It took 3000 years, and this strategy, for one cult, To Rule This World Freeing us, and the ‘Jews’, from The Cult,

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Fake it till you make it

You may have heard about ‘false memories’. Well the writers of the ‘official histories’ of the ‘Jews’ a.k.a The Torah, and ‘The Holocaust’, and ‘911’, and ‘Sandy Hook’, and ‘The Treaty of Versailles’, and WWII, are experts at engineering and then implanting such ‘false memories’. In us. In the Jews. Without this power, the largest source of ‘Jewish’ identity would evaporate. The belief in a shared history of persecution.

In fact most of what you think / believe you ‘know’ is nothing more than a false memory, implanted from birth, as part of the ‘social conditioning’ we are all exposed to.

A school classroom, a television ‘program’, a university lecture, a textbook, are all effective at informally inducing trance states, without any formal trance induction. So you don’t need a brilliant therapist like Erickson or Richard Bandler to induce a hypnotic trance in you, or run some NLP program on you, in order to place you in a very receptive state, and then implant false memories in you. Rapport is easily generated by movie stars, and even lecturers and teacher empowered to hand out ‘good grades’ as rewards for ‘conformity’ to the ‘social reality’. For having ‘accepted’ the message they presented, then reproduced it as an ‘essay’ or ‘exam question answer’.

Who wants to be a ‘failure’ and reject the programming? When it is so much more comforting to conform, and be accepted, approved of, and rewarded with status, prestige, and material benefits. Who’d want to be rejected and abandone, even worse, imprisoned or tortured to death, for ‘arguing’ with the hegemonic social reality, and its ‘impression managers’ and ‘perception engineers’, and ‘Public opinion manufacturers’.

The subconscious is doomed to repress and deny. To reject sense impressions that contradict the ‘social reality’. It seeks comfort and security. So it ‘learns’ to ‘reject’ and ‘distort’ and ‘filter out’ and ‘repress’ and ‘deny’ any part of the sense impressions and products of logic and reason that contradict the ‘social reality’ it has been offered as its ‘model’ of reality. It understands that to conform means comfort and ‘success’. And to challenge means failure, discomfort, and even death.

So most people are never going to realise just how much their subconscious is keeping from their conscious mind. In order to protect it. To protect them.

If someone I really cared about asked me whether they should try to wake up others, by doing what I do, I would be in a real double bind. For I am well aware of what the subconscious has learned. That it is very dangerous to contradict the social reality. The hegemonic models, paradigms, ‘histories’, official fictions, legal fictions, and so on, that make up most of the social reality, and social life. You end up paying a very high price.

But what is the price of not doing what I do? Eternal slavery. Or death. Probably after some very horrific experiences, if not formal, deliberate torture at the hands of those who benefit from the ‘passive obedience’ of the masses. The lazy acceptance of whatever they are told by their mass media, or authority figures.

Each person’s subconscious is making this same reckoning of costs and benefits. This is why most people never wake up. No matter what evidence your present their ‘senses’ with. Their self-protection mechanisms in their subconscious simply will not ‘process’ this information.

If the Jew World Order had been using their talents for social conditioning for something wonderful, then you’d have to admire their talent, and ingenuity, and disciplined commitment. For they have managed to produce so many filters and clever mechanisms into the way we think and perceive, that their ‘false memories’ and ‘false perceptions’ appear to be justified and corroborated by their ‘objective’ sense perceptions. Everything is ‘spun’ by clever psychological techniques. Even abusing good will, and love. But mostly abusing self generated fear and terror.

And so the ‘ally’ and ‘savior’ is perceived to be the ‘enemy’. The slave master is perceived to be the ally of freedom. The good is perceive as the bad. The opportunity is seen to be the threat. The truth is seen to be the deception.

For the deception was imprinted first, and gains precedence, and is always reinforced by the mass media and authority figures. So you get to define evil as good, and lies as truth, and slave masters as protectors of freedom.You get to define ‘God’ as good and his ‘adversary’ (literal transation of ‘Satan’) as Evil. When in fact it is the God you are submitting to that is truly evil, and your enemy. But hey, like the duckling inprinted by the snake, being the first thing it encountered after hatching, you’ve been imprinted by a Cult. They got to you first. They ‘programmed’ all you ‘definitions’ first. So from then on, it takes a huge amount of work, and a lot of motivation, to re-program new definitions. Valid definitions. Definitions which correspond with reality.

Remember, you’ve been conditioned to not ‘attend to’ reality. You’ve been conditioned to have particular ‘stimulus-response’ reactions. Like Pavolov’s dogs. You’ve been trained to avoid seeing what is there, and to see things that are not there. To interpret sense impressions, and logical and reasonable inductions and deductions, in ways that defy reality.

A nice trick, if it had been employed in your interests. In the interests of truth, justice, and beauty. But instead it has been employed by a Cult, with one single objective in mind. To bring that Cult to a total mastery of the entire human population. So that it can enslave those that are willing to submit to it, and serve it, and to genocidally murder all those who will not.

One of the great strengths and advantages this Cult has always had is this single minded, and very simple, purpose. It has zero morals or ethics. Zero good will. Zero sense of compassion or sympathy. Zero conscience. Zero conscientiousness. It is like a computer program. Ruthless. Indifferent to the costs it imposes on other sentient beings. Exploiting the worst in human nature. Appealing to the basest instincts and drives in humans. Fear. Lust. Greed.

So why do I struggle with this all powerful, evil monster? It is just my nature. Oh, and because all the people I am trying to save have been real jerks to me. They denied me any alternative life to that of a writer. And it happens that what I have to write about is all this shit. So what am I gonna do, but research, and write. Even though I will be serverly punished for it. And the chances of having any positive impact on such a ‘perfect storm of evil genius’ is about zero.

I guess I have done more for ‘the enemy’ by being honest about this, than I needed to. But honesty is the only way through this, to a better world.

