It took 3000 years, and this strategy, for one cult, To Rule This World Freeing us, and the ‘Jews’, from The Cult,

A brief history of the Cult of Judaism, and its often unwilling servants

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A brief history of the Cult of Judaism, and its often unwilling servants

‘Forgive them for they know not what they do’. [Jesus]

‘Fuck them, they know exactly what they are doing’. [Anonymou]. (Nah, why bother, you know it was me! Yes Mrs Adams, I am being facetious. And thankyou for being so forgiving to me as a student, and encouraging me. Yes, sure, I was an outstanding student, always out standing in the corridor, for being too disruptive, but now I am ‘disrupting’ on a whole new level)]

Douglas Reed was not the first to stumble upon a conspiracy to impose a world government on an enslaved humanity. However his book ‘The Controversy of Zion’, is one of the best post war and pre-‘911’ books on the subject. I was inspired to continue with my mammoth project begun with ‘TROONATNOOR’, and ‘Religion’, and which after my having stumbled down the rabbit hole while researching ‘911’, lead to me writing series of books on the ‘Jew’ World Order. Books that were fairly quickly banned by Amazon et al. I love Reed’s book as it provided insights and details I had not found explained in any detail elsewhere. It allowed me to ‘complete the picture’. To have a completely ‘holistic’ understanding. To avoid unfairly targeting all ‘Jews’, while still holding all ‘Jews’ accountable for what they are responsible for. Now my conscientious nature is satisfied that I am saving not only us from them, but them from themselves. For we are all equally victims of the Cult of Judaism. And very few of us, or them, really understood, up to now, what we were the victim of, and what we are dealing with, and how to ‘emancipate’ us all, from the Cult of Judaism.

Everything Reed predicted in his writing has come to pass. He observed a pattern and described it, and extended it, projecting it into the future. We are today sitting on a precipice. At any moment the Cult of Judaism will launch its final war to end all freedoms. It will sacrifice the 6 million ‘Jews’ living in Palestine as part of its plan. If it is anti-semitic in the ‘legal’ sense to seek to save the lives of 6 millions Jews, then you can now understand the basis of ‘the law’. It is the law of the Cult of Judaism. The aim of this law is a ‘Jew’ World Order. The rule of this entire planet, the absolute control over everyone and every thing on it. That is what ‘the law’ works towards. Being ‘law abiding’ is signing away your own rights and freedoms forever. And those of your children, and their children, forever without end.

We have gone from 10 commandments, lead by he Cult of Judah’s ‘hidden hand’, to first 613 ‘rules and statutes’, and then on to the 36 volumes of the Talmud, until today our law codes fill entire libraries. Every aspect of human life is today micro-managed. The Cult of Judah’s Levitical Priests wet dream. Today’s government intervention in our lives is as unprecedented as is our total lack of privacy. This is as defining a property of Cult mentality as anything could be. Only a totally compulsive person demands to know what others are doing, from birth to death, from waking to sleeping. Only a totally neurotic obsessive personality has any interest in another person’s sex life, or which ‘stimulants’ and ‘relaxants’ they choose to consume. Only a paranoid personality fears allowing their neighbours any freedom or liberty whatsoever. Only the paranoid suspects every person of being a potential ‘mass murderer’ from whom they must deny, at any price, access to any form of ‘self defence’ which might be employed in ‘assaults’.

The Cult of Judah enforced their tyrannical dictatorship via denouncements of friends and family. Today every telephone call you make, every email your send, ever post you make, ‘can and will be used against you in a court of law’. Cult law, that is. Who do you think wrote your legal codes? Did anyone ever ask you your opinion? Did you get to vote on your laws? From a position of cool, calm, rational, calculation, that is. After being presented with all the facts by unbiased, well informed, independent experts and peer reviewed professionals? So you could judge for yourself from a position of informed consent with the freedom to dissent, and reject such laws? From a position of calm, collected, clear headed, overview of the holistic situation?

Not from a position of terror and fear, after a series of massively publicized ‘false flag’ and ‘faked’ mass shootings. Not after decades of brainwashing with false information, deception, mis-direction, and propaganda. Not after a life of conditioning by mass media, and mis-education systems, that lead you to ‘know’ that ‘6 million Jews were murdered in a ‘Holocaust’, or that ‘Arab hijackers carried out the 911 attacks’ or that ‘Muslim terrorists are about to kill you and your family at any moment’, or that ‘illegal drugs are bad but alchol and prescription drugs are great’, or that ‘Judaism is a religion of peace and tolerance’. Along with all the various lies and propaganda we are forced to consume with our mothers milk, from the day we open our eyes, to the day we are freed from this prison planet by death.

The Jew.N is the Cults universal Cult enforcer, in the making. Soon world wide mass scale false flags and instigated, provoked wars, will together be used to justify total ‘martial law’ around the occupied nations. The Jew.N will be ‘invited’ in to bring law and order. The Cult’s Law, that is. The Cult’s, ‘orders’. The Cult will produce the crises which its puppets will present themselves as the solution to. The solution will be worse than any problem humanity has ever faced. It will make the Jew.S.S.R look like a paradise of universal freedom, liberty, love, and goodwill, in comparison.

The Jew.N is not seeking to make the world a better place by banning private gun ownership. The problem for the U.N, for the Jew World Order, is that it is impossible to totally ‘control’ people, if they own guns. In the same way it wants to monopolise nuclear weapons for its Jew World Order, it wants to ensure that no ‘independent’ non Cult of Judah communities have access to weapons with which to ‘resist’ the Jew World Order occupations.

The Cult of Judaism will never rest until it has absolute power over everyone and everything in the entire world. No obstruction of this ambition is ever tolerated.

Today millions of Amercian citizens could take back their government, relieving themselves of the Jew World Order occupation government, and thus setting back the Jew World Order plans considerably. For they are armed. As their ‘founding fathers’ intended. As the last ‘insurance policy’ for their hard won freedoms, rights, and liberties. Gun ownership was not made a right to facilitate hunting or sports. It was made a right to ensure that tyrants would never be able to take back the rights bestowed upon the Amercians by their War of Independence freedom fighters, and later ‘Constitution’ writers.

I have documented the series of ‘faked shootings’ and ‘false flags’ that the Jew World Order have carried out in the U.S.A, in an attempt to swing public opinion against gun ownership. It succeeded in Australia, after carrying out one final, massive, ‘false flag’, known today as ‘The Port Arthur Massacre’. I will do a detailed report on that false flag later, as it forms an important ‘landmark’ in the clear pattern that emerges, once it is presented to you. My aim is to present it to you. You can read my earlier books now and see the pattern. All I intend doing is laying it out a bit clearer and neater, and updating the factual data with new insights and information I’ve found.

During the chaos and confusion, and terror and fear, of war, people are vulnerable to being mislead to support institutions they would never otherwise condone. Just like 911 was carried out to instill fear, and confusion in the minds of the general public, so that they would accept the erosion of all their rights and liberties, passing ‘The Patriot Act’ and submitting to the arbitrary tyranny of ‘executive orders’.

Chaos and confusion. Disillusionment with the ‘straw man’ democracies, croney capitalisms, corrupt religions, and distorted ethical systems and even ‘moralities’. All to drive people to the edge of what they can bear. So much frustration of personal desires and hopes. So much undermining of public confidence in ‘democracy’ and ‘free markets’ and even ‘freedom of speech’. So much mongering of mistrust and fear of their neighbours, and ‘foreigners’. So many crises upon crises. So much financial instability. So many ‘terrorist’ attacks. So many ‘gun massacres’. So much debilitating despair and bewilderment with the ‘traditional’ systems our forefathers fought to have accepted by the tyrants of their day.

And the final result will be what the KGB defector revealed as the true plan of the Jew.S.S.R, ‘Jew’ World Order. Total mental confusion, disorder, disillusionment, mistrust, loss of faith, and bewilderment.

We in the west will lose all confidence and faith in ourselves. In our own leaders. In our own institutions that were never allowed to function as their designers had intended. We were never given true, conspiracy free capitalism, as Adam Smith intended. We were never given representative democracy where ‘the best person for the job’ was given the chance to ‘run for office’ and work in the interests of those who elected them.’ We were never allowed a religion base on the actual intended philosophies of Jesus or Buddha. We were given ‘straw man’ ‘Christianity’ and even ‘Buddhism’.

We will be given the false impression that we had given all our ‘traditional’ institutions a ‘fair go’. We had tried them and they failed. We had tried democracy, and all we got was one deceitful leader after another. Trump has been installed to put the final death blow to our confidence in ‘democracy’. We will have ‘learned’ that everything we inhetited from our forefathers was tainted, corrupt, doomed to failure. It was never going to work out.

Then we will be offered the bright shining prospect of a one world government that promises to fulfill all the promises all our past governmnts, institutions, philosophies, and religions had failed to deliver on.

Just like the Bolshevik’s promise of a ‘workers paradise’ and ‘end of history’, an end to all conflict, and got a prison state, a police state, a reign of terror, the Jew World Order who carried out that ‘revolutionary’ coup, will present themselves for the final blow to any chance we ever had of justice, truth, and liberty.

The Jew World Order will offer us its ‘solution’. Prettily packaged with all the flair and style that their full spectrum propaganda machine can muster. All the talents of Madison Avenue, combined with Hollywood, and television, will be employed to ‘sell us’ on their ‘New World Order’. Never in the history of show business or marketing will a greater pitch to the general public ever have been made.

All the glitz and glamour. All the fear mongering. The pathos tugging. The eloquence. The emotional manipulation.

All coming at a time of greatest vulnerability. When we are facing, or made to believe we are facing, humanities greatest threat. Whether it be world war three, or some environmental catastrophe, alien invasion, or meteor.

We will be in the worst possible position for attempting to form rational, reasonable decisions. We will only have their deceptive and misleading propaganda to base any decisions on. They will censor anything that contradicts and challenges their ‘message’ in the slightest. Every item published anywhere in any medium will be ‘on message’.

The message will be that there is only one possible solution. One hope. And that is whatever the Jew World Order chose to represent themselves as at that time. A simple ‘New World Order’. Or ‘the fulfillment of the Biblical prophecies’, the ‘Kingdom of Heaven on Earth’. Or just a ‘United Nations World Federation’. This time with ‘teeth’. After having ‘pulled’ all the teeth of the masses, with ‘gun control’ laws.

