It took 3000 years, and this strategy, for one cult, To Rule This World Freeing us, and the ‘Jews’, from The Cult,

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Enter the Khazars

The Cult of Judah had decided to set up its HQ among a large community of people who were unknown to the world as Jews and in fact were not Jews in any literal sense. They had no Judahite blood at all (for that matter; Judahite blood must by this time have been almost extinct even among the Jews of Western Europe) and their forefathers had never known Judea, or any soil but that of Tartary.

These people were the Khazars, a Turco-Mongolian race which had been converted to Judaism in about the 7th Century CE.

Now whereas the Idumeans were ‘brothers’, these Khazars had no apparent link at all to the original ‘Cult’ Judahites.

These ‘Eastern Jews’ a.k.a ‘AshkedNAZI’ ‘Jews’ had absolutely no biological connection with any of the ‘chosen peoples’ of the Bible.

And yet it was these Ashkendnazi ‘Jews’ who took over the Cult leadership, and imposed the dogma of ‘Zionism’ upon world ‘Jewry’, with all its tragic consequences for Palestinians, and all those Americans and Brits and ANZACS and other ‘Commonwealth’ nations who were subsequently tricked by these Ashkednazim into fighting in WWI and WWII.

They adopted the eptithet ‘Jew’, as an apparent contraction of ‘Judah-ite’, but which in reality had nothing to do with ‘Judah’ at all. Apart from having seized the opportunity to co-opt, for themselves, the bold plans of world domination they ‘borrowed’ or ‘co-opted’ from the Cult of Judah, by co-opting the ‘rights and priveleges and destiny’ of the supposed ‘Chosen people’ of the Old Testament ‘Torah’, which had then been adopted by the ‘New’ Testament ‘Gospels.

But here’s the rub. If such a wealthy, powerful, and influential industrialist as Henry Ford, of the synonymous motor company, could not manage to wake up his own generation to these facts, despite owning his own newspaper, and having access to a vast pool of resources, what hope can I have?

The same goes for Charles Lindbergh, with all his fame and wealth.

And for Adolf Hitler, with all the resources of Nazi Germany.

Or Ernst Zundel who devoted his life to ‘waking up’ the world to these facts, and the threat of the ‘Jew’ World Order.

Now you may understand why I continue to write ‘Jew’ World Order in ‘hyphens’. Like making ‘air quotes’ with my fingers. For these AshkenNAZIm are no more ‘Jews’ than Adolf Hitler or Celine could be considered ‘Jews’. They simply adopted a political strategy as their own. Whether as new recruits, or as part of some ‘hostile takeover’ of the parent company by a subsidiary company.

Through the 1500's and 1600's the Jews in Poland enjoyed political and econcomic autonomy. Far from being ‘persecuted’ or ‘oppressed’ they were granted every latitude to essentially live as a ‘nation within a nation’.

They imposed an iron religious discipline upon their communities. They developed extreme forms of mysticism and kept their followers under tight control in ‘ghettoes’ of a physical, and more importantly, emotional and intellectual, nature.

This autonomous Talmudic government was called the Kahal. In its own territory the Kahal was a fully-empowered government, under Polish suzerainty. It had independent authority of taxation in the ghettoes and communities, being responsible for payment of a global sum to the Polish government. It passed laws regulating every action and transaction between man and man and had power to try, judge, convict or acquit.

This power only nominally stopped short of capital punishment: Professor Salo Baron says, "In Poland, where the Jewish court had no right to inflict capital punishment, lynching, as an extra-legal preventive, was encouraged by rabbinical authorities such as Solomon Luria".

Once again, a virtually independent state was formed within the Polish state, which like so many states before and after showed the greatest benevolence to the ‘Jewish’ nation-within-nations that took shape within its gates. As in the earlier and later cases this in no wise mitigated the hostility of the ‘Jews’ towards it, which was proverbial.

In 1772, Poland was partitioned and this great community of "Eastern Jews", organized as a state-within-the-state, was divided by national boundaries, most of it coming under Russian rule.

Up to 1772 there had always been a Cult of Judah HQ centered in one nation. This HQ was located at one time in Poland, Spain, Babylonia, Galilee, Judea, Babylon and Judah.

