It took 3000 years, and this strategy, for one cult, To Rule This World Freeing us, and the ‘Jews’, from The Cult,

More for you ‘coinicident’ theorists

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More for you ‘coinicident’ theorists

Since the very first ‘relocation’ of the Cult of Juhah’s HQ, from Judah to Babylon, a pattern emerges. The Cult removes itself (of course depicting these in its own words, in its own books, as an ‘exodus’ from ‘persecution’ and ‘slavery’, something to be celebrated for all time, by all future ‘Jews’), and within a very short time the former ‘host’ nation is destroyed. Utterly. Often disappearing from the map, and history, forever.

Belshazzar, the Babylonian King was the first ‘victim’, along with his entire empire. Those of you in the U.S should heed his cautionary tale, more than any other people, as you are the ‘Babylon’ of today.

Then came the Romanov Czar, and Russia.

Then came Hitler, and Germany.

Of course during WWII all the former ‘persecutors’ of the Cult of Judah, of ‘Jews’, were utterly destroyed. Russia, France, Italy, Ukraine, just to name a few.

In each case the Cult employed another great nation as its ‘spear’ and ‘shield’. King Cyrus of Persia did the deed for the Cult thousands of years ago, destroying the Babylonian Empire.

The Cult was supported by Cults own banksters operating out of Germany, Britain, and the U.S, in its ‘Russian’ (sic) revolution’, along with a Russian population deliberately brought to the point of starvation, and completely brainwashed by Cult propaganda, bewildered, confused, hungry, starving even, misinformed, misdirected, and thus vulnerable to manipulation by Cult of Judah. The conditions had been ‘deliberately orchestrated by artificially imposed grain and bread ‘shortages’, and a manufactured financial crisis and thus economic crisis, which has since become the trademark of the Cult of Judah. Its signature. Its ‘visiting card’.

The Czar, and the population, had come to an understanding, and were well on their way to a democractic Republic, when the Cult of Judah co-opted the situation, and enforced their own dictatorship of the proletariat by force. With the backing of the banksters, and the Germans, and the Americans, they inititated their reign of terror by first stealing the weapons intended for the protection of the new Dumas, and Russian Republic.

Once the Cult of Judah had installed itself in its criminal dictatorship based on a reign of terror, and absolute ruthless genocides of entire peoples should they merely seek to ‘obstruct’ or ‘hinder’ the Cult in its ambitions for world domination, it prepared to destroy and then occupy the rest of Europe, in typical ‘Old Testament’ style.

In this undertaking it could rely, as in the past, on using the world’s greatest military power as its ‘spear’, ‘sword’, and ‘shield’. Without the industrial, and military, and economic, and financial aid of the Jew.S.A, the new terrorist state would have crumbled like any literally ‘corrupted’ organism.

The figures are staggering, in terms of industrial capacity literally ‘shipped’ from the U.S to Russia, before, during, and even after, WWII. Millions of trucks. Entire trunk fabrication plants. Tanks. Tank fabrication plants. Aeroplanes. Aeroplane production plants. All paid for by U.S taxpayers, as ‘tribute’ to the Jew World Order, exactly as described in the Torah. Tribute to the ‘Jewish’ run operation that was the Jew.S.S.R.

Then at the close of the war, Roosevelt’s ‘puppet master’ (‘advisor’), facilitated the shipment of not just the plans for the Atomic bomb, but all the actual parts, components, and materials required for its construction. This is one of the ‘facts’ which has entered the public domain. It was ‘spun’ as a ‘treason’ and ‘sedition‘on the part of a few lone ‘spies’. However it never could have been achieved without the co-operation of the President, and his ‘advisor’ Baruch.

Then the British and American puppets were manipulated into legalizing the theft of Palestine by the Cult, so that it could finally take possession of the land it claims was ‘promised’ to it. Land that actually had belonged to the 10 tribes, and never, ever, in recorded history, to the Judah-ites. The tribe of Judah. The tribe of ‘Jud-as’. The Cult of Judah-ism.

The Cult first supported and established the Nazi regime, and the work camps, as part of its strategy. The U.S public would never have fought on the side of the Cult of Judah, for its newly occupied ‘Jew.S.S.R’, as clear invaders of Eastern and Western Europe.