Once everyone has been disarmed they become totally defenceless. The Jew World Order, in the guise of the Jew.N, will be able to literally round up the nations and ‘brand’ them as slaves. They will then be marked for either ‘milking’ as slaves, or ‘slaughter’. The ‘micro-chipped’ populations will have no more ‘priveleges’ than a cattle rancher gives their ‘cattle’. Some will find ‘favor’, and even some sentimental ‘affection’ from their masters. Others will be recruited as ‘overseers’ of their own people. Just as in the days of old.

As the Jew World Order comes out more and more into the open, there will be ‘Judas Goats’ who are ‘rewarded’ for their ‘loyalty’ to the Jew World Order. Like ‘apes’ literally ‘apeing’ their groups ‘Alpha Males’, in order to gain the same status, prestige, and benefits, for themselves, the most talented, able, and capable of potential ‘adversaries’ of the Jew World Order will be ‘bought off’ with positions higher up the Pyramid. This is how it has always worked. In Babylon and Assyria, and today in Europe, America, and Australia.

Many of the ‘puppets’ and ‘Golems’ actually believe they are working for some other ‘secret’ society with ‘good intentions’. They have zero idea that at the head of the pyramid sit the Cult of Judaism’s ‘Jew’ World Order elites. That everything the deceived Stonemason, Free mason, Jesuit, Marxist, or Carbon-taxer, Gun control lobbyist, Holohaox symphathiser, and Historical Revisionist criminaliser does, actually contributes to the power of the Cult of Judah, and brings its 3000 year old plan for world domination, and enslavement of all the ‘nations’, just that little bit closer to manifestation. To realisation. To attainment.

Anyone who looks into the secret societies will soon recognise they all belong to the Cult of Judah, and the ‘Jew’ World Order. JFK saw this as well as Hitler did before him.

I have written three other books on these subjects. I have written a volume on ‘Religion’. I have written many volumes of philosophy. I can easily put myself in the shoes of the Cult of Judah’s Priests. I ‘grok’ the whole ‘Cult’ thing. I understand more about what today is called Neuro Linguistic Programming than most people alive. I comprehend Humean Skepticism and Zen at least as well as anyone alive. I incorporated ideas in my novels long before I realised that other people had been employing them in the real world, for centuries. Things like ‘fake mass shootings’. I would never have considered real ‘false flags’, because they included real victims. But faked ‘media stunts’ like ‘Sandy Hook’ are completely consistent with what I thought were ‘novel’ ideas to use in my own novels.

This book is about the Cult of Judaism, and its ‘Jew’ World Order. But in order to expose this for what it is, we will have to deal with a lot of philosophy, pscychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Trance states, Hypnosis, economics, and history. But don’t worry. If I have any ‘super power’ it is the ability to explain things as simply and clearly as possible. Ask anyone who has got their hands on one of my Audio Engineering guides, by ‘Reaper’ guide, my ‘Vocal Training Guide’, or my ‘Guide to Lucid Dreaming’.

I never had any idea I’d be researching and writing about ‘Jews’. I stumbled into the Jew World Order conspiracy a few years ago, while looking into ‘911’. From there I’ve been tumbling down the rabbit hole, deeper and deeper, unable to resist further investigation, and feeling morally obliged to you, dear reader, to attempt to explain it all in a way that might be accessible to anyone willing and able to face reality, and grapple with the discomforting facts.

So let’s quickly get our heads around the history of the Cult of Judah, which has produced todays ‘Jew’ World Order.

From what we can induce and deduce from historical records, and the very best ‘Jewish’ scholarship, by around 958 BC a nomadic group of Semitic people called the Habiru had sesttled in Canaan, among the local inhabitants. Over time they had intermarried and had enjoyed a mutually beneficial cross-assimilationof peoples and cultures.

[There is no historical record to support any claims of an escape from an Egyptian captivity, followed by a genocide. That story appears, perhaps even more disturbingly for us than if it had been a historically accurate report, to have been added to the ‘Torah’ as a legal precedent, as a suggestion, a predictive programming tool, as a ‘moral compass’, as an instructional guie and role model for future generations. An instructive device for the future leadership and members of a Cult that had not yet gained the ascendancy. As such, nothing this Cult instigates its members to do in the present time can rightly come as a surprise to us. Our own leaders have zero excuses for not being prepared. And we can have no excuses to offer our children, when they ask, ‘Daddy, Mommy, how did we became slaves to the ‘Jew’ World Order’? Why do I have to have sex with all those men?

If you are too lazy and irresponsible to read this book, then you are not the audience I wrote it for. If you don’t have any innate instincts to self-preservation, to liberty, freedom, and justice, then perhaps you really always were mere slaves, just waiting for masters. If you are willing to fight for the wellbeing, lives, and freedom of yourself, and your family, then read on. And be ready to be shocked, terrified, and angered into peaceful, productive, constructive, action. If you aren’t willing to risk your lousy job or career prospects to save your children and their children from slaughter and/or slavery, then put this down now, grab a beer, and turn on a television ‘program’. Kiss any liberty you enjoy goodbye. Don’t look your children or loved ones in the eye ever again. For you have betrayed them, and they will see it].

By around 458 BCE, from among these various tribes of Hebrews, a tyrannical Cult had emerged. It soon had a large enough number of people in its thrall to establish itself as discrete entity. A community. An independent tribe.

Ben Yisrael, the ‘Children of Israel’, of the House of Joseph, decided that they wanted nothing more to do with the Judeans. After all it had been the father of the tribe of Judah who had sold their Patriarch Joseph into slavery, according to the oral histories. So it is no surprise that this ‘tribe’ turned out to be ‘no good’. The people wanted nothing to do with the Cult of Judah. In fact most modern scholars agree that the Judeans were in fact totally unrelated to the tribe of Joseph, via Jacob (Israel). So no-one would be surprised to find that the Cult of Judah ultimately came into conflict with the 10 tribes of Israel (Jacob).

After much inter-tribal politics and sometimes warfare, the Israelites gained control of the north of Canaan, and established their kingdom of Israel. Its capital became Samaria.

This left the Cult of Judah to establish its own nation of Judah / Judeah. They made Jew-rusalem / Jerusalem their Capital.

The small tribe of ‘Benjamin’ joined the tribe of Judah, along with a landless tribe of wandering hereditary Priests known as ‘Levites’ who claimed to speak with the authority of the god YHWH.

From ‘Judah’ we get the terms Judaism, Jude, Judas, and Jew.

As things turned out, Judah would outlive Israel, and take control of the religion they had inherited, which we know as ‘Judaism’.

So to clarify, ‘The Israelites were not Jews’. The concept ‘Jew’ emerged much later than the concept ‘Israelite’. The Israelites rejected ‘Judaism’ as an ideology after it emerged among them, and dissociated themselves from it. The Chief Rabbi of the British Empire in 1918, the Very Rev. J.H. Hertz, stated that ‘The people known at present as Jews are descendants of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin with a certain number of descendants of the tribe of Levi’.

[Hertz’s statement reminds us that today’s ‘Jews’ are not related to the original ‘Israeli’s. But what he doesn’t mention is the fact of the many conversions that took place since the days of Judah, including mass conversions, such as that of a Turkik people known as ‘Kharzars’, which lead to a majority of todays ‘Jewry’ consisting of AshkedNAZI jews descended from these Khazars, rather than any ‘peoples of the Bible’].

The original nation of Israel, what most people falsely identify with ‘Judaism’, in fact rejected Judaism. They rejected the Cult of Judah, with its genocidal plans to enslave the entire world.

Thus my call to all ‘Jews’ today to ‘renounce’ and ‘denounce’ the Cult of Judaism, and the Ideology of Judaism, the operational definition for ‘Semitism’ today, are totally consistent with the decisions and judgements formed by the 10 tribes of Israel who also rejected Judaism.

Judah was, according to the Levite scribes who joined the tribe of Judah after the civil war, was supposedly one of the 12 sons of Jacob who was later renamed ‘Israel’ for, like Mohammed after him, ‘wrestling with an angel’. Judah was the one who sold his brother Joseph to the Ishmaelites for twenty pieces of silver. We can calculate inflation by comparing this with the 30 pieces of silver another Judean, Judas, was paid for betraying Jesus. Judah had sex with his sister, thus founding the tribe of Judah in incest. (Genesis 37-38). The parallels with the Annunaki fathering children with their half-sisters is compelling. But what is equally interesting is that most modern day scholars reject this ascription of association between the tribe of Judah, the Cult of Judaism, and the 12 tribes of Israel, per se. In other words we have a Cult that took control of the writing of the oral tradition, and wrote itself into their own falsified version of that history. Which is further ironic given that later the same Priestly class would adopt a totally unrelated tribe, the Khazars, to form the new core and master class of the Cult, which in the 20th Century found its center in Russia. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Back to the beginning.

According to the Book of Samuel, which the Levites produced centuries after the events it supposedly describes, there was a brief period in which Judah and Israel re-unified, under a puppet-King named Saul, chosen by the head Priest, the Levite, Samuel, from the tribe of Benjamin, as their King, and Samaria as their capital.

This is where the concept of ‘Amalek’ enters into history. Saul was commanded to exterminate, in the first precedent / documented act of genocide in human history, the Amalekites. To ‘and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass’. This is also the first incidence of ‘anti-semitism’. It showed that nothing but total, complete, mindless, thoughtless, unhesitating, unreflecting, automatic, complete compliance and submission is the only acceptable response when dealing with the Cult of Judaism.

Like world leaders who came much later, Saul hesitated, and though he did his master’s bidding, he did not comply whole heartedly and 100%. For he left King-Agag and the best of the sheep, oxen, yearlings and lambs, alive.

If you ever deal with the Cult of Judaism, whether as a U.S President, or a Sayanim / Helper, you will find that the moment you deviate one iota from the prescribed course, you go from being a valued ally, to being an anti-semite.

Perhaps this never happened, but was meant as a role model and legal precedent for all the ‘Sayanim’ to follow. For Saul, although having done what for most people would be ‘enough’ to satisfy their master’s demands, did not do exactly as commanded. In secret Samuel looked for a replacement. He found one in the Judean, David.

Like many ‘Golems’ to follow, Saul sought in vain to satisfy his masters, and ultimately killed himself, finding it impossible. The Cult neither forgives nor forgets. It wants tools, not statesmen. Politicians that can be manipulated, not leaders.