My Eden Protocols are there, for anyone who wants to live in a world defined by the optimal levels of truth, justice, fairness, and freedom. My ‘Optimal Ethics Generator’ is the opposite end of the spectrum from what the Cult of Judaism’s ‘Jew’ World Order. Oops, probably should have learned that Amway trick. The one where no-one will listen to someone about becoming involved in Amway, so they don’t mention the ‘offer’ is Amway, until the end. Oh well, hey, fuck you all really, unless you are Vegan. If you can’t handle anything ‘challenging’, you really were always going to end up as someone’s slave. Slave to one cult or another. So why dodge this bullet just to fall to the next one. And if you are not vegan, then you don’t deserve justice, freedom, or truth. Because you are behaving towards other sentient beings no better than the Cult of Judaism is behaving towards you. You are happy to treat other sentient beings as mere means to your own ends. No better than the Cult of Judah’s masters. Just as evil. So clean up your act. For as Obadiah warns ‘As you do unto others, so shall be done unto you’.

Probably shouldn’t’ tell prospective readers to fuck themselves I guess. I’d never have made it as a Jew World Order operative. Hardly likely to develop rapport with such abrasive honesty. But maybe I did get your attention?

You see ‘shock’ is a traditional Zen and NLP technique. It brings you into the here and now. Breaking the constant reproduction of past habits of thinking, defining, and being. A Zen master might use a Koan or whack you with a stick. Richard Bandler is more like me. He’d insult you. Shock you by saying or doing something outrageous. The trick is meant to ‘stop’ you in your tracks. Make you really attend. To stop what you were thinking. To literally break with the past. Stop the stream. The continuity reproducing the old you from one moment to the next. A break in the chain. A pause. A chance to really be present. Paying attention. Seeing and hearing what is happening, rather than what they expect to see and hear. People are not as good at ‘multi-tasking as they imagine. That’s why mobile phones and cars aren’t a good mix. You need to stop. Breathe. Stop the internal noise. The constant mental chatter. Be prepared to see or hear something you’ve never noticed before. Take a different perspective. Suspend disbelief and belief. Suspend judgment. Entertain new perspectives. Take advantage of the ‘bardot’ of now, that moment between moments. Between before and after. The NOW. See things as if for the first time, with no preconceptions or prejudices. No pre-formed opionions. Avoiding the usual ‘conditioned knee-jerk responses’ you tend to make. They might simplify your responses to experiences, but they limit what you are capable of experiencing. They trick you into smug complacency and self-satisfied delusions about what you ‘know’ is ‘certainly’ and ‘self-evidently’ true. Oh please read my other books. I don’t have space here to fully explain what I mean.

If I ever seem impatient, or frustrated, please forgive me. Being fucked around by fuckers all your life, then devoting so much time and energy, suffering so many migraines and other pains, and risking torture and other fates worse then death, for the said same fuckers, is a bit frustrating. So as the French say, Pardon!

You didn’t come here to be insulted and reprimanded by me. Me of all people. A failure. Rejected. Abandoned. Ex-communicated by all. Ignored by all. You came here to become empowered to define reality for yourself. To escape the mental prison. And then the physical prison.

This work is firstly and foremostly about cults, and how they gain, maintain, and increase, their power over their original members, later converts, and then over non-cult member host states, and competing cults.

As it is about cults, it must necessarily be about trance states.

As it is about cults it must also be about interpolating ‘manufactured’ beliefs with ‘organic’ beliefs, so that beliefs with zero basis in sense perceptions and objective ‘impressions’gain the same ‘authority’ as ‘experience’. So that it the sub-modalities of ‘experience’ and ‘knowing’ usually associated with actually experienced phenemona, become ‘introjected into’ and ‘layered upon’, totally unfounded, unjustified, non-compelling, purely fictional and manufactured ‘beliefs’, thus granting these ‘lies’ the same ‘authority’ as genuinely experienced ‘facts’. Thus we must return to David Hume. Thus we must advance to the wisdom gained from Neuro Linguistic Programming and its precursors in hypnotism and therapeutic trance.

What we are dealing with is the process by which a Cult manages to give, in the Cult member’s minds, and even in outside observer’s minds, the purely fictional, made up ‘beliefs’ that it itself has manufactured, the ‘feel’ and ‘certainty’ and ‘status’ and ‘prestige’ of ‘knowledge’. Basically to have people ‘believe’ something that is fiction, which the Cult leaders want others to believe is ‘reality’.

How do you get a person to ‘feel’ that something is ‘true’? That is where the field of NLP sheds so much light upon the current phenomena we are going to deal with. How you can simply gain the ‘authority’ of ‘certainty’ for any belief. No matter how absurd. You can do this therapeutically, with good will, to benefit people, as is the case with NLP. But you can also use it to fool people into accepting very dangerous, damaging, malicious, harmful things. You can ‘convince’ and ‘persuade’ people that the most patently absurd, fatuous, incredible, clearly imaginary, things are actually ‘real’.

It is actually quite easy, once you understand how our mind’s work. How we ‘construct’ all our perceived realities inside our heads. And how easy it is to take advantage of mental phenomena that under ‘natural’ conditions benefit us, by increasing the efficiency of our sense organs and mental reckonings, to become our worst enemy. To take the ‘compression’ techniques and ‘short-cuts’ our brains use to efficiently navigate the world, avoid harm, avoid predators, and ‘model’ patterns in the ‘exgternal’ world in order to harness these patterns for the benefit of ourselves, our families, and our greater social groups.

Consider how most people still believe demonstrably absurd things such as ‘911 was Islamic hijackers’ and ‘Sandy Hook’, ‘The Holocaust’ and ‘Man-made global climate crisis’ ‘Iraq WOMADS and ‘Syrian poisonous gas attacks’, and the blatant lie that the Cult of Judaism has NOT alreadly put its ‘Jew’ World Order in place, and is not just waiting for the right time for its next huge false flag, probably a combined real and faked world war three, to finally announce its one world governance, its ‘Jew’ World Order.

