusalem with dictatorial power and enough men and money to re-wall the city (at Persian expense; the parallel with today continues), and it thus became the first true ghetto. It was an empty one, and when the walls were ready Nehemiah ordered that one in ten of the Judahites be chosen by lot to reside in it.

Race thus became the supreme, though still unwritten tenet of the Law. Jehovah-worshippers who could not satisfy Persian officials and the Levite elders of their descent from Judah, Benjamin or Levi were expelled. Every man had to establish "the undisputed purity of his stock" from the registers of births (Hitler's Twentieth Century edict about the Aryan grandmothers was less extreme).

And so the first real ‘expulsions’ of ‘Jews’ were carried out by the Cult of Judah itself. Not by any ‘enemy’ of the ‘Jews’. Not motivated by any irrational, unreasonable, malicious, vicious, innate hatred of ‘Jews’, as the propagandists of ‘persecution’ and ‘anti-semitism’ have rewritten history to coform to, on the part of ‘envious’ non-Jews..

Then, in 444 BC, Nehemiah had Ezra embody the ban on mixed marriages in the Torah, so that at last what had been done became part of the much-amended "Law" (and David and Solomon presumably were posthumously cast out of the fold). The heads of clans and families were assembled and required to sign a pledge that they and their peoples would keep all the statutes and judgments of the Torah, with special emphasis on this new one.

In Leviticus the necessary insertion was made: "I have severed you from other people that ye should be mine". Thenceforth no Judahite might marry outside the clan, under penalty of death; every man who married a foreign woman committed a sin against God (Nehemiah, 13.27; this is the law in the Zionist state today). "Strangers" were forbidden to enter the city, so that the Judahites "might be purified from everything foreign".

Any Cult leader knows that you can only maintain strict control of your subject’s minds if you isolate them from any competing ideas, values, information, arguments, and ideologies.

Nehemiah and Ezra were both eye-witnesses. Nehemiah is the ideal, unchallengeable narrator: he was there, he was the dictator, his was the deed. He says that when Ezra for the first time read this new Law to the Jerusalemites:

"All the people wept when they heard the words of the Law".

These twelve words of contemporary journalism bring the scene as clearly before today's reader as if it had occurred twenty-four hours, not twenty-four centuries ago. He sees the weeping, ghettoized throng of 444 BC through the eyes of the man who, with Persian warriors at his side, forced them into their first true captivity, the spiritual one which thereafter was to enclose any man who called himself "Jew".

Nehemiah remained twelve years in Jerusalem and then returned to the Babylonian court. At once the artificial structure he had set up in Jerusalem began to disintegrate, so that some years later he descended again on the city, where once more mixed marriages had occurred. He "forcibly dissolved" these, also setting "the severest penalties" on further transgressions of the kind. Next, "with a view to applying rigorously the selective principle, he again carefully studied the register of births" and ejected all, including even Aaronite families, in whose descent the slightest flaw could be detected. Last, he "ruthlessly purged" the community of all who had failed in "unquestioning and unhesitating allegiance to the established order and the law" and made the entire people renew their pledge.

Over and over the Cult failed in its endeavours, only to return with the power of some foreign nation to reimpose its tyrannical dictatorship.

This pledge renewal is known as "the New Covenant" (as Deuteronomy was the Second Law; these qualifying words are the milestones of the supplanting heresy). It had to be signed, at Levite order and under Persian duress, by every man in Jerusalem singly, as if it were a business contract. Then Nehemiah finally departed for Babylon, his home. As usual, the Cult leaders live in luxury, and safety, far from their subjects. They only return to tighten their chains.

By this time about four hundred years had passed since the repudiation of Judah by Israel, and three hundred since the Assyrian conquest of Israel. This period of time the Levites had used to complete the perversion of the older tradition, to put their racio-religious Law in writing, and at last to clamp it, like shackles, on the Judahites in the little Persian province of Judea. They had succeeded in setting up their fantastic, tribal creed and in establishing their little theocracy. They had started the catalytic agent on its journey through the centuries. A journey that will soon find its end. One way or another. The Jew World Order will either succeed. Or once and for all humanity will destroy this cancer that has sought its destruction and enslavement for 3000 years.

It is time to take sides. Are you with the ‘Jew’ World Order, the Cult of Judah, or against it. You won’t be allowed a ‘middle position’. The Cult tolerates zero deviation from its dogmas and dictatorial rule. The same applies to ‘Jews’ as it does to everyone else. As the Cults own ‘history’ has shown. It has stated what it intends doing with the ‘Jews’ who won’t submit 100%, in its supposed ‘histories’. It has clearly stated, as that Rabbi does in the video, what it intends to do with ‘Amalek’ and ‘Edom’, with anyone who dares do, say, or think anything out loud, that might in any way obstruct them in the realisation of their 3000 year old plan.