However, from 1772 onwards, right up until the Nineteenth Century "a Jewish international took shape". The centralised power grid realised the prime dictum of power. Power should never be ‘seen’ to be exercised by the people upon whom it is being exercised.

The fact that the Cult had in fact gone ‘underground’ and ‘invisible’, and had massively grown in effective power, only became clear when the revolution of 1917 produced an almost all-Jewish government in Russia.

And the fact that this fact is rarely ever discussed in the West, and is usually ‘dismissed as anti-semitic propaganda / canard’, is proof that the Cult’s power tentacles had already taken a firm grip upon the Jew.S.A and E.Jew power structures.

By the time of the ‘Russian’ (sic) Revolution, the power of the Cult of Judah in the West was so great that the nature of this ‘Jewish’ nature of the ‘Communist Revolution’ was never publically discussed. While not yet ‘criminalised’, discussion of this fact was virtually ‘heretical’.Drawing attention to the fact of the ‘Jewish’ nature of the revolution in Russia, and elsewhere, would get you ‘ex-communicated’ from ‘good society’, and seriously damage your career prospects, public reputation, and chances of ‘publication’ of any books, as David Irving has learned the hard way, long after Douglas Reed.

The Cult of Judah’s ‘World Kabal', while its secret base of operations, its ‘death star’ is in Washington, it now clearly takes the form of a directorate distributed among the nations and working in unison, over the heads of governments and peoples. This international directorate gains and wields power over Gentile governments.

The Russian Czars and secret police were well aware of this fact. However no-one would listen to them. Even when their most feared predictions became reality, the world ‘ridiculed’ the very notion of a ‘Jewish conspiracy to murder the Czar, and take over the nation, then the world’, as expressed in the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’.

You see how impossible it is to break the thrall and ‘social reality’ the ‘Jews’ have placed us under and in. When you literally prove your argument with objective facts, you still gain no traction. For your ‘fact’s contradict what people have been conditioined, from birth, to ‘know’. The objective reality can never compete with the ‘social reality’. Not without controlled de-programming. We can offer as many obvious, clear, objective facts to people, but they will simply dismiss these as some sort of trick. For they ‘know’, on every representation system, from what they’ve ‘seen’ on t.v and in the press and magazines and school textbooks, what they’ve ‘heard’ on t.v and radio, and from their teachers and lecturers and respected television presenters, and all these controlled ‘impressions’ form a ‘feeling’ which is so ‘compelling’ that any sense impressions and compelling arguments that come later, and do not ‘fit the existing model of reality’, simply slide off their minds, like water off a ducks back.

As all our ‘primary’ experiences have been ‘controlled’ by the ‘Jew’ World Order impression managers, reality engineers, and opinion manufacturers, our ‘social reality’ is whatever they have ‘programmed’ into our minds.

People ‘believe’ what they’ve grown up being told, by everyone in authority, even by ‘controlled’ opposition, so called ‘Kosher’ alternative media.

If you can control the mass media, and education systems, and jewdiciary, you literally have control of the masses minds.

We face such challenging odds that it is no wonder most people have given up on trying to ‘expose’ the truth. The hegemony of the Jew World Order’s propaganda machine extends from not geographically, but in time. Yes by controlling our ‘history’ books and ‘history’ ‘channels’, the Jew World Order have managed to re-write the only version of their own, and our own, histories, that most people, ‘Jews’ and ‘Gentiles’ alike, will ever come into contact with.

And now, just to put Rabbi Freilich and Prosecuter Eyers ridicule of Brendon O’Connor’s lack of ‘homework’ regarding ‘The Shulchran Aruch’, here is a direct quote from the Jewish Encyclopedia. "The Talmud was regarded almost as the supreme authority by the majority of Jews . . . Even the Bible was relegated to a secondary place".

Not that there isn’t enough incriminating evidence, and legitimate reason to fear and hate ‘Jews’ in the Torah itself, as demonstrated by that Rabbi in that video, the Talmud contains enough damning evidence to convict ‘Judaism’ of ‘crimes against humanity’, ‘racial vilification’, ‘incitement to genocide’ and pure hatred of all non ‘Jews’ in criminal prosecutions that could continue until the end of time, to clog up our legal systems.

The ‘pretty lie’ that the Talmudic incitements to all forms of violence against ‘Gentile’s’ is no longer ‘binding’ on ‘Jews’ is just that. An attempt to portray Judaism as harmless.