Well there’s the rub. YOU are still in the trance. YOU are still in the Cult of Judaism’s mental prison. YOU probably still ‘believe’ in ‘God’, right? YOU probably switched off a few moments ago, when you read things you KNEW were NOT TRUE. You ‘know’ I am some conspiracy nut. Because you FEEL that you KNOW all these things are TRUE. But why do you feel that? How do you KNOW that?

Neuro-Linguistic-Programming built upon previous work in trance states, therapeutic trance, hypnosis, and therapeutic hypnosis, to reveal just how our sense of ‘certainty’ is constructed. In other words, why we are ‘sure’ that we ‘know’ something. What is the difference between ‘certainty’, and thus ‘being sure’ and ‘believing’ something, and merely entertaining some idea? NLP clearly differentiated all the sub-modalities of belief. The ways in which ‘beliefs’ are ‘represented’. So that we ‘believe’ one thing to be true, but are ‘skeptical’ or other things. Even where we know that billions of people ‘disagree’ with us, and ‘believe’ things contradictory to what we ‘believe’.

You can take a provable fact and turn it into a ‘conspiracy theory’, and thus a laughable notion you should never entertain for even one moment, in very simple ways. Imagine the power this gives you to ‘program’ a person’s ‘belief systems’. Their ‘reality’. To construct a ‘social reality’ for billions of people. An ‘officially accepted narrative of events’ for the entire planet. So that everyone ‘believes’ something happened when it didn’t. Or they believe things about something that did happen, which are not true. Such as ‘who did it’ and ‘what does it mean’ and ‘what were their motives’, and so on. Basically you can manufacture public opinion. You can construct beliefs and have people consume them, and adopt them as their own. To ‘feel’ that what you told them ‘must be true’. It ‘feels’ true. I ‘know’ it is true.

David Hume proved that most of what we think and feel we ‘know’, is in fact mere ‘belief’ for which we really have zero basis for ‘believing’.

I will probably totally lose you if I try to explain how ‘cause and effect’ is an illusion, as much as ‘free will’ is an illusion. So I won’t go into details here. You can find the details in my other TROONATNOOR works.

But really, you probably will need to read my earlier TROONATNOOR works to fully ‘grok’ what this work is going to try to present to you, for your benefit, for your ‘enlightenment’, and for your ‘salvation’.If you ever read all my books you will see what a dilemma it is for me to decide when to go into how much detail about what. I value your time as much as my own. Therefore I devoted decades of time and energy and opportunity cost to working things out, then working out how to express them in a way that will place the least burden upon you, as readers, in terms of time and energy.

Please believe me that I am not wasting your time. I am not indulging myself at your expense. I realise we have so much to do in so short a time, to free ourselves from the Cult of Judaism, that I become terribly frustrated with anyone who is casual in their presentation, as if we had years to devote to their vague mental wanderings. If I could encapsulate all the wisdom I’ve gained by standing on the shoulders of a few giants, and many thousands of normal statured humans like myself, in an hour long video, I would. But it is not possible. That said, if anyone will help, I could develop a series of videos that covers EVERYTHING I have ever gleaned in a format that would become THE basis for education courses in critical reasoning and ethics at EVERY level of the education industry.At very least please ‘entertain’ the idea that I have something extremely valuable to offer that you won’t find anywhere else. And forgive me for having to rush it to ‘print’, due to its timeliness. The fact that if I publish too late, it will all be in vain, and achieve nothing. So literally I ‘publish and be damned’. My butt literally aches from hours of sitting here just writing these few paragraphs, and re-writing, and re-writing. So I’ll take a short break and come back to continue this truly epic work. It is a blessing and a curse to have these insights. I hope a blessing to YOU and YOURS.

The earlier you get someone, the easier it is to condition them. In fact a baby duckling will assume that the first thing it sees is its mother. If that turns out to be a tennis ball, the implications can be amusing later in life, but if it turns out to be a snake, there probably will be no amusing anecdote to be made out of the unfortunate situation.

And so if you are raised in a ‘Jewish’ or a Catholic or a Muslim or a Buddhist household, you are most likely to ‘affiliate’ with those religions and share their beleifs, more or less. Especially if your education system reinforces the same beleifs, and if you mass media and wider social system do the same.

The ‘beliefs’ we are exposed to from birth onwards tend to ‘stick’. Few people change their ‘religions’ later in life. Many may ‘drop’ their inherited beliefs / faiths, but few people adopt ‘religion’ unless they were ‘born into’ religion, and those who do, tend not to ‘go the distance’, and revert to their ‘neutral’ (non-theistic) state in time.

You are kept busy with distractions, terror alerts, fake news, meaningless ‘news’, and propaganda, to really have time to ‘research’ the facts. And anyway, why would you even ‘believe’ for a moment that your own government and mass media would ever lie to you? Most of us get stuck in a circular situation. If you trust your government and mass media you won’t feel any reason to do your own research, and if you don’t do your own research, or at least seek out uncontrolled alternative media sources like myself, you will never have any reason to invest the time and energy into checking out if what you’ve been told is true or not.

I’ve had experience with government lies and cover ups in my personal life. Then when I accidentally stumbled upon the many videos about 911, I felt compelled to continue ‘down the rabbit hole’. It was my research into 911 that lead to my realisation of ‘The Jew World Order’. It lead to me looking more closely at ‘The Holocaust’ narrative. And on and on I climbed down that rabbit hole. I’m trying my best to communicate the key details in the least burdensome way. So please invest a little of your own time and energy. You probably have much more to lose than me, so you should find the investment more compelling. It will also yield you greater returns. I will probably lose out either way. You are not likely to become the more ethical person I would need you to become to justify my risk, effort, sacrifice, and simple time lost to the project of informing, and trying to save, you.

Imagine working all your life on something that will only get your in trouble, and that probably very few people, if any, will ever read, let along thank you for, let alone compensate you for, in any way. For my effort, time, suffering, sacrifice, I will probably ‘earn’ a long prison sentence in solitary, or other fates worse than death. So don’t doubt my good intentions. I have nothing to gain but that which the least of us have to gain from freeing ourselves of this Cult of Judaism, ‘Jew’ World Order. You probably have much much more to gain than me. And yet it is me doing the work, making the sacrifices, suffering, and taking the risks. For now that is. Because once you understand what I understand, I expect you will start taking a few risks, making a little effort, and sacrificing a little, to wake others up, so that together we can take back our occupied nations from their ‘Jew’ world order occupation governments.