Today the Cult operates from Washington D.C, its real HQ. From London City financial city. From the Vatican. The three ‘indpenedent’ world states that together form the real, new, ‘Jersualem’, and capital of the ‘Jew’ World Order.

As in the past, the Cult leaders are using the power of the most powerful nations to manipulate ‘Jews’ into moving to Israel, and supporting the Cult’s actions around the world. They continue to ‘weed out’ any dissent from among their own ranks, from within the Cult. All enemies of the Cult are destroyed using their host nation’s resources and legal systems. Such as ‘Holocaust Deniers’ and ‘Jew World Order resistors’ a.k.a ‘Anti-Semites’ in the ‘real’, ‘operationalised’, ‘practical’, and ‘legal’ meaning of that term.

For those still superstitious, the Cult threaten fates worse than death in an afterlife, after a horrific death here on earth, for failing to be completely obedient to the Cult.

For the rest, you are threatened with prison, fines, and torture.

For anyone whose services the Cult has a use, you can expect to be rewarded by promotions, ‘insider trading tips’, government pensions, large stipends from Jew World Order run N.G.O’s, public acclaim, public status, public prestige, best selling books, great critical reviews, various well paid public and NGO positions with world travel, sex, drugs, and ‘black credit cards with no limits’. Ask Bill Clinton. He signed a deal with the devil and got ‘it all’. Could YOU have resisted the temptation? I’m glad no-one ever tried to ‘buy me out’. I cannot say what I would had done. It is human nature. The Cult know what they are doing. It is quite simple, once you have the resources at your disposal. 3000 years of planning make it all possible. 3000 years of corruption. Of ‘lending to the nations, and never borrowing’. 3000 years of the most advanced Neuro Linguistic Programming ever carried out on a mass population. Starting with ‘The Bible’, and literally ending with it, in ‘revelations’ a.k.a ‘Armageddon’.

As always, the most powerful Cult leaders reside in luxury and safety outside their ‘areas of operation’. They left Germany before their actively provoked ‘round up’ of ‘Jews’ was to occur. They left the Jew.S.S.R for West Germany and the U.S, just before the ‘Iron Curtain’ went up. They will leave Israel just before the nukes start raining down on Jerusalem, and the 6 million ‘first born’ of their ‘Jew World Order’ are sacrificed to their ambitions.

3000 years of recruitment and expulsion allow the Cult to ‘filter out’ any non-compliant tools from their ranks, leaving only the most amenable, reliable, unthinking, unreflective, loyal, submissive, unhesitantingly and whole heartedly responsive slaves.

It is exactly the opposite of what that Rabbi claims, of course. But they claimed it first. That the ‘Cult has been filtering out the worst, and thus becoming more and more ‘divine’ and ‘ethical’ over the millennia, while we, Amalek, have been growing in evil. Always think ‘double-speak’ and ‘Alice in wonderland’. Everything is turned on its head. Those criminalized as ‘anti-semitic’ are really working in the best interests of ‘the Jew’, motivated by a love of truth, justice, and liberty. Those labelled as ‘conspiracy theorists’ are the ones revealing the truth, and exposing the ‘fake’ news, the ‘false flags’, and the ‘faked mass shootings’.

The little ‘divinity’ that existed in the original ‘oral histories’ and prophets, has been corrupted into something evil. Something loathesome. Something repugnant to anyone with ‘Western Values’ as developed by the Greeks, and the Norsemen, and many other ‘tribes’ of people, over the same millennia that the Cult was filtering out the moral, the ethical, the sublime, the spiritual, from their ranks, and becoming the distillation of evil we saw manifest in 911, in Palestine, in the firebombings of Germany and Japan in WWII, and will see manifest in the planned WWIII.

It has only ever been the Cult of Judah that has sought to, and manged to, enslave the ‘Jews’. It was always the Cult that provoked one host nation and state after another to ‘expell’ or ‘imprison’ Jews. In Nazi Germany it was by openly declaring war on Germany. See ‘Judeah declares war on Germany’ for the documentary evidence of this. In earlier times it was the ritualistic sacrifice of innocent men, women, and most often, to really provoke the hosts, of young children. I have never written about these horrific crimes, as I cannot say I have any proof. But thousands of books written by respected ‘authorities’ over the last 3000 years claim to ‘document’ such practices. I am just too conscientious to take any possibly ‘cheap’ shots at Judaism. There is such an overwhelming mountain of evidence that any really independent court of law could use to ascertain the guilt, and future plans, of the ‘Jew’ World Order, that such ‘disputable’ incidents are not required, in order to prosecute the ‘Jew World Order, and gain a unanimous ‘guilty’ verdict.