So already the Levitical scribes have written into their histories role models, historical and/or legal precedents, for what is expected of anyone who would serve the Jew World Order, the Cult of Judaism. Genocide. Utter destruction. Of anyone and anything that would dare obstruct the Cult of Judaisms plans for a ‘Jew’ World Order. Anything or anyone that would dare this act of sacrilege is ‘Amalek’, and targeted for utter destruction. No mercy. No compassion. No exceptions.

With the death of Saul, Samuel, the head Priest of the Levitical Priesthood that dominated the Cult of Judaism, attempted to install King David, the Judean.

However the Israelites would not accept David as their King. They proclaimed Saul’s son, Ishoshbeth their new King of the united kingdom of Judea and Israel. The Levites had the newly crowned King killed, setting a legal precedent for the assassnations that would come later, such as that of JFK, the Romanov family, the earlier Russian Czar, the Austro-Hungarian Emperor, to name but a few.

And so David became nominal King of a nation that began disintegrating, having no organic basis, and zero trust existing between the Cult of Judaism in the South and the 10 tribes of Israel to the North. Within one more generation the nominal unity would be abandoned, with the Kingdom of ‘Israel’, merely a few centuries old, evaporating into the mists of myth, around 3000 years ago.

Based on this probably almost completely ficitious account, the modern day Zionists laid claim to the territory of Palestine, and much more. In fact they lay claim to the entire world. Based on their own ‘Holy’ books. Written by them, and for some reason incomprehensible to anyone who has not discovered the secrets of ‘imprinting beliefs’ and ‘implanting suggestions’, billions of people around the world ‘accept’ it as ‘divine truth’.

‘Jerusalem’ was only ever really nominally the capital of Israel during the reign of King David, which was never really accepted by the 10 Northern tribes as legitimate, and then only for David’s reign, and the King who followed David.

Until of course the modern day Zionist state named Israel was ‘founded’ by genocide and theft. And this unified ‘Israel’ didn’t last very long. The tensions intrinsic to the Cult of Judah which had previous ruled Judah as a theocracy, literally a ‘Cult’, and the freedom loving, independent spirited, liberal ‘ Israeli’s’ known today as ‘Emancipated’ ‘Jews’, made any lasting unification impossible. Just as today very few ‘European’ Jews have any interest in moving to modern day Israel, to live under the control of the Cult their ancestors rejected millennia before.

King David saw Bathsheba, a beautiful married woman, literally bathing on her rooftop. He had here brought to him immediately. He impregnated her. He got rid of her Hittite husband by the expedient of ordering him to the front line, where David’s men could murder him, and make it look like an enemy action. Her second son to David became the next King, Solomon. Of course Sol Om On has no historical existence outside of the books written by the Levitical scribes. Whatever the case, the Cult of Judaism clearly predicts that the ‘King of the Jews’, the ‘Messiah’, who will lead the ‘Jews’ to the foundation of their ‘Jew World Order’, will be of ‘The House of David’, and will thus ‘restore’ the ‘unity’ of the 12 tribes lost after Solomon’s death, almost 3000 years ago, in 937 BCE.

The mythical King Solomon’s death marked the end of the fragile union of North and South. The North, Israel, immediately moved towards independence, and ‘emacipation’ from the Cult of Judaism to the South.

It was the Levites, with their Cult of Judaism, their Ideology of Semitism, of racial supremacy, of exceptionalism, of genocide, and self-aggrandizement, that the Northern 10 tribes of Israel had, on the whole, rejected.

However over the next two hundred years the Northern 10 tribes and the Southern tribes of Judah and Benjamin, along with the 13th tribe of Levite Cult of Judah Priests, existed separately, sometimes at war, but still interacting culturally. It is during this time that the Hebrew prophets of the North, and maybe some brave Hebrews in the South, attempt to offer the CultLevites some sort of moral instruction.

This accounts for the more reasonable, spiritual, ethical, moral, sound, philosophical, and peaceful elements of the Torah. The bits that lend the repugnant whole some superficial credibility, if you are really desperate on salvaging the ‘Torah’ as any sort of valuable, honorable, noble, document, worth any sort of consideration as a spiritual guide, a moral compass, a role model, a code of ethics, or a legal code. It is these ‘interpolations’, these ‘additions’ that are ‘tacked on’, often totally ‘out of place’ and as ‘non sequiturs’ in the general context of the ‘Torah’, that are abused by the Cult to mask their actual core ‘beliefs’ and ambitions. To lure ‘outsiders’ into a false sense of security, comfort, complacency, and ‘tolerance’ of this ‘stranger’ that ‘keeps unto itself’, that lives among them, but never as one of them. That exists as a virus exists in a host. Not attracting attention until it has infested the entire organism, which is then doomed to be plagued by this pest until death.

Only when you take a moment to look closely at the real contents of the ‘Torah’ do you discover the horrific truth. The core belief of the Cult of Judaism, masquerading as an honest, beneficient, ‘spiritual’ organisation, is that the Cult have the self-given right to rule the world. Those people who will not serve the Cult as willing slaves, must be slaughtered, along with their families, and their animals. THAT is the ‘point’ of the entire Torah. THAT is the poison in the wine. The virus. The toxin. The Trojan horse. The core goal and ambition and object of the Cult of Judaism.

The Cult tacked the wisdom of the prophets, and Ecclesiastes, and some fabulour tales, onto their core teachings, like camoflauged armour to protect the evil lurking within. The ‘Torah’ convinces the core Cult members they have the ‘god-given’ right to rule the world, to enslave all non-Cult members, and to slaughter those who will not submit. But it also tricks the ‘casual’ Cult associate / affiliate / peripheral passive inheritor of ‘Judaism’, that it is a ‘religion’ of peace and brotherly love. Of justice, reason, and logic.

I wondered where the Prosecutor, and witnesses, in Brendon O’Connell’s trial had received their training in ‘non-sequiturs’ and ‘self cancelling / contradicting’ statements. So many times witnesses and the Prosecutor made utterances that ‘did not logically follow’ their previous utterances. Within the one sentence they would utter ‘Yes’, only to twist it into a ‘No’ by the end. They would appear to ‘admit’ something, only to negate the admission, within a few words. It was impossible to ‘pin them down’ to make any coherent, honest, satisfying, clear statements. To give direct honest answers. And the pattern emerged quite soon. And become unmistakable. And the Judge did nothing to counter it, assuming even he was paying close enough attention to even notice it.

But once you make a ‘re-take’ of the Torah, and then ‘study’ what the most devoted Torah scholars themselves have admitted, you find that the Bible is really two books woven together to appear to be one. It has a ‘secret’ message ‘hidden out in the open’ for the core Cult initiates. And a gloss of ‘spiritual’ and ‘philosophical’ messages and great tales for the ‘peripheral’ Cult member and ‘outsider’ a.k.a ‘host nations’.

When Donald Trump gave his ‘You knew I was a snake, when you let me in’ speech, this is what he was admitting. He is a Jew World Order operative. The Old Testament doesn’t hide its true meaning. It lays it out in the open. Only the ‘venomous viper’ is entwined with garlands of sweet smelling flowers. The humane, gracious, ‘brotherly love’ and ‘justice’ is highlighted for the peripheral Cult affiliates, and the host nations / outsiders. But at the core of the Cult, the active, conspiring cult members know exactly what their mission is. It is clearly represented in the ‘modelling’ of their expected future behaviors, in the genocides, and ‘The ‘outsider’, the ‘Goy’, the ‘Gentile’, the ‘Non-cult member’, is NOT your brother / neighbour’.

Read my notes on Brendon O’Connell’s trial and see what I mean for yourself. The Bible was their role model. Their guide. Their instruction in ‘non-sequiturs’ and ‘hiding the secret in plain sight’. The presentation of a No as a Yes, in so subtle and obtuse and mystifying and confusing a form that you end up ‘feeling’ you ‘heard’ an admission, and yet of course not, they didn’t admit anything. The records show the admission, but the jury ‘hears’ only the denial. The jury isn’t given trial notes to pore over. Even if they would invest the time and energy, they’d still need to be rather unrepresentively intelligent and observant, and conscientious, to ‘see’ what I ‘saw’. And to understand that it was a deliberate, trained, strategy. A trick. Along with all the other ‘suggestions’ that the Prosecution made to a jury lulled into a typical ‘trance’ state by the very nature of their situation.

Therapeutic Trance Inductions and Hypnotism use such carefully worded statements so that the conscious mind ‘hears’ one thing, and the ‘subconscious’ ‘hears’ another. Often the opposite things. Reading a long boring book like the ‘Torah’ / ‘Old Testament’ places most readers in a naturally occuring trance state. Add clever ‘interpolations’ that contradict each other, cancel out each other, in clear but still subtle and unobtrusive, to the ‘en-tranced’ reader, ways, and you get the exact same outcomes that practitioners of therapeutic trance inductions and Neuro-Linguistic-Programming sessions intentionally manipulate. Only in their case, it is for the clients benefit. In the case of the Cult of Judaism, it is always and only ever directed at increasing the power of the Cult of Judaism’s masters. Its leaders. What the public might define as its ‘high priests’. The same ones Jesus ‘outed’. The same ones who had him crucified.

Remember that the Cult of Judaism does everything ‘behind the scenes’. As we shall see when we address how Baruch and others manipulated the Jewnited States of America into ‘accepting’ ‘The Federal Reserve’, and becoming committed to World War One and World War Two. In fact in provoking Japan into hostility against Americans.

The Cult, as we shall see, has always gotten the most powerful nation of the time to do its dirty work for it. It got the Roman’s to murder Jesus. It got the German Government to imprison Ernst Zundel, David Irving, Sylvia Stolz, and many more. It got the Australian government to imprison Brendon O’Connell. It has co-opted the C.I.A and Jew.S.A Congress to carry out false flags like 911 and to murder millions of Arabs. It is never seen to be wielding power, let alone imprisoning and killing citizens of its host nation that dare obstruct the Cult in its ambitions for a Jew World Order. It assassinates any world leader, no matter how powerful. It murdered two Czars, at least one U.S President, and got another, Nixon, ‘indicted’. It ‘owns’ the Clintons and Trump. It ‘owned’ President Wilson and Roosevelt. It owned Eisenhower. Any President, like JFK or Nixon or Andrew Jackson, or Lincoln, who even resisted their manipulations, was doomed to suffer at their hands.