That video of that Rabbi belies all such claims of ‘Judaism’, ‘The Cult of Judah’, being ‘harmless’. No threat. No virus. No plague. Upon humanity and our animals alike.

The compilation of the Talmud began at Jamnia, the part played in Babylon by Ezekiel and Ezra being played in this new revision of the Law, by the rabbi known as Judah the Holy or the Prince.

It was in effect a massive addition to the "statutes and judgments" of Deuteronomy, Leviticus and Numbers. All the laws which the Talmudists had enacted were appended to the Torah as the "Oral Torah", having equal divine origin. Then they were written down in the Mishna. Later again (under the oft-used pretext of "completing" the work) immense records of rabbinical discussions and rulings were added in the Gemara, but as the Gemara was the product of two distinct Jewish communities, those of Jerusalem in the fifth and of Babylon in the seventh century, there are two Talmuds, known as the Palestinian and the Babylonian.

The Talmud offers a guide to the ‘Jew’ in how to govern their relations with ‘Goys’. It expressly forbids, for example, a Jew to save a non-Jew from death. . . to restore lost goods to him, or to have pity on him’.

But most people either never read the Bible, or have a selective memory for its contents, as Deuteronomy, the ‘second’ law, written thousands of years before the now supposedly ‘dismissed’ Talmud, clearly stated that ‘The Gentile is not your neighbour’, thus the command to ‘Love thy neighbour’, which today Christians quote, believing it to apply universally, to themselves even, is intended to be applied exclusively to other Jews, and never to the ‘heathen’ ‘goys’.

Christian Zionists especially seem to have an incredibly stubborn ‘blind spot’ for most of the racial vilification, hate speech, and incitement present in ‘The Old Testament’ that literally applies to themselves as the intended victim.

And while Judas, the Judah-ite was canonized as a Saint by the ‘Jews’ after they conquered first Russia, and then Germany, the name ‘Jesus’ is, in many strictly Orthodox ‘Jewish’ homes, a dirty word. As ‘forbidden’ to say aloud as ‘Jehovah’.

Jesus is depicted as the illegitimate son of Mary, a hairdresser's wife, and of a Roman soldier called Panthera. Jesus himself is referred to by a name which might be translated "Joey Virgo". He is shown as being taken by his stepfather to Egypt and there learning sorcery.

The significant thing about this bogus life-story (the only information about Jesus which Jews were supposed to read) is that in it Jesus is not crucified by Romans. After his appearance in Jerusalem and his arrest there as an agitator and a sorcerer he is turned over to the Sanhedrin and spends forty days in the pillory before being stoned and hanged at the Feast of the Passover; this form of death exactly fulfils the Law laid down in Deuteronomy 21.22 and 17.5, whereas crucifixion would not have been in compliance with that Judaic Law. The book then states that in hell he suffers the torture of boiling in his own excrement for eternity.

So if you are going to trust the ‘Jews’ version of history, and their depiction of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi’s, you should remember that in doing so you will have to comply with their earlier ‘versions’ of earlier ‘history’. Or you might consider that Hitler finds himself in the best of company, when being demonised by the ‘Jew’ World Order owned and controlled mass media and ‘offical versions’ of history. You might gain a newfound respect and sympathy for the last man, since Jesus ‘Christ’, and the last nation of people, the Germans, under Nazism, to have the audacity and courage to directly oppose the ‘Jew’ World Order’s plans for world domination.

"This is why we enjoin you, under pain of excommunication major, to print nothing in future editions, whether of the Mishna or of the Gemara, which relates whether for good or evil to the acts of Jesus the Nazarene, and to substitute instead a circle like this: O, which will warn the rabbis and schoolmasters to teach the young these passages only viva voice. By means of this precaution the savants among the Nazarenes will have no further pretext to attack us on this subject" (decree of the Judaist Synod which met in Poland in 1631.

Now if you believe that ‘Jews’ suddenly abandoned the whole idea of ‘keeping some things to themselves’ so that we would not ‘know what they were really thinking about us, and planning’, then I’ve got a bridge in London going cheap, that might interest you.