Wilhelm Marr began his intellectual career as a revolutionary, working alongside the ‘Jewish’ lead secret societies for world revolution. However by 1879, Like Bakunin, he awoke from his trance to realise that: ‘The Empire of the world belongs to the Jews. . . Woe to the conquered! . . . I am quite certain that before four generations have passed there will not be a single function in the State… which will not be in the hands of the Jews . . . the capitulation of Russia is only a question of time . . . In that vast empire. . . Judaism will find the fulcrum of Archimedes which will enable it to drag the whole of Western Europe off its hinges once for all. The Jewish spirit of intrigue will bring about a revolution in Russia such as the world has never yet seen . . . When the Jews have got control of the Russian state. . . they will set about the destruction of the social organization of Western Europe. This last hour of Europe will arrive at latest in a hundred or a hundred and fifty years’.

Marr’s timetable has been kept. Tdoay the E.Jew, along with the Jew.S.A, and reformed Jew.S.S.R, rule the world by proxy, as a ‘Jew’ World Order.

Have I lost you as potential reader already? Are you going to react exactly has you have been conditioned to react, like one of Pavlov’s dogs, since birth?

I’m sorry if you don’t like to hear these truths but I’m not here to coddle you. To comfort you. To give you a false sense of security. Nor am I fear mongering. Or peddling ‘fear porn’. I certainly am not motivated by any sort of irrational hatred for any particular group of people, or ‘religion’.

All the work I do is motivated by goodwill, beneficience, and compassion towards all sentient beings. I act in good faith, according to my own ‘Optimal Ethics Generator’, an evolution of Rawls’ ‘Veil of Ignorance’, Obadiahs’ ‘For as you do unto others, so shall be done unto you’, and the universal ‘Golden Rule’ to ‘Do unto others, as you wish others to do unto you’. Until we all live vegan lifestyles, and cease treating any sentient being as mere means to our own ends, our own pleasure and relief, none of us can claim to be ‘innocent victims’. So that is my ultimate aim. An aim which this current work diverts me from. However once the ‘Cult of Judaism’ completely realises its 3000 year old plan for a ‘Jew’ World Order, I will not be free to pursue any objective not perfectly aligned with, and sanctioned by, the leadership of the Cult of Judaism. And they have never promoted Veganism, universal justice for all sentient beings, let alone universal justice for all human beings. So you see this ‘digression’ from my genuine passion is necessary to give my real ambitions a chance. In fact if the ‘Jew’ World Order’ tomorrow made a genuine offer to me to ‘Veganise’ the world, I would cease all my ‘Amaleky’ and/or ‘Edomite’ behaviours in a flash, and devote all my energies to Veganising this planet.

The Cult of Judaism could not but be aware of my ambitions. It knows everything everyone is doing. They can turn on your mobile phone, activate your microphone and camera, download any file from your computer hardrive, and access any document you have ever published in any form, including every email and web post you ever made. They have your dental records, any medical record, your school records, your psychological profiles, and any document that exists relating to you. They own and control the internet service providers such as, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Amazon, Google, and manage police data bases around the world, security systems for your public transport, the ‘security’ cameras that film your every movement in most large cities. They have biometric data on every one of us. They could locate you, just using the ‘security’ cameras you walk past every day. They could locate your current location using your EFTPOS or SWIFT banking details. In fact the RF ID chip in your credit card, drivers license, or government issued I.D card or passport, can be read by a huge number of devices as you walk down the street. Your phone, the moment you ‘register’ it in your name, or ‘register’ to use any of the ‘Apps’ on it, such as a dating site, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Gmail, or activate the GPS on your phone in any way (even if you don’t activate it, the Cult can ‘hack’ into your phone using ‘back doors’ in the chips in your phone and smart phone and smart television, even your fridge, because they manufactured the chips in their own factories, or wrote the operating systems, or simply gained access when you ‘registered’ any ‘Application’.

So it is safe to assume that the ‘Jew’ World Order, the Cult of Judaism leaders, would be aware of my universal code of Ethics, as embodied in my ‘Eden Protocols’, the product of my ‘Optimal Ethics Generator’. And they have made no effort to help me in realising my universal ethics on this planet. So it is safe to assume they are not ‘good guys’ secretly using an ‘evil’ existing power structure to subvert it to ‘good’ ends. That said, I would love to be proven wrong. But for now I need to operate on the information that I have.

In one of my now banned books, I detailed exactly how the ‘Cult of Judaism’, the ‘Jew’ World Order’, co-opting agencies such as the C.I.A and N.A.T.O to collaborate with their own MOSSAD, carried out the 911 attacks, and used them to ‘justify’ their war crimes around the world, including in Iraq and Syria. This is in fact what ‘sounded the alarm’ for me. This is what ‘woke me up’ to the facts about the power and ambitions of the Cult of Judaism, the ‘Jew’ World Order.

In a novel I had written years before, I independently came up with the idea of a ‘fake crisis’ with ‘crisis actors’. So it was no surprise to realise that all the ‘Gun massacres’ from ‘Port Arthur’ to ‘Las Vegas’, via ‘Sandy Hook’, were faked.

The idea of ‘False Flags’ never occurred to me because they involved real victims. And I have rejected the idea of ‘The ends justifying the means’ as repugnant. Ethical people judge the means as much as the ends. The means chosen define the actors at least as much as the ends they claim to be pursuing. And usually they ‘belie’ the claimed ends. For people seeking justice, truth, and beauty, do not employ unjust, deceitful, and ugly methods, no matter how ‘convenient’ and ‘efficiacious’ they might appear to be.