This is why the Cult works constantly to imprint, on ‘Jews’, and the rest of us, the idea of Jews being a ‘persecuted’ people. Innocent of any possible charges. Because the moment you began such an independent and authentic ‘trial’, the facts would blossom, and become an avalanche that the Jew World Order’s censors and full spectrum propaganda machinery would not be able to cope with. They would be overwhelmed. So any possible attempt to gain such an open and fair hearing will be squashed before it has a chance to ‘see the sun’. The witnesses will be silenced. The Prosecutor plance in prison. The media will totally assassinate the actors’ credibility in the eyes of the public. They will be persecuted as ‘anti-semites’ and ‘holocaust deniers’ and ‘hate speechers’ and ‘racial vilifiers’ and ‘inciters’.

There is nothing more fundamental to the very ‘identity’ ‘Jew’ than the belief in a shared history of persecution. But at the hands of ‘Goys’. ‘Gentiles’. The truth that it has always been their own Cult of Judah masters that have persecuted the ‘Jews’, keeping them in ‘thrall’, in ‘mind prisons’, and provoking hostility towards ‘Jews’ by manufacturing financial and economic crises, and performing real terrorist actions, which 911 is just a recent example of, is always kept hidden from the ‘Jews’. Yes, they have a shared history of persectution. Only at the hands of their own supposed ‘Leaders’ and ‘authorities’, and no-one else. Just like we all today are the victims of real acts of terror, carried out by our own occupied governments, though, and not some Islamic Arabs.

‘Spin doctoring’ is key to the success of any Cult. Please refer to my TROONATNOOR books for details. I explain so many things you are unlikely ever to have explained for you. It is such a waste, to have so much insight and holistic comprehension available, but no-one will take advantage of it. Except the ‘evil’ people who already understood it thousands of years before I, and my mentors, ever did.

Soon the same ‘Levitical Scribes’ who rewrote their own histories, will be rewriting all of ours. As they have already re-written the histories of WWI, WWII, ‘The Holocaust’, ‘911’, and so on. They have re-written history to suit their purposes. When their purposes change, they will ‘revise’ their histories, and they will all be automatically ‘updated’ next time windows reminds you to update your virus software. You do realise that windows now routinely access your hard drive, without asking your consent, let alone waiting for it, don’t you? I do all my writing offline. I don’t use this computer online for anything. Of course they will realise this, and find other ways to trick me into going online. Like disabling software and claiming it requires ‘updates’. But for now I am doing what I can, with the limited technical understandings I have. Of course now with ‘electronic metering’ of electricity, there is a WiFi signal in every home. It can be used to hack into any computer in the home. So soon even if you haven’t chosen to ‘go online’, the choice will have been made for you.And soon it won’t be an option anyway. At first they will get most people to go online for the ‘benefits’, but then they will start imposing ‘costs’ on anyone who isn’t online, making it first inconvenient, then more and more inconvenient, until it becomes practically impossible.

The real value of ‘getting in first’ and ‘calling dibs’ on ‘persecution’ and ‘anyone opposed to us the good guys, must by definition be the bad guys’, is that you get to ‘imprint’ this idea as a fixed idol, a dogma, a self-evident truth, like the newly hatched duckling mistaking a snake for its mother. Then when anyone tries to ‘liberate’ you, they will appear to be ‘persecuting’ you. If you can claim that some people are planning to attack you, you can easily justify a pre-emptive strike on them as not just morally sound, and ethically justifyable, but necessary for national security, and self-preservation.

So brainwashing ‘Jews’ to believe ‘The Torah’ and ‘The Holocaust’ and ‘911’ myths, makes it seem reasonable to ‘Jew’s to ‘fear’ non-Jews, and even, as soon as they have the power to, launch pre-emptive strikes on them. Actual genocides. As self-defence against threats that only ever existed in their minds, having been implanted there by the Cult of Judahs full spectrum propaganda machine, ranging from Hollywood films all the way to University lecture halls, and school textbooks. Implanted false memories and faked beliefs reinforced 24/7 by every best selling author, magazine article, popular mass media outlet, and strategically placed and groomed ‘Kosher’ media / Controlled Opposition Alternative Media.

If you think the Nazi Propaganda whipped up anti-semitism in Germany, just consider what 3000 years of Cult of Judah propaganda has done in the minds of average ‘Jews’, let alone the ‘true believer’ core cult thralls.

When you think how Nazi propaganda could lead to civilians all over Europe rounding up Jews and sending them to workd camps, imagine what the Cult of Judah’s 3000 year continual propaganda cycle, with control of the worlds mass media and ‘news’ and ‘jewdiciary’ systems could get ‘Jews’ to do. You really think they wouldn’t, after such intense, chronic brainwashing, be capable of launching the hundreds of nuclear weapons they have, just as the Rabbi in that video is inciting them to do?

Imagine what a real ‘death sentence’ mere ‘ex-communication’ from your ‘Jewish community’ would mean to someone literally conditioned from birth to fear ‘outsiders’. How would they survive under such ‘hostile’ conditions among ‘Amalek’ and ‘Edom’?

Most people are amazed that I have left ‘home’ and lived in so many ‘alien’ nations. Imagine what completely indoctrinated ‘orthodox’ ‘Jew’ would feel when threatened with having to ‘leave the fold’.