The Cult ‘set up’ Hitler with the treaty of Versailles. No real ‘German leader’ could possibly have passively sat by to see millions of his people as captives of occupational powers. The millions in the Sudetan Mountains. The millions in Poland. The territory stolen by the ‘Allies’ after Germany had offered an Armistace, to end WWI. There was no way someone of the character of Adolf Hitler was going to leave that injustice unchallenged. It was a logical certainly that Hitler would re-united Germany. He had every moral right to do this. His re-unification followed a perfectly peaceful and just path. He did not use military force, until provoked.

But this was all forseen by the Cult Masters. They had ‘used’ Hitler, as means to their own ends. They were willing to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of their own Cult members, the ‘Jews’ living in Europe, to their ambitions. As they always have. As they always will.

And so the British and Americans were tricked into fighting for the Jew World Order conquest of Russia, then Eastern Europe, and even Western Europe.

The Cult owned and operated U.S Presidents like they today own and operate the IMF, World Bank, ‘The Federal Reserve Bank, U.S Congress, the E.Jew HQ in Brussels that makes all European laws and statutes, and most ‘democratic’ nations around the world.

They ‘ran’ Truman and Roosevelt and Johnson and Clinton, and the Bush’s for President. Then literally ‘ran’ them as their puppets. As their proxies. From the shadows. Pulling their strings. Unobtrusive, unseen power is the greatest power of all. As it can never be held accountable. It can never be impeded by any ‘checks and balances’. It can never be obstructed, or resisted, or challenged. It is a phantom. You can’t win fight with a shadow. You cannot even ‘name’ it, so that ‘the enemy’ can ever be clearly indentified.

The owned Winston Churchill, financing this drunkard’s lavish luxury lifestyle after he was on the verge of bankruptcy due to his gambling and drinking problems.

Just as today they ‘manufactured’ the public figure ‘Trump’, and his ‘Art of the deal’. Trump is almost all art, and no substance. He was lured into the Vipers trap with ‘hot air’ success founded on nothing. They ‘made’ him then let him fall. The once ‘paper asset Billionaire’ soon found himself Billions in debts to the Banksters, and their Cult of Judah masters.

They literally ‘owned’ him from that moment on. He became their puppet, just as Truman, Roosevelt, Johnson, Clinton, the Bush’s, and Obama had been.

And so the Cult had secretly manipulated the ‘Free’ world into sending its treasure to the Cult of Judah, and to sacrificing millions of its men and women to fight a war in aid of the Jew World Order’s ambitions.

If you don’t believe in the power of ‘suggestion’. Of ‘predictive programming’. That ‘the word is god, and the word is with god’. If you don’t believe in ‘Abracadabra’, the power of mere words, then you really are too skeptical even for a Humean Skeptic like me.

Simply by writing some books, and compelling people to ‘believe’ they were ‘revelations’ from some ‘God’, and thus could claim the ‘transferred’ authority of that ‘God’, the Cult of Judah has gained control of the world. It has followed the original Cult commands ‘Lend unto the nations, and never borrow from them, and you shall rule them’.

You may be familiar with the saying ‘The writing is on the wall’. This refers to the Cult’s story of Daniel. He is the one who can ‘interpret’ the situation, and ‘read the writing on the wall’. Just like writers like Douglas Reed, and myself, have been doing more recently.

Daniel prophecies that King Belshazzar shall die, and Babylon shall fall. Thus the supposed ‘persecutors’ of the ‘Jews’ shall be punished by ‘God’. Belshazzar dies that night. (Predictive programming? Suggestion? Who was the assassin but, as usual, some ‘lone gunman’, thus ending any ‘conspiracy theories’ about some ‘Jewish’ plot!). Babylon has fallen. Nothing to see here. No ‘Jewish’ plot. No conspiracy. You’d be crazy not to accept the ‘official’ findings!

Which brings us to the butchering of the Romanov Family by the Cult of Judah.The ‘Jews’ responsible for this vicious genocide of an entire family line, had left their own ‘writing on the wall’, as their ‘signature’, their ‘visiting card’. A couplet that referred to the story of Daniel.