Macchiavelli gives us the first recorded, published use of the dictum ‘The ends justify the means’. In the same work that dictum appears, Macchiavelli explains how to use ‘false flags’ to trick people into submitting to your authority, and paying ‘protection’ money in the form of ‘taxes’.

The false flag is an original ‘Problem-Reaction-Solution’ model. You confront your target population with a problem. In the case of 911, a ‘terrorist threat’. You never let on that it was in fact you that carried out the ‘terrorist attack’. You then use this ‘terrorist attack’ to persuade your target population that they require protection. You make out that this current attack is ‘just the beginning’ of the threat posed. You make out that the threat is real, present, and massive.

You convince your target population that their only salvation lies in submitting to you, who offer to protect them from this threat. All they need to do is give up their freedoms. Normally they would never give up these freedoms. But faced with the perceived alternative, continued ‘terrorist’ attacks, they comply with your ‘Patriot Act’ and ‘Martial Laws’. They accept the limits placed by you, on their freedoms. They accept your intrusions into their privacy, having been persuaded, by the ‘events’, that they are necessary, in order that you can effectively ‘protect’ them.

You carry out further ‘terrorist acts’ in order to maintain the level of fear, the perceived sense of ‘threat’, as you sign executive order after executive order, imposing restriction upon restriction, violate one privacy protection after another.

Most people will simply passively submit, even as they see their freedoms and rights being eroded.

David Icke’s ‘Totalitarian tiptoe’ best describes how the ‘government’, in ‘baby steps’, goes from at least pretending to be democratic, and existing in the interests of the public, to being an obvious tyrannical dictator, operating ‘the government’ as a private enterprise, in the narrow, selfish, unelightend self-interests of a few oligarchs. A few people with the ultimate power over everything on this planet. A few mere mortals thus gain control and power over every person on this planet.

These mere mortals began their career by assuming the authority of ‘gods’. They ‘spoke for’ the gods. Later they reduced it to one ‘God’, with whose ‘transferred authority’ they spoke. Thus the supposed omnipotence of this ‘God’ was transferred to the Priests of the Cult of Judaism, which from then on had the power to offer ‘relief’ from hell, and entry to ‘heaven’. They used this imaginary power to accumulate real power over life and death, often employing ‘fates worse than death’, such as torture, to add to the ultimate ‘fate worse than death’, a.k.a eternity in ‘hell’, for the few people who could never be persuaded that this ‘hell’ existed, and were thus ‘immune’ to the Priests ‘other worldly’ threats.

I detail all the religions of this world in my book ‘Religion’. So I shall not say too much about religion in general. This work deals with one particular cult, the Cult of Judaism, because it has succeeded where others have failed. This Cult has realised its ambitions to totally dominate and control this planet. This Cult has produced the ‘Jew’ World Order which is about to bring about World War Three, probably a combination of real and faked ‘wars’ and ‘crises’, and then steal the vestiges of our remaining rights, freedoms, and liberties. In a very short time you will be faced with one choice. ‘Serve the Cult of Judaism, or die’. Serve the ‘Jew’ World Order, or die.

As I am about to explain, thanks to the research done by D.Reed, most ‘Jews’ rejected the Cult of Judaism’s attempts to enslave them. Most ‘Jews’ are ‘emancipated’ ‘Jews’.

I related my ‘religious affiliation’ ‘operationalisation’ of the concept ‘religion’ background because we must be clear about one thing. Most ‘Jews’ are NOT part of the ‘Jew’ World Order. However they DO bare more responsibility for it than most of us.

Most ‘Jews’ are merely ‘affiliated’ with the Cult of Judaism. They do NOT subscribe to ALL its dogmas, restrictions, rules, beliefs, rituals, or laws. Many ‘Jews’ are not at all ‘religious’. They are what I call ‘culturally’ ‘Jewish’. They have grown up with some ‘traditions’ such as ‘Bar Mitzvah’ and ‘Yom Kippur’ and ‘Hannuka’, which are based in ‘religious’ texts, but have become mere cultural habits and traditions. Most ‘Jews’ do NOT observe the 613 ‘Mosaic’ laws, let alone care about any of the ‘rulings’ and ‘interpretations’ in any of the 36 volumes of the ‘Talmud’. So they are ‘Jewish’ in a very limited sense. They are not ‘fully fledged Cult of Judaism’ members. They exist on the fringes of that community. They are ‘Jewish’ in name only, and based on a very few, superificial, shared traditional observances and vague beliefs. Just like most ‘Catholics’ and ‘Christians’ and ‘Muslims’ and ‘Buddhists’. Any ‘religious’ beliefs they do have have very little impact on their lives. They were born into a culture, and adopted the cultural practices, just like a baby duck will be ‘imprinted’ by the first thing it sees, to define it as ‘mother’. That is the only difference between most ‘Jews’ and ‘others’. In most cases it is not in any way a threat to anyone’s security, safety, wellbeing, freedom, or liberty.

The only ‘danger’ and ‘threat’ and ‘damage’ these people pose and do is to grant respectability and acceptance to the Cult of Judaism in general. They often, out of misplaced loyalty to their ‘race’, aid and abet the Cult of Judaism in its nefarious ambitions, as ‘Sayanim’. But even where they refuse to assist MOSSAD in carrying out criminal actions around the world, simply by ‘identifying’ as ‘Jewish’, they grant respectability to the Cult of Judaism. The Cult abuse their members to their own narrow ends. The Cult abuse the ‘Jewish people’ as a shield, even if they don’t employ all of them as actual ‘weapons’.

I baulk at the mammoth task ahead of me, in trying to express everything I understand, in ways that will be accessible to you. The Cult of Judaism encourages all sorts of organisations, even other religions, to centralise power in a few hands. Why? Because it is so easy to corrupt a few ‘leaders’, and to get their own ‘people’ into the leading positions of power within these organisations.

Most of us could never ‘see’ how it could even be possible for a few people to gain the power needed to successfully conspire to overthrow a nation, let alone the entire world.