In 721 BC, Israel was attacked and conquered by Assyria and the ‘Israelites’ disappeared from history. Judah had managed to ingratiate itself with the Assyrians, and then the Egyptians, pledging loyalty to both. The Cult of Judah concentrated on ‘filtering out’ its less committed cult members, and recruiting new ones.

The Cult didn’t ‘miss’ the 10 tribes at all. It didn’t lament their misfortune. They were ‘fallen’, in the eyes of the Cult of Judah-ism’s masters. They were ‘bad’ ‘Jews’. They’d rejected the ‘orthodoxy’ of the Cult. They would not submit, blindly, and unthinkingly, to the Cult leaders. They were disobedient. And the Cult of Judaism never tolerated any non-conformity to its whims. After all, the Cult was YHWH, the ‘jealous’ god with all the charm and ‘lesae majestie’ of a two year old throwing a violent temper tantrum on having its will obstructed in the slightest way.

The 10 tribes were unilaterally ‘ex-communicated’ from the Cult, and literally pronounced ‘dead’, as occurs in all cults. You are either with us, or dead to us. Even today Orthodox ‘Jews’ face such ex-communication from their local communities. Like in the Middle Ages when the Pope or a Catholic priest might ex-communicate some rebel reformer like Luther, and declare him ‘dead’ to the faithful. Assuming the Church couldn’t physically arrest the ‘heretic’ so that they could be stoned to death, or tortured to death in some other way.

Thus the Talmud states that ‘The ten tribes have no share in the world to come’.

So when you think about the Jew World Order, and today’s ‘Jews’, forget about the Israelites. They played a very small part at the beginning of this story, and then were left out of the story. But the Cult took advantage of their early association with the Israelites, to gain a ‘transferred authority’ and ‘legitimacy by association’, along with the prestige, status, and good will attached to that people. Like buying an established business, you pay for the ‘goodwill’ that proprietor had built up. You pay for ‘the name’ and ‘the goodwill’ and ‘the loyalty’ of the customers. What you then do with that loyalty that goodwill, that ‘name’, is up to you.

Once you go down the rabbit hole, and bypass the ‘official’ mass media versions of ‘reality’, the ‘social reality’, and take off the ‘filters’ put on you by the media, and education, that have conditioned you since birth to ‘see’ only what the Jew World Order want you to see, and to ‘interpret’ it within their very narrow guidelines, and thus to ‘feel’ you ‘know’ that what they reinforce, 24/7, is ‘true’ and any ‘dissenters’ must be ‘nutter’ ‘conspiracy theoriests’ or ‘rabidly irrational and hate inspired anti-semites’, once you achieve all that, you taste the bitter gut wrenching stench of how the Cult of Judah, this Cult of Judaism, this ‘Jew’ World Order cliché, have abused that good will, that good name, that good reputation, having stolen the ‘name’ ‘Israel’ and retrospectively introjected their filthy, horrific, repugnant, evil, self-deluded, psychotic, sociopathic, nasty, corrupted, insane ideology of Semitism, into its heart. Leaving the peripheral, superficial, surface appearance of a ‘Religion of brotherly love’ to camoflauge the ‘heart of darkness’.

The Torah states its intention as clearly as that Rabbi in the Video, to anyone who reads it with an open mind, and a heart free of fear. Which is why it shocked me to find it a Rabbi so brazenly stating what the Torah writers took such pains to ‘hide in the open’. The viper had crawled out of the garlands. The Cult had shaken off the pretty illusions it had cloaked itself in. The talk of ‘love they neighbour’ and ‘feed the orphan and widow’. It was one thing for Trump to admit he was a snake, and we’d ‘let him in’, knowing full well that most listeners assumed he was attacking Clinton. But this was something altogether unheard of. Proof that the Jew World Order feel so confident, have the reigns of power so firmly in their grasp, that they are about to totally abandon all the pretty illusions. All the camoflauge. All the obfuscation and mystification. And simply come out and declare their Jew World Order. Knowing that we have only two choices now. To serve their Jew World Order, or die.

You cannot imagine how disillusioned it left me, so debilitated me, in such deep despair, to find that I couldn’t even get YOU to make THAT public admission of the Cult of Judaism’s true intentions, its genuine ‘values’, and my transcript of it, with a simple deconstruction of it, go ‘viral’. I barely got a few views and a few ‘shares’. Even friends wanted to dismiss it as ‘unrepresentative’ of what they ‘know’ to be a ‘religion of peace and brotherly love’.

Well what they ‘know’ is what they were intended to ‘know’. Based on what they are directed at ‘seeing’, when looking at The Bible. The ‘Torah’. Just the sweet smelling, pretty garlands that the venomous viper is intertwined with. The snake smiles at you. It hisses at you. But all you ‘hear’ are the ‘pretty Psalms / songs’. All you ‘see’ are the ‘wise words of the prophets, Ecclesiastes / the ‘teacher’, and the apparent calls to ‘love they neighbour’.

And so the Cult of Judaism’s Levitical Priests who wrote the Torah, intertwined commands to commit genocide, without mercy, to ‘rip up pregnant women’ and ‘enslave all the virgins as sex slaves’, with the humanist prophets like Hosea, an Israelite prophet can be read in the Torah, saying "I desired mercy and not sacrifice, and the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings". Hosea exhorts to the practice of "justice and righteousness", "loving kindness and compassion and faithfulness", not discrimination and contempt. They also included such fine words as those of Micah, exhorting readers of the Torah, ‘O man, what is good and what the Lord doth require of thee: only to do justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with thy God’.

Most ‘Jews’ never really read the Torah. Like most ‘Christians’ never read the entire Bible, or even the ‘Gospels’. Few would ever have studied it as closely as I have. Like most people, they imagine that the call to Genocide in the Torah is no longer valid. We live in a different world, they will claim, and all that problematic stuff is arcane, and no longer valid. The world has changed and ‘Judaism’ has changed with it. So most ‘Jews’ do NOT know what the Cult of Judaism they are superficially affiliated with is really all about. Most don’t WANT to know.

In fact most ‘Jews’, especially the merely ‘cultural’ jews, with nothing more than a nominal affiliation with the Torah, with the Cult of Judaism, give us little reason to take a closer look at their ‘official’ beleifs. They give us no grounds for suspicion, other than their rather ‘anti-social’ habits of remaining in their closed cliques of other ‘Jews’. They give us nothing to fear. So much that when a Rabbi actually loudly proclaims the true message of the Torah, of the Cult of Judaism’s active machinations and soon to be realised ambitions for world domination, we can smugly and complacently dismiss him as some unrepresentative nutter, some fringe ‘Jew’. We ‘know’ some ‘Jews’, and ‘they’re nothing like that at all’. The ‘Jews’ we ‘know’, are the Hollywood comedians, actors, directors, the pop stars and singers, the ‘humanists’, the animal rights activists (my favorite), the television presenters, the writers, and the ‘Einsteins’.

None of these ‘Jews’ (public personas at least) are representative of the ‘Jew’ World Order. They are ‘emancipated’ Jews. Their ancestors escaped from the Cult of Judaism generations ago. When they fled to Europe and the U.S.A. Leaving the Cult to work with the AshkedNAZI ‘Jews’ of Eastern Europe. The ones who murdered the Czars, and then millions of Russians and Estonians, and Lithuanians, and Latvians, and Poles, and Ukrainians, and Hungarians, and Germans and on and on. The ‘Jews’ who carried out the ‘Revolution’ and then the ‘Reign of Terror’, the ‘Holodomor’ and who then imprisoned hundreds of millions of people in the ‘Jew’.S.S.R. It was these ‘Jews’ who became the ‘Zionists’, supported Hitler, manufactured ‘The Holocaust’, committed the genocides and terrorist acts in Palestine, and who today form the core of the ‘Jew.S.A’ and ‘E.Jew’, and ‘Jew’.N, and basically the imminent one world tyrannical despotic dictatorship we call the ‘Jew’ World Order.

Why would we risk our careers and jobs by trying to get other people to listen to that Rabbi, and maybe even investigate a bit further, if everyone else seems to feel comfortable just ignoring him. And all the ‘whistle-blowers’ of the past and present. Many of whom are suffering fates worse than death right now, as the price of having tried to inform and awake humanity to the imminent, very real, very serious, threat it faces. Probably the greatest man-made threat humanity has ever faced.

It is the peaceful, harmless mass of ‘Jews’ that ‘cloak’ the repugnant, festering, oozing, disgusting, loathesome, inner ‘core’ of ‘true believers’ from their host nations. From the wider community that the virus must infest, and feed off. If the wider community realised what the core of the Cult were actively plotting to realise, they would instantly repel the cursed stranger, the vicious predator, the virulent virus, the poisoner, from their midst.

It is the ‘casual’, ‘peripheral’, ‘cultural’ Jew that I wish to protect as much as the rest of us. They have no idea what evil they are protecting. As Jesus would say ‘They know not what they do’. Anti-semitism is as necessary for the ‘Jews’ as it is for the rest of us. Necessary for our self-preservation. For the preservation of the hard-won emancipation all humans have only enjoyed for a few centuries at most. And which we are soon to see slip away from our hands. Simply because we were not vigilant. Simply because we feared being ‘politically incorrect’ more than we loved our freedom, and loved our children. Facts people. I’m a philosopher here, not a novelist. I’m not trying to evoke some pathos for your distraction. I’m trying to evoke your sense of self-preservation. To value the little freedom you have remaining, and to employ it to regain the freedoms our ancestors suffered, fought, killed, and died to attain for us. We are pissing on their sacrifices. We are rejecting their legacy. We are walking like blind cattle into slavery, and slaughter.