And in true Cult fashion, all their friends and family would be forced to say ‘You are dead to me’, and to treat them that way. To totally exclude them from their thoughts and lives. Even if they are not forced to renounce and stone them to death, the threat of ex-communication, or abandonment, is just as efficacious and authtentic. It is in fact the ultimate and most basic threat to any social animal. Most people and animals simply waste away if they are abandoned by their ‘people’. I somehow survived it. But I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst adversary. I have no ‘enemies’ as such. Just adversaries. No-one is intrinsically my enemy. I don’t hate the thinker, on the thought. I don’t hate the actor, only the action. Or to be more precise, the consequences of some thoughts / ideologies, and the actions they lead to.

Over 3000 years the Cult of Judah has produce willing victims who are ‘immune’ to any reason, logic, or factual evidence I have to offer. At least that is what their Cult leaders hope. In reality we are the most feared adversary of the Jew World Order. For human reason is innate. You cannot make anyone ‘immune’ from it. You can try. And succeed, if you have total control of the mass media, ‘news’, education, and jewdiciary, but a single actor like myself, standing on the shoulders of many men of normal stature, and a few giants, can really ‘topple the apple cart’ for the Cult of Judah. So we must be demonised. Ridiculed. Criminalised. Censored. Silenced.

Again I will reiterate that soon ‘Jews’ can be expected to be ‘thrown under the bus’ by their Cult leaders. Soon it will be ‘allowed’ for the truth about 911, and maybe even ‘The Holocaust’, to come out. To provoke Germans and Americans to hostility towards ‘Jews’. So the Cult can say ‘see, we told you so, just like in our ‘histories’, the Gentiles hate you, and want to harm you. So quick, run to safety in Israel. Or simply ‘go along with our Police state measures’, and come back to the fold. Join us in your ‘traditional’ role in ‘occupied’ nations as torturers, propagandists, Kommisars, spies, denouncers, Gulag adminstrators, and mass murderers. Just like your ‘ancestors’ in ‘The Torah’.

For more than a hundred generations, since that day when the New Covenant was enforced by Persian arms, and the people who had wept were compelled to sign it anew, a mass of human beings, changing in blood but closely or loosely held in the bonds of this Law, have carried its burden and inheritance, in spiritual isolation from the rest of mankind. The singular paradox remains: though their enchainment was devised by the Levites the chains were Persian. On that day as ever since, though the fanatical sect has dictated their continuing captivity, foreign arms and foreign money have kept them in it.

In more recent history the Cult of Judah is represented by international banksters, the IMF, Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in Switzerland, Wall Street, and ‘The Fed’. They maintain the ‘value’ of their worthless ‘Petro-Dollar’ by forcing other nations to first buy U.S dollars before being able to buy Oil, and to force Oil producing nations to sell their Oil in U.S Dollars, and to accept this worthless paper in return for assets of real value. When Saddam Hussein of Iraq, then Muhamar Gadafi of Libya, began selling oil in Euros, they were assassinated. The Cult tried the same in Venezualua, but so far the Venezualans have ‘held out’ despite crippling illegal sanctions being imposed on them by the U.S, and several coup attempts. Cult Golems within Venezualua have even taken their own products, including toilet paper, off local market shelves, in an attempt to sway public opinion against democratically elected governments. All around the world the ‘color’ revolutions have been orchestrated with pre-selected and carefully media groomed ‘popular’ leaders, in which legal, democratically elected governments have been ousted by a tiny minority of Jew World Order supported Golems. The CIA are a branch of MOSSAD, and thus of the Jew World Order, working with the ‘Drug (Monopoly) Enforcement Agency to grant the Jew World Order a monopoly on the lucrative illegal drugs trade. The drugs are kept ‘illegal’ to maintain the monopoly, increase the profits, and criminalise as many people as possible. Once ‘busted’ for drug possession, they can be blackmailed. Or ‘seduced’ with a clean supply of top grade drugs.Gun smuggling is another lucrative business venture they manage via U.N and N.A.T.O ‘priveleges’ along with CIA and FBI support. Economic Hit men know how to ruin a nation’s economy, manufacture crises, and thus leave a nation vulnerable to indirect economic micromanagement by the Cult’s IMF operations. Few nations retain any real souveranity after the IMF becomes master of their national finances. The IMF forces them to sell off assets at bargain basement prices to Cult corporations. I go into great detail in my other books.

The Cult grooms potential leaders, then leaves these ‘pre-selected’ candidates to appear to ‘fight it out’. Let the voters decide. Whichever candidate they vote for, they will always get the same Cult micro-managed leaders. Puppets one and all.