And what had the Romanov’s done to deserve this? Their father, like the Czar murdered before him, had ‘emancipated’ the Jews. The Cult realised that ‘emancipated’ Jews with full rights would soon slip from their power, and become assimilated, and integrated into Russian society. This is what ‘persecution’ and ‘anti-semitism’ mean in reality. The ‘threat’ that you will ‘free’ the ‘Jews’ from their captivity by the Cult of Judah.

This is what all my work has sought to do. To free the ‘Jews’ from their Cult. And thus free us all from the Jew World Order this Cult has established, and which will soon realises its millennia old ambitions of total control of everyone and everything in this world.

And never forget the symbolism of hanging the supposed Nazi ‘war criminals’ on the Jewish Day of Atonement.

So how has every nation that ever opened its arms to the ‘Jews’, hosting their Cult of Judah, been repaid for their generosity and kindness?

Take a look at what happened to Britain, Germany, France, Russia, and Italy. To the Ukraine. And then once you’ve contemplated the pattern, extend it just a few years into the future, to ‘predict’ what is likely to happen to the Jew.S.A. The ‘nations’ are always used as mere means to the Cult of Judah’s ends. The establishment of their ‘Jew’ World Order. The ‘reward’ you get for serving the Jew World Order is destruction, and slavery. But hey, if that’s your thing, just get back to watching your sports and adding some more debt to your credit card. ‘Nothing to see here’.

In the book of Daniel we see the model for all the later ‘Baruch’s and Kissingers, and the ‘Jewish’ team today managing Trump.The Biblical Daniel has Belshazzr, the ‘original’ model for Churchill / Trump / Truman / Roosevelt / Johnson / Clinton and the Bush’s.

There is no historical evidence to support the story, so again it is appropriate to consider the story to be predictive programming, suggestion, legal precedent, a moral compass, an ethical guide, to the Jews future behaviors.

The Old Testament Daniel was manufactured hundreds of years after the real fall of Babylon, created to serve this purpose. He is to be the role model for all future Cult infiltration and co-option of foreign nations.

Daniel was supposedly a Judahite captive in Babylon who rose to the highest place at court there and "sat in the gate of the king" (Nebuchadnezzar) through his skill in interpreting dreams. Upon him devolved the task of interpreting the "writing on the wall" (Daniel, 5).

King "Belshazzar, the son of Nebuchadnezzar", is then depicted as offering an insult to the Judahites by using "the golden and silver vessels" taken by his father from the temple in Jerusalem for a banquet with his princes, wives and concubines. Thereon the fingers of a man's hand write on the wall the words, “Mene, Mene, Tekel, and Upharsin". Daniel, being called to interpret, tells the king that they mean, "God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it; thou art weighed in the balance and found wanting; thy kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians". Thereon King Belshazzar "in the same night" is slain, and the Persian conqueror enters, who is to "restore" the Judahites.

Thus the end of a king and a kingdom is related directly to an affront offered to Judah and given the guise of a Jehovan retribution and Jewish vengeance. What matter if Daniel and King Belshazzar never existed: by its inclusion in the Levitical scriptures this anecdote gained the status of a legal precedent! When the murder of the Russian Czar, his wife, daughters and son in 1918, again, was related directly to this legend by words quoted from it and scrawled on a blood-bespattered wall this was at once an avowal of authorship of the deed, and a citation of the legal authority for it.

The Jewish Encyclopaedia admits that King Nebuchadnezzar had no son called Belshazzar and that no king called Belshazzar reigned in Babylon when King Cyrus conquered it.

What such invented stories are intended to do is justify and legitimate the Cult of Judah’s own ‘authority’, the basis of its power. Their ‘authority’ is all ‘transferred authority’ dependent upon people believing that the stories presented in the Torah / Old Testament, are literally histories. That is the original basis of the Cult Priests power, along with magic tricks and trance inductions and ultimately terrorism. Remember that the Priests claim to have the power of life and death. And much worse, the power to send you to hell. This is the ultimate form of terrorism. Religions that employ such terrorist tactics are nothing more than terrorist organisations preying on the vulnerability and superstition of their followers. Abusing their understanding of all the psychological phenomena that great healers like Erickson and Bandler employ in therapeutic, beneficial, emancipating, and empowering, ways.