Occasionally, throughout history, nations that ‘hosted’ the Cult of Judaism have awoken to the facts, and they have ‘expelled’ the Cult of Judaism from their midst. Hundreds of times in the course of recorded history. And yet each time the Cult returns, only to strengthen its position, having learned from experience how to prevent ‘history repeating’. They simply wait one or two generations until the host nations have forgotten. Then this time they make greater efforts to corrupt the most powerful. To blackmail and bribe. To ingratiate themselves in all the positions of power. Behind the scenes. To enact laws making it a criminal offence to ‘blow the whistle’ on the Cult of Judaism. They enact ‘anti-semitism’ laws anywhere they gain power. In the Jew.S.S.R they had total power, and thus anti-semitism, reporting any crime committed by a ‘Jew’, was punished by death. Today we merely face a decade in solitary confinement. That is the fate that looms over me. Fates worse than death. And you wonder why, if there is such a huge conspiracy, over thousands of years, you haven’t been ‘informed’ about it. Surely someone would ‘leak’ something, and ‘reveal’ something, and ‘blow the whistle’ on the whole enterprise. Well, as you will soon learn, many people have done this. And they’ve paid the price. And the Jew World Order made sure almost no-one even heard what they paid such a high price to shout out in warning. The warning was muted. Lost in the mass media ‘noise’. Made a mockery of. The whistle blower denounce and renounced and criminalized by their own people. Punished for trying to serve their own people. Their voice drowned out. Their publications burned, banned, along with all their documents. Their postal ‘priveleges’ withdrawn, so they couldn’t even receive or send mail, and mail their books and documents to others. Later when the internet emerged they enjoyed a few brief moments to scream as loud as they could. Then their web sites were hacked, shut down, criminalized. Their facebook accounts deleted. Their Youtube Channels ‘terminated’. Their Amazon books ‘blocked’. And if they continued to try to gain your attention, they were put in prison. In solitary. So they could not even inform a single cell mate. THAT is how the conspiracy remains mostly hidden to this day. If YOU do not peacefull and lawfully and democratically DEMAND your consituational rights be re-instated, starting with freedom of speech, then you will very soon find you have NO rights at all. Only privileges handed out by the Cult of Judaism’s masters. Privileges that come at the price of servitude. Willing obedience to the Cult masters. Slavery. And when they point to your 10 year old daughter and say, ‘Send this girl to me tonight’, you will grovel at their feet and feel blessed that your 10 year old daughter pleased the masters, and could be of some service to the ‘great ones’, as a sexual object. That or seethe inside, totally impotent to do anything to protect your family, or yourself. Because soon it will really come down to the basics. Serve the Cult of Judaism, Serve the Jew World Order, or die. But if you are too valuable to them for some reason, they will instead torture your and your loved ones to force your active participation as their slaves. For remember, a slave owner never willingly destroys their human capital. So ‘fates WORSE than death’ will be on the menu for most of us.

The unbounded arrogance of the Cult of Judah Southerners was clear from the start. Today Judaism continues in its arrogant ways, making ridiculous claims for itself which are immediately revealed as lies by anyone familiar with history. This mendacity lies at the very heart of Judaism. For example ‘The Egyptian Book of the Dead’ pre-dates (ca 2,600 BCE) the first documents of the Cult of Judaism by at least two thousand years. Thus any claims this Cult has to having ‘invented monotheism’ is quickly rejected as propaganda by such lines in this book as “Thou art the one, the God from the very beginnings of time, the heir of immortality, self-produced and self-born; thou didst create the earth and make man". In my book ‘Religion’ I describe many more instances of ‘mono-theism’ that clearly pre-date the ‘Torah’.

In any case, the ‘Jews’ own ‘Holy book’ clearly places the Cult of Judaism’s god ‘YHWH’ as ‘the ‘Lord among the Gods’ (Exodus) , a ‘jealous’ god who will not have his subjects worship any ‘other’ gods. As such, YHWH is clearly not described as the ‘only’ god. He is simply the only gods the ‘Jews’ are to worship.

The covenant / agreement the Cult Priests offered would be followers was simple. Obey us, serve us, do our bidding, observe all our laws, and you will become the ruling nation over the entire earth. Obey mindlessly. Believe anything we say, without self-reflection, question, or critical judgement. Believe that we speak in the name of YHWH. And all the nations of the world will bring their treasure to you, will serve you as their ‘judges’ and masters, and will exist as mere means to your ends, to use as you see fit. Obey us without question, without hesitation, without reflection, without thought. This was the offer made to new recruits to the Cult. For thousands of years the Cult actively recruited, to replace members who ‘escaped’ the Cult, and those who were massacred, having been found ‘not submissive enough’.

The Cult was your archetypal cult, as has often emerged spontaneously by newer cults. You believed everything you were told by your Cult leaders, and disbelieved anything you were told by anyone else. You married within your Cult. You kept to yourselves. You lived separately from your ‘host’ nations. You defined all ‘outsiders’ as ‘evil’ and ‘malicious’ and ‘out to get you’. You therefore trusted no outsiders. You feared them. You hated them. You worked for their destruction. You lived for the day when your Cult would gain total absolute domination of them. The day these ‘outsiders’ would become your rightful property. Your slaves. As your Priests, speaking for your ‘God’, promised you.You were micro-managed from birth to death, from waking to sleeping, by countless arbitrary rules about what to wear, how to dress, and so on. These gave you a sense of identity, and ‘separateness’. They gave you a sense of belonging to a group. You earned the acceptance and approval of your Cult Leaders, peers, and other significant others, by observing these arbitrary rules and codes. Like a new recruit into the military, you are kept occupied, mentally and physically, every moment of the day, by these arbitrary rules. Fearing you would ‘slip’ and forget one, you would be in a constant state of anxiety and unable to think independently. Any member of the cult who broke the rules would be punished by the entire cult. If your own child broke a rule, you would report it, and yourself bring the child to be stoned to death, if the rule was ‘important’ enough. Such as having accidentally worn cotton and wool together. You would cast the first stone. So you have your typical ‘Spying’ behavior seen in the Jew.S.S.R. ‘Dob in your mates’ mentality.

Anything you associate with a ‘modern’ cult, was and is still present in the Cult of Judaism.Though most people who ‘identify’ as ‘Jews’ are not ‘practicising’ Cult members, those at the core still observe hundreds of arcane ‘rules’, from male genital mutilation to ‘what to wear’ and ‘what to eat’. The ‘Jews’ you see on television, your political leaders, their advisors, their fianciers, the owners of the mass media, Hollywood, and largest Non-Government-Organisations (NGO’s) belong to the Cult leadership. They know what is going on. The average ‘Jew’ is just a silly cult member. Most don’t even realise they are serving this cult, simply by identifying as ‘Jews’.

The Cult’s ambition was, from the start, and remains, the enslavement of the entire world, and the slaughter of anyone, including entire nations, who might dare in any way obstruct them from realising this ambition. This included Cult members, your average ‘Jew’, as well as ‘friendly’ hosts, let alone anyone who might actively resist, impede, or offer any obstacle to the Cults ‘Jew’ World Order’.

This is why the Cult defined itself as a separate ‘race’ from the very beginning, instituting ‘racial purity’ laws and strict ‘inbreeding’. The Cult pushed the idea of ‘racial supremacism’ and ‘exceptionalism’. This Cult would practice ethical codes within the Cult that allowed fathers to sell their daughters as sex slaves, and wives. But otherwise, within the Cult itself, the commandments were strictly held, such as ‘Do not murder other cult members’, ‘Do not steal from other cult members’. ‘Do not rape other cult members’. ‘Speak the truth about other cult members in court’. ‘Pay back your debts to other cult members’. ‘Release other cult members from debts after 7 years’ and ‘Release male cult members from slavely after 7 years’. But when it came to ‘outsiders’, it was simply a question of do what you can get away with. There are many instances where Cult members were ordered / commanded to commit genocide. They were not just ‘allowed’ to rape and murder and steal, they were ‘commanded’ to do so, by their Cult leaders, in the name of their God YHWH.

The Cult leaders were clever in ascribing all victories, successes, and good fortune of its Cult members to its god.

Further, any failures, bad luck, ill fortune, or military defeats were also perversely ‘spun’ as punishments sent from ‘god’, for failing to be the perfectly submissive cult member. For failing to unthinkingly, unhesitatingly, obey the Cult leader’s commands.

The ‘nations’, the ‘Goys’, the ‘Gentiles’, the ‘outsiders’, would be used as tools by their god to punish his own people, the Cult members. But the nations would then be destroyed. So don’t get confused. Everything that happens proves your God is all powerful. Defeat or victory, success or failure, good or bad luck, great harvests or famines, droughts or fertility, happiness or misery, are all sent by YHWH, and proof of his absolute power. He is a great ally to have as a friend, but a terrible, unforgiving, jealous, vicous, malicious, unrepenting, unforgiving, unreasonable, psychotic ‘God’ to have as an adversary.

But rest assured, vengeance shall be thine! The Cult promises its members that not even the slightest offense given to any cult member, ever, will be left ‘unpunished’. For one day all the ‘perpetrators’ of even the slightest ‘offense’ to any Cult member, such as failing to recognise their superiority, will be resurrected, merely in order to be punished for that offense. So if it seems your god has let you down, and allowed someone to ‘offend’ you, don’t despair. Vengeance will be yours. You will get your ‘revenge’. No ‘offense’ of one of ‘the chosen people’ is ever left unpunished by YHWH. Just get back to mindlessly submitting and ‘doing what you’re told’ by your Cult leaders, and their representatives, and look forward to your day of ‘retribution’ and of world rule, when the ‘nations’ will live only to serve your slightest whim.

Most of the ‘history’ a.k.a ‘traditions’ a.k.a ‘Cult narratives’ were kept purely ‘oral’, to allow for constant ‘revisions’ and ‘updates’ and ‘interpolations’. It is really easy to pretend an oral history has been transferred without interruption or change, if it is kept oral.

But that is like claiming you could play ‘Chinese Whispers’ over thousands of years, with constantly interchanging players, whose languages actually change over the years.

What ‘oral history’ facilitates is the illusion of ‘perfect transmission’ from the ‘God’ or ‘Angels’ or ‘Prophets’ to the current Cult Priests / Leadership. All the while allowing each generation to make any changes it sees fit to the ‘past’ in order to present these as precedents and role models for current and future Cult actions. To allow laws to be constantly re-‘written’ as it suits the contemporary cult leaders needs and desires.

So you can literally ‘rewrite’ / ‘revise’ history as you go. Which is what happened at Nuremeberg, and continues today with ‘The Holocaust’, ‘911’, ‘The U.S.S Liberty’, ‘The Oklahoma City Bombing’ ‘Lockerbie’, ‘Sandy Hook’, ‘Port Arthur’, and on and on.

Oral ‘histories’ are perfect for ‘He who controls the present, controls the past, controls the future’ type scenarios as depicted by George Orwell in ‘1984’. But even written texts can be ‘revised’ and re-written. It is just a bit more complicated.