Then, in true World Wrestling Federation style, the national leaders thus installed in the positions of power can pretend to be ‘enemies’. They can trick their nations into fighting wars against each other, for the profit of the Cult Banksters, and to further demoralize, destabilize, terrorise, and break the will of the ‘free’ citizens of every nation, so much that they are willing to submit to greater centralization of power among ever fewer people, and sacrifice their liberty in exchange for ‘protection’ and ‘security’ and ‘stability’. They will only be allowed to be offered ‘straw men’ versions of democracy and capitalism. So that they will ultimately become dismayed and disillusions with them. Mistaking them for the real thing, they will reject the real thing, outright, never having really had a taste of authentic democracy or Adam Smith’s ‘conspiracy free’ capitalism. They will think they have tried these systems, and they have failed them. They will lose faith in them. By corrupting the legal institutions and legal profession, they will also provoke disenchantment with ‘the law’.

Any potential rival to the Jew World Order controlled institutions will be eliminated in this way. So that all that remains, that has not yet been ‘tested’ and ‘rejected’ will be what they have to offer. Their own New World Order. Their ‘Jew’ World Order’.

The people will feel alienated from their own, corrupt, governments, and be open to the false promises made to them by representatives of the Jew World Order. At first the true ‘authors’ of the policies, the engineers of the new institutions, will be kept secret. If you knew that the same mindset that produced the biblical genocides is the guiding spirit of this ‘New World Order’ you would baulk at the gate.

If you are doing ‘God’s work’, then anything is allowed. Nothing is ‘out of bounds’. No genocide is too great. No sacrifice ‘of others’ is too great. And the ‘true believers’ will willingly offer themselves on the alter of their Cult, for the furtherance of their ‘Jew’ World Order, as martyrs.

Don’t forget, or undersestimate, the power of Thanatos. Just how many people have been brought so low by the Jew World Orders orchestrated and manufactured economic and political crises, civil wars, and simple financial ruin, that death seems an escape?

Anyone who believes in ‘manifestation’ will clearly see that probably billions of people right now are resonating ‘death and destrcution’. They subconsciously and conscious really wish to die. To escape the ‘hell on earth’ and ‘fates worse than death’ engineered and amplified by the Jew World Order.

On the day when King Artaxerxes's soldiers forced the Jerusalemites to sign Ezekiel's New Covenant, the perversion of the earlier Israelite tradition was made complete.

No resemblance remained between the God of the moral commandments and Ezekiel's malevolent deity who boasted that he commanded men to kill their firstborn in order to keep them in awe of himself! This was not revealed God, but a man-made deity, the incarnation of primitive tribalism. What those ancient people signed under duress, in the New Covenant, was either the formal denial of God or the formal claim that God was Judah, and this in fact is the claim expressly made in many Zionist utterances of our time, so that the heresy is openly avowed:

"God is absorbed in the nationalism of Israel. He becomes the national ethos . . . He creates the world in the Hebrew language. He is the National God" (Rabbi Solomon Goldman).

"We and God grew up together. . . We have a national God. . . We believe that God is a Jew, that there is no English or American God" (Mr. Maurice Samuel).

"It was not God who willed these people and their meaning. It was this people who willed this God and this meaning" (Dr. Kastein).

These statements are explicit, and such phrases are easy to pen in this century, in New York or Chicago, London or Berlin. But at the start of this affair, as Nehemiah recorded:

"All the people wept when they heard the words of the Law" and since that day it has given very many cause to weep.

And don’t for a moment let any Cult leader tell you they were weeping tears of joy!

But you would rightly be wondering, how did we get stuck with the ‘God’ of the Cult of Judah?

Now readers of the 36 volumes of ‘Taludic’ laws and ‘interpretations’will find passages prohibiting the revealing of any of the contents of to ‘Torah’ to a Gentile / Goy / Non-Jew. By pain of death. So translating the ‘Torah’ left open the real possibility that a translation of the Torah might fall into the hands of a Gentile, at some point. But in order to ‘convert’ as many people, to recruit them to the Cult, you had to offer them ‘Torah’s in their own tongue. It is unlikely you’d grow much, or fast, if you demanded potential new Cult members must first learn Hebrew, even if they had the time and resources to do so. Of course in the case of Mohammed, who was illiterate, the ‘histiories’ were verbally transferred, as in the ‘oral’ tradition.

And in any case, the fact was, the Judahites themselves could no longer read Hebrew. It had fallen out of use among the ‘common’ ‘Judahites during their stay in Babylon, where they had adopted the Aramaic language. The one Jesus spoke, thousands of years later.

But more significantly, the largest single body of Jews was soon to be found in the Greek speaking city of Alexandria. Most of these ‘Jews’ no longer understood Hebrew, or Aramaic, so a Greek version of their Law was needed as a basis for the rabbinical interpretations of it.

And so the Torah, according to tradition, was translated by seventy-two Jewish scholars at Alexandria between 275 and 150 BC. Why? Because the Cult was in expansion mode. The nominally ‘Jewish’ people living among the Greeks, couldn’t be brainwashed by a document written in a language they could not longer read. I explain in my other books, such as ‘Optimal English’ and ‘Religion’ how attempting to translate a document between languages, or even from the older version of the same language to the modern version of it, is fraught with problems. There can never be any ‘perfect’ translation of ‘meaning’.