The fall of Babylon as depicted by the Levites is an example of taking something the scribes knew about. Something that had actually happened. And then giving it their own ‘spin’ so that the accepted, established facts could be used to give credence to their own propaganda. Their own deceptions. And thus they could employ the truth to support their decptions. Their lies. Their fabrications. Their ideology of Semitism. They could use the historical fall of Babylon as ‘evidence’ of their own ‘Gods’ power. And thus their own power as the eartlhy representatives of that god. The ONLY earthly representatives of that all powerful god.

In the same way, the Cult of Judah writers of other stories took known historical facts, such as the destruction of Sodom and Gommorah, a name given to an existing ruined city, probably by earthquake, but possibly by an Annunaki nuke, and ‘spun’ them to suit their purposes. If everyone can see the ruin, all you need do is change the ‘meaning’ of it. You claim that your Cult ancestors were responsible for the destruction everyone can now see, and not some ‘Act of God’ a.k.a natural disaster, or in the case of Babylon, the actions of its actual conquerors, the Persians.

You claim it was your ‘God’, YHWH, who carried out the act of destruction, in the name of the Cult of Judah. As the Cult’s ‘weapon’. The Cult’s benefactor. Thus you establish, in your follower’s minds, a real ‘anchor’ in reality, for your claims for yourself, and your ‘God’. You take an organic sense impression, and bundle it up with your lies. And so the lies are granted all the authority of sense impressions. ‘Seeing is believing’. And if you can ensure that your ‘story’ is encoded before, or along with, that ‘encoding’ of visual stimuli, or sense impressions, of inductions, you can grant your ‘social reality’ the authority of direct sensory perceptions, and apparent ‘objective reality’.

If you can ensure that television announcers verbally tell your story of 911, before the viewers actually ‘see’ the images prepared for them, they are likely to ‘interpret’ the images in line with your narrative. Your story. Your fiction. If they encode the verbal descriptions, which are fabrications, at the same time or before they encode the images, they will conjoin the verbal descriptions with the images, and encode them together. The ‘images’ give the ‘verbal descriptions’, by ‘sleight of mouth’ and ‘sleight of hand’ and ‘misdirection’, all the authority of ‘reality’ and thus people will end up ‘believing’ the narrative.

Thus most people today ‘remember’ having ‘seen’ ‘Passenger airliners hijacked by Arab, Islamic terrorists’ flying into the WTC twin towers. Even though no eyewitnesses ever claimed to have seen ‘the first plane’, let alone any ‘commercial passenger airliner’ hit either of the WTC Twin Towers.

Simply repeating ‘The second plane’ in every television, radio, newspaper, and radio report subtly suggests a ‘first plane’. This ‘first plane’ thus enters into the imagination, and takes on the form of an experience no-one actually ever had. I explain these phenomena and tricks in my other TROONATNOOR books, for those of you who are curious.

It is really so easy to implant suggestions in people in ‘naturally occuring’ trance states, such as while watching a t.v ‘program’, a ‘shocking / terrifying ‘news’ report’, a dramatic ‘Hollywood ‘Holocaust’ film’, or even reading propaganda in a book or newspaper. In this way we all carry ‘false memories’ around with us. We ‘remember’ things that didn’t happen, or simply remember things about things that did happen, but didn’t happen, or at least not in the way we remember them.

It’s not just that we remember being more generous, fair, nicer, kinder, better looking, fitter, more talented, and so on, than we ever really were. We often ‘confabulate’ things that never happened, or put a ‘spin’ on them that totally changes the ‘meaning’ of what actually happened. We attribute motives to ourselves and others that were not present. We tend to demonizing our ‘adversaries’, even our ex ‘lovers’, and glorify ourselves and our heroes, people we ‘like’, as innocent victims, or ‘having behaved with the best intentions’, even if the outcomes can not be ‘spun’ as positive in any form. We re-spin the woop and warp of the cloth of our ‘reality’ in a way that flatters ourselves, and ours, and demonises our adversaries, the literal ‘Satans’ of our lives.