In either case, if a Cult member with a good memory stands up and challenges the Priests current ‘recollection’ of a story or ‘statute’ or ‘law’, they can easily be ‘quieted’. They are just the conspiracy theories of some crazy old man. If necessary the ‘challenger’ will be criminalized and tortured to death, as a sure reminder to any future would be ‘contradictor’ of the Priests ‘recollections’ a.k.a ‘memory’ of the legal codes and historical precedents.

Today the Cult of Judaism has anyone who challenges their official versions of history put in prison. Or worse. At very least their careers are ruined. At very worst they are tortured over years, before being murdered. Just see how far you get ‘reporting’ on some factual ‘error’ in the ‘official history’ being taught to children in Schools, and ‘Holocaust museums’.

So while oral histories are the easiest thing in the world to re-write, edit, change, augment, and otherwise ‘control’, to meet the current needs and wants of the Cult leaders, written histories can be re-written almost as easily.

In fact every book I have written about the Cult of Judaism, and its actions, has been censored and banned. At a time heralded for having given every writer access to self-publication, and a ‘voice’, to ‘participate in the discourse’, to ‘contribute to the narrative’. Sure, I can offer my book for free from various sources, but who is going to even know my book exists? Discoverability is about zero, especially given that all the search engine algorithms have been ‘tweaked’ to exclude ‘dissenting’ voices from the search results. So your chances of ever stumbling across one of my posts or books is about zero. Especially as writers like myself are routinely censored. Our Youtube and Facebook channels are ‘terminated’. Our Twitter accounts are ‘shadow banned’.

Shadow banning is something I, a non specialist, believed was already happening years ago, or at least realised was bound to happen sooner or later. It is where a person believes they have posted something that will be discoverable by their friends, and the general public, but which in fact will never be discovered by them. Because it was not in fact ‘posted’ to the webpage. Say the Facebook or Twitter Account. Or was listed as ‘private’ on Youtube, so anyone who came to your Youtube channel, assuming you had not yet had your account ‘terminated’, was not see it among your ‘videos’.

Before 458 BC the Cult of Judaism’s ‘official’ history and ‘laws’ were transmitted from one generation of Priests, and thus Cult members, to the next.

We can have zero notion of what the original ‘Israelites’ thought. What their laws were. What ‘official narratives’ they believed to be their ‘history’. For the oral traditions passed onto the Cult of Judaism’s priests were only ‘committed’ to written format by the Cult of Judaism’s priests themselves. They could pick and chose, just like the later ‘Church fathers’ could pick and choose from a high number of ‘gospels’, most of which remain, to this day ‘left-out’ i.e ‘apochryphal’.

Maybe the Israelites preached universal love, justice, and truth, like Buddha, or Zoroastra, or Jesus.

All we have is the current versions handed down to us by the Cult of Judaism’s Priests / leaders. These are abominations. They are repugnant. They contain elements of admirable ethics, but these only give some sort of ‘moral halo’ or ‘respectability’ to what is otherwise the most repugnant ideology / philosophy / legal code / code of ethics / moral compass known to humanity. Jehova is presented to us a child who is throwing a tantrum because its will has been opposed / restricted in some way. A child with awesome power for destruction. A child that will never forgive or forget the slightest ‘transgression’ or ‘resistance’ to its whims and fancies. Pure terror. Pure lesae majestie. A terrorist with no values other than the insistence on being ‘worshipped’ and ‘submitted to’ without thought or hesistation. A ‘god’ that commits genocide against its own people, as in the case of Moses slaughter of his own people for having cast the golden cow, and totally harmless, peaceful, ‘neighbours’ such as the Canaanites, and in recent history, the U.S.S Liberty, and the Palestinians, Syrians, Lebanese, Egyptians, Jordanians, Iraquis, and soon Iranians.

Most Biblical characters, such as Moses, were legends ‘borrowed’ from other cultures and Cults, such as the story of Moses's discovery in the bulrushes, which retells the story of a king of Babylonia, Sargon the Elder, who lived between one and two thousand years before Moses.

The notion that ‘Jews’ ‘invented’ the idea that ‘Thou shallt not kill’ or ‘Thou shallt not steal’ is simply preposterous arrogance. As if no-one before Moses’ God YHWH might have thought it wise to make it a crime to murder your own people, or steal from within your own community. To claim that Western Civilisation owes anything positive to the Cult of Judaism is simply fatuous and absurd.

But wait, there’s more. We are supposed to believe that this all powerful god would actually ‘do deals’ with mere mortals. Well if we are dealing with Enlil, the Annunaki leader, then this makes sense. A quid pro quo. You worship me as your god, and I’ll make you the most powerful Cult on earth. That is a promise Enlil had the power to make good on. We can only wonder if Enlil, or Annunaki loyal to him, are still at work on our planet, or working ‘from the shadows’, such as maybe a moon base or orbiting spaceship? Perhaps as he could no longer smell the burning flesh ‘of a sweet savour’ unto him, from space, animal sacrifices were put on hold?

The Zionists ‘Greater Israel project’ for the ‘recovery’ of the lands promised to the Cult of Judaism in the Torah are the very same lands that the Sumerian Clay Tablets refer to, as the lands ruled by the Annunaki, and later flooded, then destroyed with ‘celestial weapons’. So the stories make more sense in light of the ‘set in stone’ ‘histories’ preceeding the Cult of Judaism by thousands of years, than they do of the Cult’s ‘verbal histories’ only ‘committed’ to paper many millennia later. As you would expect, given the outcome of any game of ‘Chinese Whispers’, and the fact that ‘The victors (re) write the history’.

Douglas Reed appears to posit that the Cult of Judah Priests / leaders perverted the true teachings of the Israelites, as they corrupted, edited, and re-wrote the oral traditions they had inherited from them, while constructing the formal written basis for their new Cult of Judah-ism, which they wanted to falsely present as the mere continuation of a mmore ancient tradition, to gain instant ‘authority’ and ‘prestige’ and ‘status’ for they newly minted and coined Cult / Religion.

This is one way to account for Moses commanding ‘Thou shallt not kill’, and then almost immediately massacring thousands of his own followers for simply casting a golden calf and dancing. It could also account for the ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself’ which is followed fairly closely by the total genocide of their peaceful neighbours in Canaan, ‘ripping up pregnant women’ inclusive.

Or like me, you can assume that the code of ethics and laws were simply meant exclusively to be applied only to fellow Cult members, and never meant to include ‘outsiders’. Thus ‘thy neighbour’ referred exclusively to other Cult members.

It is rational policy, assuming the worst in human nature, that if you are going to force your own members from desisting from murdering each other, raping each other, exploiting each other, and so on, that you would need to offer them something in return. Some other outlet for their most base human instincts and desires. The right to steal from, rape, murder, and enslave, all non Cult members. All ‘others’. All ‘outsiders’. All ‘Goys’. All ‘Gentiles’.

In fact to get people to submit to your power, you need to offer them power over someone else. A simple pyramid structure exists in all socieities, where the king offers other powerful people who might otherwise dethrone him, power over other people ‘below’ them in a strict hierarchy of powers and privileges, rights and obligations. Thus the King gains submission from the Princes, who gain it from the warlords, who gain it from their underlings, who gain it from their ‘lessers’, who enjoy it over the masses of ‘free’ people who enjoy it over the masses of slaves. Everyone who might challenge the power structure is rewarded with power over someone. If you have no ‘leverage’, you end up in the ‘lumpen proletariat’, the ‘masses’ of worker-slaves.

So the priests of the new Cult gain their power via fear of ‘God’, and the ‘power’ to offer everyone who submits to their power some ‘goodies’. Territory. Sex slaves. Worker slaves. Literally ‘booty’. And ultimatey the god-given and thus god-guaranteed future as the rulers of the world, with 2800 slaves for each Cult member, guaranteed. And remember, anyone who ever gave you the slightest ‘offense’ will be resurrected or new-incarnated so you can get your ‘just’ ‘revenge’ upon them.

Just be patient. Respond like Pavlov’s dogs, automatically, unthinkingly, unreflectingly, to the commands of your Cult leaders. Offer immediate, blind, unhestitating, unreflecting, obedience and submission. And you shall inherit the world. And if you note that the same promise has been made to hundreds of generations, but never so far honored, well, then surely the time is ripe, now? And anyway, all the ‘faithful’ are in ‘heaven’, waiting to be new-incarnated to assume their rightful place as the rulers of the planet.

Of course you’d need to keep your eye on the final prize, because in the meantime your are offered nothing but ‘persecution’ and, in order to see your ultimate, deserved, sense-of-entitlement-satisfying seat among the world rulers, the beneficiaries of a world enslaved, you must first patiently endure a real Armageddon. Yes folks, the ‘Jews’ really should pay more attention. For in order to realise their ‘Jew’ World Order, which is totally bound up with the ‘modern’ state of Israel, and ‘Greater Israel Project’, they will have to literally ‘pass through the fire’. Yes folks, the Jew World Order is to be built upon ruins. Literally. Israel, along with most of the world, is to be ‘purified’ by fire. By nuclear war.

Only AFTER the 6 million ‘Jews’ living in Palestine have been ‘offered as a burned offering of a sweet savour unto the lord’ (for YHWH has always loved the smell of roasting flesh, just go figure, all you non-Vegans out there), a.k.a ‘Holocaust, can the Jew World Order finally be established. For all time.

Hey, if you want to ‘serve the Jews’, then go for it. Most people don’t seem to really want freedom. And they would rather see their ‘betters’ humbled, and brought down, than live in a free world, where some people who could produce greater value could consume greater value.

But if you love freedom. Liberty. Honest pay for honest wages. Meritocracy based on outcomes and not your ‘race’ (in Cult of Judaism terms). If you don’t like the idea of your daughters being sex slaves, to be handed around the Jewish elites, until they bored of her. If you don’t want to condemn your children to eternal slavery. Well maybe YOU might want to get informed. And get active. And do something about the reality you are presented with here.

The ‘stories’ in the ‘Torah’ are, according to most ‘Jewish’ scholars, completely fictitious. There was no ‘Egyptian captivity’, or ‘Moses’. Books like Isaiah were written by several different authors, over disjointed periods, rather than the produce of one individual ‘prophet’.