And whereas today the ‘Jews’ don’t actively recruit, unless you have something very special to offer their community, or your marry into a Jewish family, with that first proviso being the reason, thousands of years ago they were very active, as Jesus notes, ‘travelling to the four corners of the world to make a single proselyte / convert’. So you’d need to provide the ‘literature’ in the potential recruits own language. Though you might decide to leave our the ‘tricky’ bits in these translations, and keep the most ‘sensitive’ bits ‘secret’, transmitting them only ‘orally’, as in the ‘oral tradition’.

So you might add a few ‘euphemisms’ in place of their more offensive, true meanings. And so the Deuteronomy 32.21; the translation that has come down to the heathen alludes vaguely to "a foolish nation", whereas the reference in the Hebrew original, according to the Jewish Encyclopaedia, is to "vile and vicious Gentiles". The eptithets ‘vile’ and ‘vicious’ intended to be understood as being synonymous with ‘Gentile’ / ‘Goy’.

After the "New Covenant" had been forcibly imposed on the Jerusalemites by Ezra and Nehemiah, the priesthood in Babylon had given the Torah yet another revision: "once again anonymous editors lent their past history, their traditions, laws and customs a meaning entirely in keeping with theocracy and applicable to that system of government…. The form which the Torah then received was the final and conclusive form which was not to be altered by one iota; no single thought, word or letter of it was to be changed."

But wasn’t ‘The Torah’ supposed already to have been immutable? What the Cult of Judah had done was assign themselves, by their own worldly authority, and without any ‘intercession from burning bushes and the like’, ‘divine authority’for the politico-eocomic-religio-framework of their worldly political ambition.

They then ascribed this ‘new’ version of ‘The Torah’, supposedly revealed to Moses, and/or the Sanhedrin, at the summit or base of Mt. Sinai, its supposedly ‘definitive’, ‘final’, ‘conclusive’, form.

So tell that to the later writers of the Shulchran Aruch, and all the Rabbi’s claiming that same authority for this book, compiled millennia later.

The Book of Daniels ‘Prophecies’ was compiled about 400 years after the prophecied’ events took place. How is that for ‘sleight of hand’ and ‘misdirection’. As I explain in TROONATNOOR vol. I, in detail, the ‘trick’ to being a real philosopher, a competent interrogator, is to never ‘assume’ anything. To continually challenge not only the explicit assumptions, those that are ‘highlighted’ and ‘admitted’ to be mere assumptions. But to seek out the assumptions that have been made, but have not been declared, or acknowledged, as being mere assumptions.

You need to work your way back, asking yourself, ‘what questions have I failed to ask? What assumptions have been made that I’ve missed, and failed to interrogate? You have to go ‘deeper’ into the argument. Discover what undeclared assumptions have been made, earlier on in the argument, long before you started interrogating it.

In the case of Daniel, most readers will miss the magicians ‘sleight of hand’. Where the trick was actually ‘set up’. The magican can pretend they have ‘hidden’ nothing from your sight. In this case the assumption most readers make is that Daniel, as given, was written before the events the prophet predicts. And so we are rightfully impressed when his predictions appear to have come true. His authority as a prophet is thus apparently validated by his uncanny knack of ‘seeing into the future’, thanks to a gift given by ‘God’, so we’d know this man represented ‘God’, and was no mere mortal. Thus all his other utterances take on the authority of God. He now speaks for ‘God’.

In reality the ‘prophets’ were not Daniel, but the writers of the Book attributed to him. These writers had the prophetic powers granted by hindsight. They wrote after the historical events. And then simply had their Daniel ‘predict’ them.

The trick is that you begin ‘attending’ much too late in the ‘trick’. You just assume, and never realise it is an assumption, that the Book was written before the historical events took place.

But what is really interesting to us is that these authors, writing 400 years after the facts, for some reason chose to fail to report on real events. Their own knowledge of historical facts seems to be really lacking.

Dr. Kastein , a recognised expert on the history of the Torah, states that ‘The editors who put the books of Joshua, Judges, Samuel and Kings into their final form gathered every fragment" (of the old teachings and traditions) and "creatively interpreted them . . . It was impossible always definitely to assign particular words to particular persons, for they had so frequently worked anonymously, and, as the editors were more concerned with the subject matter than with philological exactitude, they were content with stringing the sayings of the prophets together as best they could". (This method might account for the attribution of the identical "Messianic" prophecy to two prophets, Isaiah 2, 2-4, and Micah 4, 1-4, and for the numerous repetitions to be found in other books).