Anyone who is ignorant of how the ‘Jews’ overthrew the governments of Russia, and then the rest of the ‘Jew. S.S.R’ can inform themselves easily by watching a few of my videos, and reading my books. I won’t repeat the facts here. Even Putin, himself part of the ‘Jew’ World Order, admitted recently that 85% of the leading Bolsheviks, who carried out the massacres of the Royal family, then the ‘Revolution’, then the ‘Civil War’, then ‘World War Two’, then created the Gulags and ‘reign of terror’, then violently squashed all the ‘uprisings’ throughout the ‘occupied’ territories after WWII, the people who ordered that German women and children be raped and murdered, who starved tens of millions of Ukrainians and others to death, and who worked millions of Russians, Estonians, Lithuanians, Latvians, Germans, Ukrainians, and others, to death in the slave labor camps, were JEWISH.

All you need to do is encourage centralised power in every nation, and then to co-opt the top leaders of these nations. Or ‘groom’ leaders to fill these positions. Telll them whatever they need to hear, to get them to work with you. Corrupt them. Give them all the drugs, sex, and money they want. Appeal to their idealistic natures, if they are idealists. Offer them whatever they seek. Pretend to be whatever they need you to be. Then once they are in power, get them to do your biddinng. They will have no choice. The corrupted ones can be blackmailed. The idealistic ones threatened with a loss of power. You make them think that they are doing ‘gods work’, or at least ‘good things’. In fact everything you advise them to do is part of the Cult’s plans for world domination. Most of these ‘Golems’ may never release, until it is too late, that they have sold their soul to a literal ‘devil’. The ‘adversary’ of freedom, justice, and truth. If they resist, they will be thrown aside, and replaced by the next best option the Cult have been grooming. They corrupt EVERY organisation and EVERY political party, so whoevever ends up in power, THEY will be the ones pulling the strings, behind the scenes.

But before we get so sophisticated, I challenge any reader to honestly answer this question. ‘What would YOU be willing to sacrifice to ‘blow the whistle’ on corruption, criminal activity, unethical behavior, and so on, in your own organisation?’ Would you be willing to lose your career prospects? Your job? Your public reputation? Your friends? Your family? Your freedom? Would you be willing to risk jail time? Huge fines? A future where you will never again have the chance to work in your profession?

Now everyone says, ‘SURELY if this was going on, someone would have ‘blown the whistle’ on it by now? Really? And if a whistle is blown in the forest, and no-one listens, does it make a sound? How far do you think you would get if you tried to ‘altert’ the public to something YOU noticed? Will the mass media, owned by the Cult, report it for you? Will the Jewdiciary, occupied by the Cult, prosecute YOU or the people you are reporting on? Will your BOSS risk THEIR career prospects by supporting you and investigating your claims? Will your friends at work stand by you?

I have experienced workplace victimisation and mobbing in different organisations, on different continents, and have learned the hard way that people are NOT going to report things they ‘see’ or ‘hear’ or ‘know’, if there is the slightest chance of doing so negatively impacting on their own lives.

And over the decades I have stumbled across all manner of ‘whistle-blowers’ who DID blow the whistle, and DID pay the highest price for doing so. And despite doing this, WE never heard what they had to say because the mass media ‘squashed’ any real reporting. In fact the mass media DEMONISED these whistleblowers as either insane, criminal, or maliciously motivated.

A very few people ‘blew the whistle’ on something and got anywhere. Most suffered beyond endurance, for ‘doing the right thing’. And they were reporting on ‘local’ issues of corruption and criminality.

Imagine your chances at getting a report on a world wide conspiracy that has been operating for thousands of years, into the public’s attention? Zero.

In fact I argue that the simplest, surest sign that ‘there is a problem’ is that ‘no problems have been reported’. You see it is human nature to do ‘naughty’ things. The more power you have, the greater the temptations that are going to present themselves to you, the more opportunities you will have to ‘err’. So if an organisation claims it has NO problems with anyone abusing their power, it it claims there is NO mobbing, or bullying, or workplace victimisation, inefficiency, corruption, or so on, then clearly it is NOT looking and NOT investigating, and NOT encouraging people to report these. Imagine an organisation with millions of employees, but ‘no problems’ with what are inherently ‘human’ frailties. The odds are in favor of us assuming that the problems exist, but are not being investigated, not being reported, not being ‘dealt with’. You cannot put millions of people into one organisation and have ‘no problems’.

So back to our ’16 million’ strong ‘Community’ of ‘Jews’. Most ‘Jews’ are like most ‘Catholics’. They are ‘lapsed’ or ‘non-practising’. They claim to be ‘Jewish’ like most people claim to be ‘Buddhist’ or ‘Catholic’. They really exist on the very periphery of the Cult they are ‘affiliated’ with. They may observe a few holidays and other rituals associated with the ‘religion’, and maybe have their ‘weddings’ according to the customs of their ‘affiliated’ cult. They may go to Temple or Church occasionally, for ‘special events’. They may celebrate ‘Christ-mas’ (without realising it is a Mass for Christ), Yom Kippur, Hannuka, or make an offering at a temple to Buddha. These have become more ‘cultural’ and ‘ethnic’ activities rather than ‘religious’ actions per se. The people participating don’t really believe in the dogma that the Priests claim to believe. The people do not submit to the ‘authority’ of the Priests of their ‘affiliated’ religion. The people break most of the ‘laws’ that an ‘orthodox’ member of their ‘faith’ would honor. The people don’t fear that their priests have any special ‘power’. Their priests could not have them tortured, for example. And they certainly are not ascribed the power to send them to some ‘Hell’, for failing to submit to their will, to the ‘laws’ of their ‘faith’.