The Jewish experts themselves will admit that at the time of the Egyptian Pharoahs who supposedly enslaved the Jews, the Habiru (Hebrews) were already present as a distinct, established people, in Canaan.

[‘Habiru’ means ‘Nomads’. The ‘nomadic’ ‘wandering’ planet of the Annunaki was named ‘Nibiru’ in the Sumerian clay tablets that predate any written ‘Torah’ by millenia]

So it would appear that the Torah was not written as a ‘history’, but more as a series of ‘role models’ and ‘precedents’ and ‘predictive programming’ metaphors and directives. These stories are to act as ‘moral compasses’, informing the Cult members of how they are to act themselves, to become masters of this world. They are to murder every man, woman, child, animal, and unborn child, who will not serve them as their slaves.

Of course on a more fundamental level, these stories, like all national and religious ‘myths’, were intentionally confabulated / written / constructed / manufactured / coined / minted to form a basis for the ‘legitimation’ and ‘naturalisation’ of the power and authority of the Priests of the Cult. For the Cult is not based on logic and reason. Unlike Buddha, who claimed no ‘divine’ authority, and left it to the authority of his arguments, whether they were ‘compelling’ or not, all our Cults and ‘Religions’ today are based upon ‘divine’ authority. On the ‘authorrity’ of long standing traditional ‘acceptance’ of this ‘divine’ authority. The claim that long ago, God spoke to men, who wrote down what they were told. The idea that the Priests authority is all ‘transferred’, by line of sucession, from the original ‘prophets’ who ‘spoke with the god’ directly. And so today’s Priests of every Religion speak with this ‘authority’. Literally it reduces to a belief that they speak for ‘god’. With ‘god’s authority.

So what we have in the Torah, in the ‘Old Testament’, is really a political program. Not a history. And the means of ‘legitimating’ the absolute, tyrannical, uncompromising power of the Cult of Judaism’s leadership. What the Cult Priests / leaders say is L.A.W ‘law’. To be acted on without hesitation, reflection, or inhibition.

Today the Exodus story of ‘the slaughter of the first born’ seems to parallel the compulsory MMR shots given to young children, which have produced unprecedented and dramatic increases in Down syndrome. This may be one example of ‘predicitive programming’ and ‘setting precedents’ for the Cult of Judaism to follow, the moment it was in a position to act on them, and model their behavior on them.

The case of Deir Yesin is an example of the Torah’s ‘role modelling’ and ‘predictive programming’ being activated. The genocidal slaughter was justified by the Torah. It was modelled on the Torah. The Arabs understood this. So they responded rationally, and fled their homes in the night.

Today the Jew World Order mass media continues the lie that the Iranian leader threatened to destroy Israel. He never did. But the Torah has threatened to destroy all the 7 Arabic nations for several thousand years. In writing. In millions of books. New and old. And recently the Jew World Order found itself in a position to act on these threats. These ‘commands’ from YHWH. These command repeated by the Cult of Judaism’s modern leadership. No longer ‘Priests’. But still serving the same impulses. The same basest of human desires. The lust for power. The lust for domination and control. The desire to enslave all others.

The Arabs who fled Deir Yasir knew what that massacre meant. It was just the start of the terror. The genocide. The genocide that the Torah commands the ‘Jews’ to carry out. The genocide that will not end with the Palestinians, Syrians, Jordanians, Egyptians, Lebanese, Iraqui’s, Iranians, and later Saudi’s and Yemen.

Today the Biblical genocides are under way. The Jew World Order is tightening its grip over our occupied governments, having pre-selected every political candidate in every major election since before WWI. They are tightening their grip over our financial systems, education systems, and jewdiciaries.

If you want a ‘fulfillment’ of the biblical prophecies, look no further than this decade. The astrological predictions for 'Armagedon’ were fulfilled on September 23 of 2017. The U.S already has the ‘rainbow currency’ prophecied for the ‘end of days’. The ‘7 nations’ that the Cult of Judaism claim their ‘Messiah’ will destroy, are either already in ruins, or on the precipice of total destruction. The ‘Greater Israel’ project is set to expand the territory of Israel to the borders promised by the Cult of Judaism’s Priests in the ‘Torah’ / ‘Old Testament’. MOSSAD+CIA=MOSSCIA if you ask me. The Jew.S.A has been occupied by the Cults pre-selected candidates and ‘Fed’, along with the E.Jew under ‘commie’ Merkel, and new Jew.S.S.R under Putin.We really are living in the ‘End of Days’. Whether anyone will be ‘raptured’ is yet to be seen. Possibly Enki or Enlil will ‘beam up’ their loyal followers any day now. And a repeat of the ‘Sumerian Clay Tablet’ nuclear wars seems imminent. So read on while you are free to. Nothing is ‘set in stone’. If you wake up enough people fast enough we can stop this Cult in its tracks. Do nothing, and very soon you will wake up with one choice: Serve the Jew World Order or die.

This book is just one of the many ‘revelations’ that have been made to you. It is part of the ‘revelations’ a.k.a ‘Armageddon’ foretold in Biblical prophecies. All based on Astro-theological calculations. All based on the Sumerian Clay Tablet stories.

The ‘Mosaic’ law is really ‘Levitical’ law, first read out in the Temple at Jerusalem in 621 BCE, and published as ‘Deuteronomy’. It is falsely attributed to a mythical ‘Moses’, to gain transferred authority from this literary figure, and thus the ‘God’ who passed those laws to him. In other words the Levites sought ‘transferred authority’ by claiming that the laws they wrote themselves had in fact been handed down by ‘God’ to ‘Moses’. But the entire story is fiction. Myth. Without any basis. The mythical attribution granted the Cult of Judah’s Levitical Priests ‘carte blanche’ to write any laws they wished, and to ascribe them the authority of ‘God’, through ‘Moses’.

Later Mohammed would claim a similar ‘transferred authority’ by claiming he was only ‘reciting’ what an Angel had ‘revealed’ to him, as the messenger of ‘God’/ ‘Allah’.

Deuteronomy is to Orthodox Judaism, what the communist manifesto is for Marxists. The L.A.W. The articles of belief. The tenets of the faith. The Dogma. Of course the Cult of Judah produced Marxism, as surely as it produced Zionism, and the ‘Jew’ World Order. They are both tools to the same end. Conquest of the earth by the Cult.

While Deuteronomy appears as the fifth book of the Old Testament, it was in fact the first of the ‘books’ to be completed. The other four books were completed after Deuteronomy. In this way the other books could be re-written to support and legitimate any claims the Levites, the Priests of the Cult of Judha, made. The main object was to support and the Cult of Judah’s pretensions to speaking for ‘God’, and thus with that ‘Gods’ authority. Leviticus and Numbers were added even later, completing the ‘Torah’ a.k.a ‘Pentateuch’ a.k.a ‘first five books of the Old Testament.

The great benefit of keeping traditions ‘oral’ is that you can change them as you go, to suit your purposes. So any ‘laws’ you make today, or decide to make at any time in the future, can be retrospectively attributed to ‘God’ or some other figure of authority that the people will fear and/or respect, and thus obey. I call it ‘transferred authority’. As far as I know I coined the term in my TROONATNOOR philosophy treatise. It means you won’t listen to silly old me, so I will claim I am only repeating what ‘God’ told me, or which ‘God’ told ‘Moses’. Then you will listen to me. And obey me. As if I was ‘God’. Which is why ‘Gods’ were originally invented, by the Priests of the various cults, after all.

So Genesis and Exodus, either wholy invented, or ‘borrowed’ from existing Sumerian clay tablets and oral histories, were completed after Deuteronomy, to provide the ‘back story’ for the actions of the Levitical Priests, and to grant them the ‘authority’ of ‘God’ via ‘Moses’.

Many fiction writers will write the end of a story first, especially if it is a ‘mystery who-dunnit crime thriller’, then re-iteratively work back from it, and towards it. That’s how you can leave such clever ‘clues’ as to ‘who dunnit’, and construct the sense of mystery.

As George Orwell wrote: ‘Who controls the present, controls the past, controls the future’. What he meant is that anyone with the power today, can re-write the ‘official’ version of history, and thus ‘explain’ the current situation as ‘natural’ and ‘organic’, rather than artificial, constructed, and enforced by sheer power and violence of the state terror and censorhips apparatus. Once you get people to at least passively comply with your ‘world order’, you can go on to construct whatever future you desire. It will appear as the organic growth of a natural process. Or as ‘the will of ‘God’. Or as ‘historical determinism’. Or as ‘the best of all possible worlds’.

Imagine if I had the power to write a story that predicted that I was the messiah, and that everyone should do as I say? I could then be ‘discovered’, using the ‘clues’ I had cleverly placed in the back-story I had written for myself, and my glorious future as Philosopher King of the world. I could protest that ‘no, I am just a humble writer and thinker’, but all the accumulative momentum of all the clever ‘clues’ I had left in my ‘ancient texts’ that were ‘discovered recently’ or had been discussed for millennia by the world’s spiritual leaders, would be unstoppable. Ultimately I would have to give in to ‘the weight of evidence’ in the ‘prophecies’. For they all fit me perfectly. Imagine that. Incontrovertibly. As far as anyone knows I never sought this power. I had it thrust upon me by fate. And I humbly bowed to the fates. Wow. Well that is EXACTLY what you have in the form of ‘The Bible’. The Cult of Judah, working through its later ‘add-ons’ Islam and Christianity, and Marxism, have presented a ‘fait accompli’ to history in all the different formats. An ‘end of history’ as ‘predicted’ in the ‘Holy Books’ it wrote itself. Marx’s father was a Talmudic Rabbi, didn’t you know?

But wait, there’s more. Of course once you have written something down, it becomes not only ‘fixed’, but ANYONE can get a copy. So what happens when the ‘Goys’, the ‘Gentiles’, the ‘outsiders get a copy of the Torah for themselves? And decide they too are deserving of God’s great grace and mercy? What foresight will accommodate this unacceptable situation? For how can you enslave ‘others’ if you are ‘all’ ‘Jews’?

Dr. Funk translates the following Talmud passage for us. ‘God foresaw that one day a time would come when the Heathen would possess themselves of the Torah and would say to Israel, 'We, too, are sons of God'. Then will the Lord say: 'Only he who knows my secrets is my son'. And what are the secrets of God? The oral teachings"

You see the Levites cleverly wrote into their back story that ‘God’ had granted the Levites the special privilege of receiving ‘An oral torah’, which no-one else had ever been given. Not even Moses himself. And this ‘oral’ torah was never to be written down, by anyone. An oral Torah apart from the written one that the ‘heathens’ might one day get their grubby little profane hands on.