The product of five or six hundred years, and the work of generations of political priests, was the book which was translated into Greek around 150 BCE. Then long after the New Testament Jesush had passed, the New Testament, was translated into Latin by Saint Jerome, when both ‘came to be regarded by the Church as of equal divine authority and as sections of one book’, a theological dictum which was formally confirmed by the Council of Trent in the sixteenth century CE, and has been adopted by nearly all Protestant churches.

But always keep in mind that the Levitical Priests of the Cult of Judah have always maintained that they retain a ‘secret’ and always ‘oral’ Torah which contains ‘truths’ that no Gentile ear has or will ever come to ‘hear’. They retain the ‘divine authority’ and ‘final word’ on any ‘Torah’matter. The books we have available to us are merely the ‘parts of ‘The Torah’ that have been ‘written down’.

Reed notes that while Christian nations have a reverence, a pious awe for the Old Testament, it remains, as it was, as it always had been, the Law of their own destruction and enslavement.

In my ‘Religion’ I explain how the ‘Church Fathers’ were really carrying out the same political strategy as the Cult of Judah. And the Cult of Judah encourages ‘centralisation of power’ in all its ‘adversaries’, as this makes it all the easier to ‘steer’ them. Where real power is spread out among local, regional, and state governments, you’d need to co-opt the leaders of each level of government. But where it is centralised in one ‘federal government’, and even better, ‘federation of nations’ such as the current ‘Russian’ Federation a.k.a ‘Jew’.S.S.R, and European Union a.k.a E.’Jew’, like in the United States of Amercia a.k.a ‘Jew’.S.A, all you need to do to gain effective control of massive populations is corrupt, and gain control of, a handful of powerful positions that ‘steer’ the ‘ship of state’, to determine the ‘course’ of the most powerful nations on earth, through a relatively small number of ‘puppets’ and ‘proxies’. Of course today’s N.A.T.O has centralised all the military power of the ‘West’ into the hands of a few people. The U.N a.k.a ‘Jew.N will soon centralise this already centralised power into the one organisation. Thus the ‘King of the Jews’ will be able to set the political course for this entire world, from the one place.

You cannot overlook that it was ‘Jews’ who wrote the ‘Gospels’. You can believe or doubt their ‘conversion’. Whether this new ‘Cult’ was just a ‘franchise’ of the parent company, the Cult of Judah, or really an attempt to reform it, is up for debate. But what you can’t overlook is that the new ‘Religion’ centralised power in the hands of a few men. Whether the Cult of Judah had control of it from the beginning makes no difference. By the end they certainly have gained control, as seen in the ‘Christian Zionist’ movement that elected and re-elected the war criminals in the Jew.S.A.

Divide and conquer is the oldest strategy. And this might seem to conflict with ‘centralise power’. But both strategies really work hand in glove. You weaken any adversary by dividing it into competing, adversarial, sects. You then ensure power within each sect becomes centralised. Then you co-opt the sect, by grooming your own people for the top jobs, and/or corrupting the existing ‘top dogs’ in these institutions.

Oh, so for you ‘racists’ out there, hoping to claim ‘Jews’ are especially stupid for falling for such a Cult scam, or that their Cult masters are especially malicious and evil and obsessive about absolute power, just remember that Christians and Muslims, among many more recent ‘Cults’, have all fallen for the same ‘pitch’. The same ‘scam’. The same ‘illusion’. And their leaders all exploited the credulilty and good will of their followers merely to attempt to satisfy their own insatiable desire for wealth, privilege, prestige, sex, drugs, entertainment, satisfaction, and power.

Of course the prophets in whose name these various Cults have been founded often were enlightened, had the best of intentions, were full of goodwill for all sentient beings, and would be horrified with the ‘religions’ that have been established in their names. Even Buddha would be appalled by most forms of ‘Buddhism’. As Buddha realised, the best you could hope for was that ‘Some will understand’. I can only aspire to these same relatively low ambitions for all my work. As can any real philosopher or prophet of universal justice, peace, liberty, truth, and beauty.

What we need to ask ourselves, and ‘steel ourselves’ with the understanding of, is how such a repugnant ideology as Judaism, present to some degree in the two ‘religions’ it spawned, and the ‘secular religion of Marxism that it later produced, could gain so much ‘traction’ with billions of people.

It is such a silly book. Full of horrific ‘dashing their little ones heads against the stones’ and ‘ripping up pregnant women’. Raping the virgins and keeping them as sex slaves. Genocide. Slavery. An infantile ‘jealous’ god that negotiates with humans, but ultimately throws tantrums like any 2 year old child, to get its way. All ‘lesae majestie’ and zero justice. A ‘God’ totally unworthy of reverence, let alone worship. A god people would only submit to out of fear and terror.

The claim that we were ‘made in God’s image’, appears literal, as long as you reverse the claim. For men, the Cult of Judah, created this god YHWH, in their own image.

And in many ways in our own image.

This God must have some appeal to human nature, for it to have such power over our minds, and thus our actions.

Remenber that it was only recently that slavery was abolished. And by force. Not by consent of the slave owners.