There are over 16 million ‘Jews’. And if you read the Old Testament alone, you will find very disturbing ‘attitudes’ among the Cult of Judaism. We will cover them shortly. But my question here is, ‘with 16 million people, all ‘affiliated’ with a ‘religion’ with an origin story of genocide, slavery, sex-slavery, and ‘ripping up pregnant women’ and ‘killing everything that breatheth’, and defining as ‘Amalek’ any person or group that opposes the will of the Cult of Judaism, and thus defining as ‘evil’ and ‘the enemy worthy of being murdered, man, woman, child, unborn fetus, along with all their animals’…with at least 16 million people all ‘affiliated’ with this ‘ideology of Semitism’, in some way, superficially to extremely publicly committed to the ‘orthodox’ ‘Mosaic’ and ‘Talmudic’ laws, which require that they one day rule over the entire planet, killing everything and everyone even associated with opposition to this planet-wide cult hegemony, and enslaving the rest … with so many likely ‘motives’ to carry out future genocides, using their ‘holy books’ as the ‘role models’ for their actions … are you going to tell me that there is not at least ONE clear, prosecuted case of racial vilification, and incitement on the records? When I have just posted a video of a Rabbi inciting all ‘Jews’ to genocide against all Germans, Amercans, Italians, and so on?

If calling for an investigation into how widespread that Rabbi’s views are among the ‘Jewish’ community is ‘anti-semitic’, then clearly the use of ‘anti-semitic’ as a perjorative must be abandoned. For clearly it is nothing more than reasonable, rational, commendanble public interest and a natural instinct to self-preservation.

THAT is what ANTI-SEMITISM is when ‘operationalised’. Any attempt to challenge the self-assumed right of the Cult of Judaism, the ‘Jew’ World Order, to rule this world, to enslave all who will submit to it, and to murder all those who will not.

The ‘legal’ definition of ‘Anti-Semitism’ is just a game. A ploy. A device. A strategy. To prevent people expressing themselves. From protecting themselves. From investigating criminal activities and criminal conspiracies. This legal definition of ‘irrational hatred for all ‘jews’ is totally inappropriate in most cases where it has been used.

Most people labelled as ‘Anti-Semitic’ did NOT have an irrational hatred of all Jews. They simply stated the facts about what SOME members of the Cult of Judaism, some self-defined ‘Jews’ are doing, or have done, or plan to do.

We have perfectly sane, rational, reasonable, ethical, moral, legal, self-preservation grounds to blow the whistle on the plans and actions and organisations of the Cult of Judaism, and their ‘Jew’ World Order.

But I cannot even publish this book as it will be ‘demonised’ as ‘anti-semitism’. Even though my intent is to save the ‘Jews’ who have been tricked into this Cult of Judaism, as much as it is to save myself, and everyone else in the worlds.

How can someone seeking to help ‘Jews’ be anti-semitic? THAT is what you will have to digest and respond to. If you will not even stand up for freedom of speech, you surely will never stand up for ANY freedom. Because you won’t have the chance? How are you going to fight for your freedom against a police state with absolute control of your every move, thought, action? With drones, and the ability to assassinate you from kilometers in the air? With the ability to ‘shut down’ your bank accounts, in a moment. The ability to put you in a prison or FEMA camp, with the military to arrest you, with no warrant, and no chance of a trial, indefinitely?

If people would not even risk losing a job they hate, how could we expect them to risk real violence and real suffering?

Remember, those of you who say ‘People would surely report something if it was happening, everywhere, to everyone, wouldn’t they? A conspiracy of this magnitude would have to be ‘reported’ somewhere, by someone?

Remember what Solzhenitzyn reported during the ‘reign of terror’ of the ‘Jewish’ lead Bolsheviks in the Jew.S.S.R (the revolution was certainly NOT ‘Russian, and the ‘Unions’ were forced, never voluntary) … That all it took to ‘quiet’ most people was the threat that they would lose their job, if they reported anything, or complained. This is why the reign of terror succeeded. They could NOT have imprisoned EVERYONE in a gulag. They didn’t have to torture that many people. Very few people resist ANYTHING, if there is even the slightest risk or cost to themselves or their families. Just threatening people with job loss is enough to silence most people. I know. ‘Friends’ failed to help me many times when I was mobbed, bullied, and victimized in the workplace, from the ABS to the military, to government financed training centers. I lost the right to work in my profession. I wrote up everything that happened. And my ‘friends’ and ‘colleagues’ had almost NOTHING to lose. At worst it would have been a ‘career limiting move’. They all had tenure. They couldn’t even be fired. And yet they all claimed that I would surely understand why they COULDN’T simply stand up for me and speak the truth.

Right now all you will risk is a bit of ‘shaming’ at the start, for being ‘politically incorrect’. Maybe you might have problems with your employment. So I guess we are already doomed. The Cult of Judaism was guaranteed victory from the start. By appealing to the very worst in human nature. And then accumulating power to corrupt the few people in positions of centralised power, to do their bidding.

It is up to you. The Russians could have resisted the reign of terror at the start, before it gained total control. They didn’t want to ‘risk losing their jobs’. So they ALL got ‘life sentences’, doomed to living in a prison state. Only their ‘sentences’ were commuted, at least temporarily, so the ‘Jew’ World Order could expand west. Soon they will be imposing the full brunt of their prison state, on a planet-wide scale. With NO hope of ever being free, ever again.

But now back to the origins of the Cult that now rules this world, De Facto, from the shadows, and which will soon openly declare a one world government. The Cult’s ‘Holy Books’ are role models for future ‘Jewish’ action. It does not matter if the events actually occurred as depicted. What is important is the intent with which these accounts were written. To provide ‘legal precedents’ that would be invoked to justify future genocides. Genocides that have happened recently, and have been documented, as we shall see. The ‘origin’ story of ‘The Jews’ may never have happened. But what it is is a ‘role model’ for future action. For it has happened recently, and is happening, and if you don’t do something right now, will culminate in the largest genocide this planet has ever known, and the most vicious and malicious and enduring prison state, planet wide, the earth has ever known.