I’d love to go into more detail, but we don’t have space here. So please read my other TROONATNOOR books if you, like me, find the truth about the realities of our natures, and the natures of our realities, fascinating, and compelling.

In this way, the reality of a King Cyrus who did exist, and his actions in allowing or compelling the return of the Judahites to Judah, is ‘spun’ into a fabric that mixes confabulations with the real, thus succeeding in most reader’s minds, in granting the faked, all the authority of that real. Reed is the first person I’ve found who, like me, doubted that the Jews had ‘escaped’ from anywhere, and at least entertained the likelihood that they had been expelled, just as they were later expelled from hundreds of nations.

The ‘interpolation’ of fact with fiction is the ultimate and most common form of ‘alchemy’. The same sort of alchemical process that occurs in our blood, and in the chlorophyl plants. Probably also in the ‘exchange’ of nutrients between mother and fetus. One substance resonates with enough power to empathically induce sympathetic resonance in another substance, thus transmuting it into a different ‘chemical’ form. We have no other way of explaining how haemoglobin or chlorphyl are produced in humans and plants, or how nutrients pass from mother to unborn child. For no physical exchange has ever been observed, that would allow nutrients to be passed in these processes. So the ‘electronic universe theory’, which corresponds with the oldest known ‘electromagnetic soup’ view of reality, offers, at present, the best fit between observable phenomena, and theory to explain it.

In this alchemical interaction, the ‘real’ events resonate powerfully with our senses, and our mind, where our ‘subjective reality’ is produced. The real sense impressions resonate powerfully enough, and thus grant their same ‘convincingness’ to the imagined / implanted / suggested / faked ‘impressions’. Like a tuning fork setting off the corresponding piano or guitar string to vibrating at the same frequency. The ‘frequency’ of ‘compellingness’. So if you are going to lie, attach the lie to something that is ‘known’ already to the person. That way the power of the truth is granted to your lie. And you will more likely convince and persuade the person that your lie is as true as the truth it is embedded / intertwined with.

This is one reason ‘religions’ have always defended their ‘invented stories’ to the death. To YOUR death that is. They are willing to torture your family in front of your eyes, in order to get you to ‘withdraw’ your ‘criticisms’ of their blatant fabrications. What we call ‘dogmas’. ‘Tenets’. ‘Articles of faith’. ‘Legal fictions’. Like ‘The Holocaust’. Because their entire ‘house of cards’ comes falling down around their ears, with their power, and priveleges, and ‘benefits’, the moment your start the real ‘revelations’ about their supposed ‘histories’. These stories are the real basis of all their authority and power. They will never allow ‘The Satanic Verses’ to be brought to your attention. Or the fact that the Cult of Judah wrote the Torah itself. It was never ‘revealed’ by any ‘God’ to any ‘Moses’. It was ‘revealed’ as clever politics. As clever strategy. By the reason and ambition of the Cult of Judah’s leaders. The Levticial Priests. Its scribes. Your Jew World Order masters.

But until you escape the thrall of the Cult, you’re ears will be death to these truths. Your eyes blind to them. Your heart closed to them. You will remain the perfect, literal, flesh eating zombies that every Cult ever has produced, nurtured, reproduced, nourished with mental poisons, and then exploited as the ‘spear’ and ‘shield’ of its own ambitions for power. To satisfy its own compulsive obsessions with control.

The Cult of Judah has literally implanted ‘phobias’ in many of its affiliate’s minds. The phobia of ‘the outsider’, and their ‘ideas’. Any competent NLP practioner knows how easy this is to do, especially if you can isolate your ‘victim’, and micro-manage their every experience, thought, and perception.

Reed thus introduces us to what he calls ‘the Levitical theory of politics, which aimed at the exercise of power through the acquirement of mastery over foreign rulers’, as a ‘filter’ through which to look at ‘The Torah’, and the power these stories have had throughout history, on the minds of world leaders and the masses alike.

If ideologies, at their best, help us focus on the most ‘relevant’ matters, to ensure we don’t overlook patterns which are otherwise too ‘interwoven’ in the woop and warp of history, then Reed’s book is a powerful ‘lens’ through which to observe history, and predict the future.