And then slavery was re-legalised, by the Cult of Judah in the Jew.S.S.R. Enslavement of Germans.

And then again slavery was legalized in the form of more or less forced labor in privately run U.S prisons.

Of course prison labor had always been used around the world, especially in the ‘modern’ U.S.A, as a ‘modern’ form of slavery. So many public works such as roads were built by such slave labor. Calling it ‘punishment’ misses the point. The supposed ‘crimes’ were victimless, such as ‘marijuana possession’, or at times even ‘possession of alchohol’. Crimes literally ‘made up’, simply to define a lot of people as ‘criminals’, who you could then ‘legally’ more or less enslave, for fixed periods called ‘sentences’. You could be ‘sentenced to hard labor’ for nothing, by corrupt police in a corrupt system. Effectively you would become a ‘slave’.

The word ‘jealousy’ is usually misused today. It means you don’t want someone to have something that you have. The ‘possessive’ lover is jealous. YHWH is a ‘jealous’ god. If you don’t ‘love’ him, his love for you turn to venomous, murderous, genocidal hatred. Your ex-lover may murder you, if you ‘stop loving them’. YHWH will murder your entire family, and your pets, and your neighbours, and on and on.

You see the ‘love’ that YHWH, proxy for the Cult of Judah masters, is the love of a ‘King’ for their ‘subjects’. Their servants. Their slaves. The slave owner and factor owner surely ‘love’ their slaves and workers, in the same way. As the means to their own ends. We love our own pleasure and relief. And reflexively we love ‘others’ who contribute to, increase, or protect and secure, our own pleasure and relief. I go into details in TROONATNOOR Vol I, so I won’t here.

But clearly the ‘God’ of the Old and New Testaments, and Koran, is Enlil. A jeaslous slave master who demands to be worshipped as a god. If you area faithful, selfless, whole-hearted, reliable servant, YHWH will ‘love’ you. Like the jealous lover. But the moment you cease your unhesitating, unreflecting, immediate, thoughtless obedience to his every whim and fancy, ‘worshipping him, and only him’, in the ways he has prescribed, then ‘a woman scorned’ has no fury like this ‘God’. This YHWH.

If the Sumerian Clay tablets version of history is correct, and it makes much more sense to any reasonable person, once they escape the ‘thrall’ of ‘religion’, then the original ‘sacrifice of the first born’ was literally a ‘passing through the fire’ rather than a blood sacrifice. Enlil appears to have set up ‘portals’ for the transportation of children either to the gold mine colonies in Africa, or to Nibiru. The ‘fire’ is the same that the 2 Israelites enter with their special suits, and exit with a third person, in the story of Daniel. In both cases it appears we are dealing with ‘portals’. Either ‘docking platforms for small space ships’ or ‘teleportation’ devices.

So we are all still enslaved by Enlil, in some way. By his proxies or imitators, the Cult leaders, of the various Cults which Judah-ism was the best documented and continuous example, and the ‘mother’ of the Cults of Christianity and Islam.

It is an inescapable fact that at any moment you could be ‘detained’ and put to work in a FEMA forced labor camp. Or ‘conscripted’ to fight in some war against other supposedly ‘free citizens’ of other nations, who have been likewise conscripted to fight and kill you.

I go into all the details in my other books. But the fact is that we are all slaves on parole. We have no rights today. Merely privileges that can be revoked by ‘Executive order’ or the non democratic decisions of various institutions and organisations who have the ‘legal’ power to enforce laws we never gave our informed consent for.

The Cult of Judah is responsible for this directly. However this would not be possible if we did not give, in some form, our own consent, via our daily life ‘choices’, and basic human nature.

The universe is ultimately ‘to blame’. But we have to fight against our own inherited human nature, and discipline it, to optimalise our life experiences in this world. That is what my other books are all about. So please read them. Actively. Study them. Share them.

The Cult that has enslaved us, as we have enslaved other sentient beings, appeals to the worst in human nature, as well as the best. But most gamblers would bet on the worst in human nature coming up trumps. Statistically. The ‘House’, a.k.a ‘The Cult’ will win. Gambling as it does on the worst, while superficially appealing, also, the best, in human nature.

Perhaps Enlil set up this Cult, to patiently bring about the extinction of humanity, in a way that ‘the flood’, and later nukes, failed to do. Enlil will put an end to Enki’s creation. That which the Annunaki Marduk was so fond of, and sought to nurture, so that they too, should ‘be as gods’, referring to the Annunaki themselves, who had compelled humans to worship them as such.

It is hard to say if the extinction of humans would really be such a bad thing. And I’m not one to pretend optimism as to the future the human race might have had in the absence of the Cult of Judah-ism. It seems more a symptom, than the disease. So while I unwillingly devote so much time and energy to this book about this Cult that has enslaved us all, my real ambitions are in treating the disease. And that I do with my other TROONATNOOR books.

But back to putting out fires, and treating symptoms.

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