Before Priests realised you could ‘invent’ threats that only ever existed in people’s imaginations, to gain control over people, to enslave them, you had to use actual physical violence, and then the threat of such violence. The power of all cults, throughout history, has been based mostly on terrorism. On FEAR. On threats of carrying out various acts of painful violence. Threats the cult leader’s never hesitated to carry out. Just look at the very first acts committed by the biblical Moses, immediately after coming down from the mountain and proclaiming ‘Thou Shallt Not Kill’. What did he do? I bet even most ‘Christians’ do not know. The ‘protection racket’ that is the basis of most cults works on imaginary ‘threats’ that the priests promise to protect you from. Too easy. All you need to do is get people to believe in imaginary threats, and then to believe in your equally imaginary ‘powers of protection’. This is the basis of ‘transferred authority’ and ‘transferred power’. You get people to ‘believe’ in some God, and then to believe that this God granted YOU the power to speak for, usually, HIM, and to act in his name, with his authority. And thus by mere magic of words, what we’d today call Neuro Linguistic Programming, you ‘earn’ the faith of the people. You gain the same absolute power that a real god, with real power, would have. How is THAT for genius?

Of course when you are suffering under some law or violence imposed upon you by some ‘Jews’, it is challenging to feel empathy for your persecutor, your prison warder, your jailor, your censor, your victimizer, your bully, your mobber, your slave master, your banker, your general, your attacker, your bomber, your torturer, your brainwasher, your propagandist, your Marxist, your ‘Jewish’ pepetrator.

However it is a fact that the ‘Jews’ are as much a victim of the Cult of Judaism as the rest of us. While working with the Australian Bureau of Statistics in Canberra, I was responsbile for determining a ‘working’ definition for the concept ‘Religion’. In statistical collections you are required to ‘operationalise’ a concept, in order to collect data relating to it. Ultimately I reccommeded that our survey questionnaires seek data on survey respondent’s ‘Religious Affiliation’.

The term ‘affiliation’makes no assumptions about the ‘intensity’ of ‘belief’ in the ‘core tenets’ of a religious system.

And this is key to surviving the Labrynthine system of traps that have been put in place to stifle genuine, authentic, rigorous, transparent, public scrutiny of the Cult of Judaism that have been put in place by this cult’s extremely wealthy, powerful and persuasive, leadership.

This cult has been in the business of seeking absolute world hegemony for at least 3000 years, as I am about to show.

Most of the members of this cult, like all cults, were born into it. They never actively chose membership. Their informed consent was never sought nor obtained. Their parents were themselves born into it. There are very few cases where individuals gave their informed consent, and were ‘recruited’ from outside the cult. However there were several ‘mass conversions’ to this cult, enforced by other community’s own leadership.

Please keep in mind, when my arguments become too challenging for you, to ‘uncomfortable’ given your life of conditioning by the ‘Jewish’ mass media, ‘history’ books, and so on, that all the work I do is motivated by goodwill, beneficience, and compassion towards all sentient beings. I act in good faith, according to my own ‘Optimal Ethics Generator’, an evolution of Rawls’ ‘Veil of Ignorance’, Obadiahs’ ‘For as you do unto others, so shall be done unto you’, and the universal ‘Golden Rule’ to ‘Do unto others, as you wish others to do unto you’.

So as I always say, correct me if I am wrong, with words, with arguments, with facts, and help me if I am right. There may be some cost attached to helping me. But it is for sure that that cost will increase exponentially over the next few years. If you fail to act now, and risk that relatively low cost, any future action will demand a massive cost of you, and very soon any action will become futile. Soon it really will be a decision of ‘Serve the Cult of Judaism, the ‘Jew’ World Order’, or watch your children be tortured before your eyes, before you all die, as a ‘communication’ to the rest of the world that might even consider for one moment becoming ‘Amalek’ or ‘Edom’, and merely suggesting anyone resist the ‘Jew’ World Order.

To repeat, the logical operationalization of the concept ‘Anti-Semitic’ is ‘any resistance to the cult of Judaism, and it’s ‘Jew’ world order.

Freeing / emancipating a ‘Jew’ from the Cult of Judaism is thus clearly anti-semitic behavior.

And acting to prevent the Cult of Judaism from having ‘Its will be done’, in the form of the Jew World Order’s plans to sacrifice the six million ‘Jews’ living in Palestine as a ‘burned offering of a sweet savour unto their lord (power)’, is also anti-semitic, by operational definition. For it defies the Jew World Orders whims and fancies.

So please stop and compare the ‘operational’, that is, REAL, definition of ‘
Anti-Semitism’ with the ‘official’ definition of ‘anti-semitism’, if you are yourself ‘Jewish’. I think you will find anti-semitism becoming all the more appealing the more you reflect on what it REALLY means.

So I am calling upon all ‘Jews’ to free themselves, and their fellow ‘Jews’ from the Cult of Judaism. ‘Jews’ must become anti-semitic. There is no alternative.

‘Jews’ must publicly renounce and denounce the Old Testament genocides, and the beliefs and values expressed by that Rabbi in the video. They must stand up for freedom of speech. And freedom of historical investigation and reporting. They must abandon ‘The Holocaust’ propaganda. They must honor their obligations to the Palestinian people, and grant ‘right of return’ to all Palestinians, and come to the peace table as equals with the Palestinians, and find a just, fair, equitable, peaceful settlement to the Middle East conflict.

If you think it ‘Pays’ to be a ‘Jew’ and to ‘go along with the ‘jew’ world order, to go along with censorship and ‘The Holocaust’ and ‘Holocaust denial’ laws, then I can’t help you. But you will be sowing the seeds of your own doom. You will be sowing seeds that you will soon be reaping the harvest of. Anything you do to me to ‘punish’ me for trying to ‘save’ you from your cult prison will be repaid upon you, by your own cult masters. If you chose to demonise me, remember that I am only the ‘adversary’ of your cult masters. Your cult prison wardens. Your cult of Judaism. I am your ally.

Given time I could write such a sophisticated treatise on cults that it would do justice to anyone who had ever believed in my abilities. It would be very satisfying. I will complete the intended work, as an extension of my previous works, if I get the chance. To show you all how absurd most of your ‘beliefs’ really are. And how ALL religion as we know it is intended as a mental prison. But right now I need to focus on the key facts regarding this particular cult, the Cult of Judaism. So let’s get to them.

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