Marxists imagine that Marxism allows them to see more, rather than less. Reed’s ‘The Controvery of Zion’ really does achieve this. It is not surprising that I only stumbled across his book by accident. He’d written his masterpiece over the course of a decade, and like David Hume, then left it literally ‘on the shelf’ for decades more, to be published post-humously, to avoid paying an even higher price for his courage, honesty, and conscientiousness, than he already had.

The co-option of the Persian King Cyrus was probably real. But if not, then it serves as the lesson for all future Cult of Judah politicians. For ‘The Torah’ is NOT a spiritual guide at all. It was always intended as a political manifesto of the nature of Macchiavelli’s ‘The Prince’ or the early ‘Art of War’.

The principle behind Jew World Order power is to secretly gain influence over the present leaders of any nation, or to groom potential future leaders, as was the case with Wilson, Rooosevelt, and especially Truman (the failed haberdasher).

The prime dictum of power is never to be seen to be wielding power. Few people would willingly support the Jew World Order. So their support must be gained through proxies, and the power thus accumulated be exercises through proxies, and in secret, from the shadows, from behind the curtain, from behind a veil of secrecy, misdirection, and manufactured ‘social reality’.

The Persian king was the first ‘lesson’ in infiltrating, then co-opting, and directing, the power of foreign nations.

Looking at history through the lens Reed has provided focusss our attention on what is most relevant, and on subtle, usual hidden, details that we would otherwise, as the authors of the Jew World Order intended, overlook, gloss over, and thus effectively ignore.

Today power in the world has become centralised in a few all powerful, non-democratic institutions. And the world’s democracies, as Hitler clearly warned us, have been ‘occupied’ to serve the Jew World Order’s imminent object. That of a one world government ruled by the Cult from Cult HQ in Jerusalem.

However in my opinion we are talking about a ‘figurative’ Jerusalem. The geographical ‘Jerusalem’ is to be sacrificed. Nuked. Along with the 6 million ‘Jews’ the Cult is obsessively convinced must die, as a ‘burned offering’, to their ambitions.

The ‘New Jerusalem’ is a trinity of cities. The City of London. The Vatican. And Washington D.C.

Even ‘Jew.York City’, I believe, will be ‘sacrificed’ in the true holocaust that ‘The Holocaust’ story is mere ‘predictive programming’ for. Just like the other ‘Books’ and ‘histories’ of the Cult of Judha. ‘The U.S.S Liberty’, ‘The Holocaust’, and ‘911’ are effectively the three most recent chapters to be added to the ‘Torah’. They point the way to the future plans of the Cult of Judah. They inform the Cult leader’s future strategies and tactics.

The same strategies and tactics someone published as ‘The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion’. Whoever wrote that book knew the Cult of Judah’s strategy intimately. Few people have ever had such powerful insights into manipulating world history, historical antagonisms between religions and nations, and even class struggles, than the author/s of that book. It does not matter who wrote it. What matters is how cogent and insightful the contents are. The fact that the pattern identified accurately predicted future events, including the phase of the Jew World Order’s plans that we are just now entering into. The ‘Protocols’ are the most powerful lens through which to observe history, and current events, as part of a continuum, a strategy that is unrolling before our eyes. Like a photo that is ‘developing’ in the dark-room of our awareness. Reed employed this lens in his own work. More recent ‘conspiracy theorists’ have benefitted in the same way as Reed, and the earlier pioneers in exposing the history of, the nature of, and the plans of, the Jew World Order.

Why would King Cyrus of Persia do the bidding of the Cult of Judah? Why do leaders today do their bidding? Do we really need to go beyond the typical human frailties of sex, drugs, power, money, flattery, blackmail, extortion, assassination? An expert understanding of, and training in hypnotic trance induction, persuasion, suggestion, and knowing ‘how to win friends and influence people’, would also get anyone a long way. All cults found ‘honey pots’, beautiful women who were willing to employ their natural charms in furthering their Cult leader’s ambitions. Either as ‘true believers’ or simply as mere opportunists. Every powerful person has enemies whose enmity can be directed in ways that serve the Cult’s interests. Divide and Conquer strategies seldom fail. Appealing to basic human nature rarely fails. The lowest and basest of desires and fears are the true ‘levers’ of any human motivation. Get close to your targets, discover their strongest passions and fears, and you have your fingers on those levers. Thus you gain the levers of power. Control of the helmsmen in whom nations have either put their trust via elections, or who have inherited their positions, and you can literally set the course of the most powerful nations, steering them to their own destruction, (they are after all potential future ‘adversaries’ of the Cults world-wide ambitions), while serving the immediate, short term interests of the Cult of Judah’s masters.