Now how’s that for ‘carte blanche’, a blank check, an ‘argument you can never even begin,’ without first becoming a heretic, and rejecting ‘the world of god’. Of course it was merely the world of the Cult of Judah’s priests, the Levites. Granting themselves the right to speak for ‘God’.

‘And ye shall be as gods’. Think about it. The Priest’s made themselves into gods. With the power of persuasion. Of typical ‘sleight of hand’ tricks. First granting themselves an ‘oral’ tradition, then the monopoly on writing it down. They could write anything they wanted to. Then change it at will. Just like Mohammed with his ‘Satanic Verses’. If you gain the power over the present, and use it to re-write the past, you can immeasurably increase your power in the present, to the literaly status of ‘gods’, and thus project that power into constructing the future exactly as you ‘will’ it. ‘Thy will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven’.

Remember YOU get to decide what happens in ‘heaven’. Heaven only exists in your books. It is a product of your own imagination. So you get to ‘will’ ‘as it is in heaven’, and then, by virtue of your self-given power to have that will be translated into the earthly realm, your will will be done here on earth, the only place it can act.

Thus the true ‘magic’. The power of words. ‘In the beginning was the word, and the word was god, and the word was with god’. Literally. The people who gave themselves the right to write the history, to grant them absolute power in the present, which they could project into the future. All based on words. The power of words. The word is god, to believers. So whoever has the power to ‘write’ and ‘edit’ those ‘words’, becomes ‘as gods’ here on earth. Literally. It is what happened. It is what is continuing. And soon our ‘Jew’ World Order ‘will be as gods’ to us. Literally.

Those of you familiar with the story of the Mormon cult, will understand why the Levitical Priests decided it was better to offer a level of deception, than try to ‘fob off’ Deuteronomy directly as their own.

There’s a funny thing about human nature. Show us a book written yesterday, in which the protagonist claims to have spoken with ‘God’, and we laugh it off as absurd. ‘Well anyone could write that, couldn’t they’? But when that book is ‘really old’, somehow it gains the authority of ‘time’ and ‘tradition’. Probably the first Cult members rejected most of the claims made by the Priests in this way. But if you write a book and then ‘back date’ it to centuries before, preferably thousands of years before, and then claim that this book has been venerated by hundreds of generations of people, all who accepted it as truth? When you claim an unbroken line of readers / listeners / believers, suddenly you gain the massive authority of ‘tradition’.

Maybe the first few times they tried to get their new Cult ‘off the ground’ it didn’t gain enough tracktion. Or maybe ‘straight out the gate’ the Preists forsaw, or had learned from previous Cult Priests, that it is better to ‘discover’ and ‘ancient’ book, rather than ‘write’ a ‘new’ one.

So when the Levitical Priests read ‘Deuteronomy’ in the Temple for the first time in 621 BCE, they had the foresight to pretend to be reading from a newly discovered, ancient text. This was perhaps the first time, in reality, that the supposedly ‘ancient’ law of ‘Moses’ had been presented to a public audience. Despite the claims of an ‘oral tradition’, this‘tradition’ may have been as recently minted and coined as the laws themselves, by the Levites themselves. (And so I say, ‘Render unto the Levites what is Levitical’ to paraphrase one former anti Jew World Order rebel, Jesus!)

John Smith ‘discovered’ ‘golden tablets’ with his laws written on them. That was enough to persuade millions of later followers that Smith spoke with the authority of God.

The Levitical Priests, in the same manner, offered a very dusty looking ‘ancient’ text as their ‘prop’ and ‘transferred authority’. The document pretended to be a record of speeches delivered by Moses just before his death.

Today Jewish scholars admit that Deuteronomy was written by the Levites in Judah after Judah's rejection by the Israelites, and the conquest of Israel by the Assyrians. It has been of course revised, augmented, and edited continuously since its first ‘release’.

Again I hear ‘they couldn’t get away with that’. As with all ‘conpiracy denyists’, the claim is that you can’t get away with such large scale, widespread fraud. Sooner or later someone would ‘let the cat out of the bag’. Surely. Well what a silly assertion. Again I repeat, what would YOU risk simply to ‘blow the whistle’ on some ‘small piece of the puzzle’ that fell into your field of vision? Especially when you could not possibly have any idea of the scale and magnitude of the full conspiracy you were dealing with. Would you risk your job just to ‘dob in’ your boss? A colleague?

Now consider how the Levites imposed a death penalty, by stoning, and other ‘fates worse than death’ upon anyone who dared contradict them. Fathers and mothers were to denounce children, and bring them to the place where they would be stoned. Children would have to denounce their parents. Go watch ‘Monty Python’s ‘The Life of Brian’ to see how absurd the reality was. Just saying ‘Jehova’ would get you stoned to death. So you think lots of people were going to ‘blow the whistle’ if they ‘saw through’ the Priests deceptions? Their Cult scam? If YOU happened to ‘remember’ some ‘oral’ tradition differently to the Levites, would you be the first to raise a hand and offer a ‘correction’? Let alone accuse them of out and out deception and falsification of history?

Solzenitzyn reminds us that the main ‘threat’ faced by Russians under the Jew.S.S.R ‘Reign of Terror’, which itself was the glue that bound the entire system together, was simply the threat of losing their job. That was enough to keep most would be ‘whistle-blowers’ quiet. Those for whom it was not enough, ended up in Gulags, often worked to death. If you persisted, a real ‘example’ would be made of you. You would be tortured to death.

Today you lose your job, your public reputation, any career prospects, and risk beind defined as mentally ill, and/or locked up as a criminal, simply for ‘denying’ any current dogma, article of faith, or official fiction, such as ‘The Holocaust’, or ‘Man-made global climate crisis’, or ‘Sandy Hook was real’, or ‘911 was Arab hijackers’, and so on. The list of ‘untouchable’, ‘unquestionable’, ‘unchallengeable’, ‘self-evident’ ‘truths’ is endless. Question any one of the many ‘dogmas’ and modern ‘articles of faith’ that support the Jew World Order, and you are destined for a very hard road indeed.

But let us be clear on one thing. The Cult of JUDAH, Judaism, has NEVER spoken with the authority of the Israelites, nor of the ‘God’ of the Israelites. It is a rebellious cult that has co-opted the Israelites story and re-written it to its own ends. The ends of world conquest. The enslavement of the entire world. The slaughter of all who would dare obstruct their ‘Jew’ World Order.

The Cult of Judaism set itself up as a ‘religion’, but its mission has nothing to do with spiritual evolution or enlightenment. It is a political organisation, and nothing more. It seeks to serve a very narrow set of vested interests at any cost. We will all pay the costs, ‘Jew’ and ‘Gentile’ alike. Only a very small elite of Cult of Judaism leaders will ‘benefit’. They will ‘be as gods’. And we shall all be their slaves. Or just one most statistic on their list of victims, which on any modest reckoning, alreadly reaches the 100 million mark.

Gods’ promise, (for those ‘believing’ Christians and Muslims and ‘Jews’ reading this), was to Israel. And NOT to Judah, let alone to the Cult of Judah.

Christian Zionists and ‘Jewish’ Zionists alike have been fooled into aiding and abetting an imposter to ascend to the rightful position of the Israelites.

You ‘Jews’ have been fooled into serving false masters, unwittingly for the most part.

Our struggle is not with the Israelites. It is with the Cult of Judah. It is not with the ‘Jews’. It is with the members and leaders at the core of the Cult of Judah. The Cult of Judaism. The ‘Jew’ World Order.

I will not be able to save a single ‘Jew’ from this cult from prison.

So I am calling upon the ‘Jews’ to join me in my struggle, and join humanity in our common struggle. The struggle for freedom from lies. Freedom from oppression. Freedom from slavery. Freedom from manipulation. Freedom from exploitation. We can take the machine that the Jew World Order have built to enslave us, to free us, once and for all. Free us from every nationalism. From every lie. From every deception. From every form of control, manipulation, and conditioning.

The ONLY way we will remain free is if those of you who have been co-opted, willingingly or unwittingly, by the Jew World Order, turn against our common enemies, our common would-be slave masters. It is up to you.

Failing that, the only response available to the people who will not bow down and serve the Jew World Order will be physical violence. If they are smart they will wait until they have identified as many ‘leaders’ of the Jew World Order as they can. To get their own people as close to them as possible. And then as one unit, at the same time, take out as many of these traiitors to humanity, liberty, freedom, truth, and justice, as they can. But the chances of success are slim. Most likely any attempt at physically regaining control of our governments will be used as the much wanted pretext to clamp down 100% on the remaining vestiges of freedom and rights we enjoy. So I would never recommend such a policy. The best policy is to force the hand of the masters to reveal their existence, and their true intentions. Only when the masses wake up to realise they are about to become totally enslaved, might they actively and passively resist.

If the people wake up, and prove worthy of freedom, and willing to fight to take it back, then physical struggle will have all the legitimacy that any slave revolt ever had. That any revolution against a tyrant ever had. And then it will be for each individual to decide if they will fight or just submit. It is not for me to suggest their response. If they are willing to sentence their children, and their children’s children, for eternity, to slavery, then who am I to argue. Some people ‘want’ to be slaves. They don’t really mind. They have no real self-direction. ‘They don’t want freedom, they don’t want justice, they just want someone to love’, as ‘The Talking Heads’ song aptly describes.

If you want to ‘Serve the Jew World Order’ as a servant. As an inferior ‘beast’ of burden, then they will treat you as you would a donkey. They will ensure you are fed, and clothed, and housed, for as long as you represent some value or benefit to them. For as long as you are useful. But the moment you cease being ‘human capital’ to them, they will send you to be slaughtered.

Oh, and yes, the world sucks as it is. But I have a much better plan for a New World Order that is actually novel. New. My Eden Protocols. I hope one day you will at least consider my alternative. Or at least keep my books safe, for the day when the Jew World Order, like all would be world orders, collapses in on itself, due to its inherent corruption, rotting from within. For books like mine are written for a time when people are ready for justice, truth, freedom, liberty, for all sentient beings.

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