For most people, focused on the well being of their families, and their own pleasure and relief, the very idea of such a compulsive ‘disorder’ the Jew World Order’s ambitions represent, is beyond comprehension. So they ‘laugh off’, just as the Cult’s full spectrum conditioning system intends, the mere idea of some ‘Cult’ ambition extending over thousands of years, and imminently in the process of being realised. Fully manifest.

The manifestation of the Old Testament role models, moral compasses, codes of ethics, and ‘Macchiavelli-on-steroids’ practical political action instructions. The Old Testament is the ‘manifesto’ of the Jew World Order. And its imprint, its signature, its calling card, is stamped all over world history, and current international events.

Once you become aware of this pattern, the logical deduction becomes unavoidable. The ‘stories’ of genocide in the Bible are soon to be made real. As real as the firebombings of Germany and Japan. As real as ‘The Holodomor’. As real as the Maoist mass murders. As real as Pol Pot’s massacres. As real as the Rwandan genocides. As real as the gulag work camps. As real as Eisenhower’s Death camps for German prisoners of war.

Without the ‘lens’ provided by an understanding of all the issues dealt with in ‘The Protocols’, in Reed’s books, and in my own books, you would fail to even seriously suspect it were even possible for a relatively small Cult to gain the ‘steering wheel’ of our human destiny. First by gaining access to the levers of power. Then by using that power to steer individual nations and institutions towards world wars, and then a one world government.

King Cyrus was the first to become ‘enthralled’, seduced, blackmailed, greenmailed, entranced, persuaded, convinced, or compelled, to serve the Jew World Order Cult of Judah. He became the ‘proof’ to the Judahites of the ‘truth’ of the authority of their Cult leaders, and their laws and statutes. For he made good on the promises. He represented the manifestation of the Cult’s authority as speaking for ‘God’. He was the realisation of the expectations instilled in the Cult members by the Cult Priests. He was the fulfillment of their prophecies. The ‘fulfillment of the law’. Thus Cyrus became the ‘proof’ of the potency of the power of the Cult’s God, and the Cult Priests.

In reality Cyrus was proof of the potency of mere words. Persuasion. And clever manipulation. They Cult of Judah promised him something. Or threatened him with something. Or both. All the Cult had to do, given the concentration of power in the hands of a few people, at that time as it is still today, was to persuade a few powerful people that it was, for whatever reasons given, in their own interests to behave in certain ways. They may never have realised they were serving some ‘Jew’ World Order at all. There was never any reason to betray the true aspirations of the Cult. Nor whose interests it served. All you need to do is get a few powerful people to ‘initial’ your ‘executive orders’. Afterwards these actors probably regretted what they’d done. And denied any responsibility. Claiming they don’t know why they signed their deals with Faust. With the devil.

It happened at Yalta with ‘The Morgenthau Plan’ and the total betrayal of all the Allies claimed they had fought WWI and WWII for, at such unbelievable cost in terms of life and treasure, and sovereignty.

So we can only imagine what Cyrus was ‘thinking’ at the time. What motivated him? What compelled him. How he had been co-opted by the Cult of Judah.’

‘Judaism originated in the name of the Persian king and by the authority of his Empire, and thus the effect of the Empire of the Alchemenides extends with great power, as almost nothing else, directly into our present age’, says Professor Eduard Meyer, and this authority's conclusion is demonstrably true. Five hundred years before the West even began, the Levites laid down the Law, and then through King Cyrus set the precedent and pattern for the downfall of the West itself.

The five books of the Law were still not complete when King Cyrus conquered Babylon. The Cult of Judah’s ‘Jews’ had no idea of how they were going to be used as mere means to the Cult’s ends, over the next three millennia.

The Cult of Judah had yet to complete the Law and then to apply it to its own people. When that happened in 458 BC, under another Persian king, the controversy of Zion at last took the shape in which it still implacably confronts its own people and the rest of mankind.

These segregated people, before whom the priesthood flaunted its version of the fall of Babylon like a banner, then were set on the road to a future which would find them a compact force among other peoples, to whose undoing they were by their Law dedicated.

So much for the ‘Jews’ claims that this is all some ‘canard’, some lie spread by irrational, malicious, ‘anti-semites’.

Remember that the ‘Jews’ got to define all opposition to the Cult of Judah, all ‘adversaries’ to the Jew World Order, as the ‘evil’ ‘devil’, long before we had any idea of their plans. So they got to put their own ‘upside down’ logic and ‘double speak’in place long before the first of us ever began suspecting what they were up to. So by the time we starting speaking out, the entire world had already been colonised and infected by the Cults definitions. The Cult of Judah was ‘good’, and everything ‘evil’. Agreeing with the Cult was ‘logical’ and ‘reasonable’, and in any way criticizing it or challenging its dogma was ‘irrational’ and ‘unreasonable’. Semitism was defined as ‘good’. The ideology as ‘The world of ‘God’. The authority of ‘God’, the one universal god, was monopolized by the Cult. The Cult ‘called dibs’ on ‘God’. They wrote their books up first. They got their version of reality ‘officially’ validated as ‘orthodoxy’ and ‘dogma’ and ‘social reality’. So anyone who might dare speak up against this Cult was automatically, self-evidently, ‘obviously’ a bad person. And ‘anti-semitism’ was defined as a bad thing. An evil thing. Something irrational. Something based in the worst human motives of malice. The desire to do harm to others. To ridicule and make fun of others for mere sport, with ‘malicious glee’ (SchadenFreude). And to define Germany as ‘Amalek’. Thus the universal myth that ‘SchadenFreude’ is a term not found in any language other than German that is still prevalent.

The first people to feel the impact of this "Mosaic Law" which the Levites were developing in Babylon were the Samaritans, who in 538 BC warmly welcomed the Judahites returning to Jerusalem and in token of friendship offered to help rebuild the temple, destroyed by the Babylonians in 596 BC. At the Levites' order the Samaritans were brusquely repulsed and at this affront became hostile, so that the restoration of the temple was delayed until 520 BC. (The feud against the Samaritans continued throughout the centuries to the present time, when they have been reduced to a few score or dozen souls).

The friendly approach shows that the new "Law" of the Judeans was unknown to their neighbours, who were taken by surprise by this rebuff. It seems to have been just as little known to, or understood by the Judeans themselves, at that period. The books of the Law were still being compiled in Babylon and, despite anything the priests may have told them, they clearly did not at that time realize that they were to be racially, as well as religiously, debarred from their fellow men.

The repulse of the Samaritans gave the first hint of what was to follow. The Samaritans were Israelites, probably infused with other blood. They practised Jehovah-worship but did not recognize the supremacy of Jerusalem and on that account alone would have incurred the hatred of the Levites, who probably saw in them the danger of an Israelite revival and absorption of Judah. Thus the Samaritans were put under the major ban; even by taking a piece of bread from a Samaritan a Judahite broke all the statutes and judgments of the Levites and abominably defiled himself.

After this first clash with their neighbours, the Judeans looked around them at ruined and depopulated Jerusalem. None of them, unless they were ancients, can have known it before. They were few in number: those who "returned" numbered about forty thousand, which was perhaps a tenth or twentieth of the total, for centuries self-dispersed in other lands.

It was not a happy or triumphant return for these people, though it was a major political success for the priesthood. The Levites met the same difficulty as the Zionists in 1903, 1929 and 1953: the chosen people did not want to go to the Promised Land. Moreover, the leaders did not intend to head "the return"; they wished to stay in Babylon (as the Zionist leaders today wish to stay in New York).

The solution found in 538 BC was similar to the one found in 1946: the zealots were ready to go, and a hapless few, who were too poor to choose, were rounded up to accompany them. Those who desired the privilege of remaining in Babylon (under their own prince, the Exilarch, in his own capital!) were mulcted in fines (just as the wealthy Jews of America are pressed today to provide funds for the Zionist state).

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