Now for all those nominally ‘Christian’ people out there who have fallen for the ‘Jew’ World Order propaganda a.k.a 911, and its continued demonisation campaign of Islam and Muslims as our ‘natural enemy’ and ‘adversary’ of ‘Christianity’, a few quotes from the Koran might dis-abuse you.

For the Koran describes Jesus as "strengthened with the Holy Spirit". The Koran reproaches ‘Jews’ for rejecting "the Apostle of God", to whom was given "the Evangel with its guidance and light". Of his mother, the Koran says, "O Mary! Verily hath God chosen thee and purified thee, and chosen thee above the women of the world", and, "Jesus, the son of Mary, illustrious in this world, and in the next, and one of those who have near access to God".

To ‘Jews’, Mary is a lieing whore. And these are the people you listen to? While you avoid every ‘voice of reason’ that seeks to wake you up? Leaving us as ‘voices in the wilderness’, for all the good your stubborn refusal to face ‘facts’ will allow us to do for you?

Netanyahu, when he stated ‘We’ve got America’, meant it. The ‘Jew’ World Order ‘got’ America, at least as early as it ‘got’ Wilson elected, and ‘got’ him to enter WWI, and support the Zionists plans.

The Talmud related the passage in Deuteronomy to one in Ezekiel, 23.20, and by so doing defined Gentiles as those "whose flesh is as the flesh of asses and whose issue is like the issue of horses". This is one of the earliest documented examples of ‘Jews’ comparing all us ‘non-Jews’ to animals.

For anyone who thinks the ‘Inquisition’ or ‘Nazi’s invented ‘book burning (The Nazi’s burned mostly communist literature, which just happened to be ‘Jewish’) book-burning of all non-Jewish books was a Talmudic idea, in the same way that ‘witch-hunts’ were presecribed by the Torah.

That the benediction, "Blessed be Thou . . . who has not made me a goi", was to be recited daily, is inescapable evidence that ‘Jews’ view us non-Jews as inferior. For why otherwise would you feel blessed not to be a Goy? In the same way that if Mohammed admitted that having a daughter rather than a son is a ‘curse’, there is no way to claim that Islam is not sexist, and even misogynistic.

The Jew who sells to a Gentile landed property bordering on the land of another Jew is to be excommunicated. A Gentile cannot be trusted as witness in a criminal or civil suit because he could not be depended on to keep his word like a Jew. A Jew testifying in a petty Gentile court as a single witness against a Jew must be excommunicated. Adultery committed with a non-Jewish woman is not adultery "for the heathen have no lawfully wedded wife, they are not really their wives". The Gentiles are even precluded from admission to a future world.

Clearly, to the Talmudic ‘Jew’, most humans on this planet are not ‘created in the image of God’. They contain no divinity. They have no souls. They are mere cattle. Later we shall consider quotes of 21st Century Jewish leaders clearly stating this belief, just like that Rabbi in that video.

Finally, the Talmudic interpretation of the original moral commandment, "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart", is that "man shall occupy himself with the study of Holy Scripture and of the Mishna and have intercourse with learned and wise men". In other words, the man who best proves his love of God is he who studies the Talmud and shuns his Gentile fellow-man.

This accounts for the widespread belief that ‘Jews’ do not really worship any ‘God’. They worship their ‘Jewish’ identity. They worship their priests. Which is what any cult strives for. It begins by claiming the authority of some ‘God’. To speak with that ‘authority’. But over time the distinction becomes totally blurred. In the end the Cult leaders speak ‘as gods’ with their own authority. Like a Roman Caesar declaring himself to be a god.

Here is a true story told by a ‘Jews’. "One very cold night the rabbi tottered into our house in a pitiful condition; it took half a dozen glasses of boiling tea to thaw him out. He then told how a sympathetic goy had offered him a pair of gloves and why he had refused the gift; a Jew must not be the instrument of bringing a mitvah, or blessing, on a non-believer.

You see if the ‘Goy’ had done a good deed, god might bless him. And that must be avoided even at the price of personal suffering.

That said, I am sure there are lots of very reasonable, rational, humanistic Rabbi’s out there. And that they are basically shunned by the other Rabbi’s for being such decent, fair minded, liberal, conscientious, and sympathetic individuals. They won’t inherit any positions of power in the ‘Jew’ World Order that is certain.

The Talmudic Law governed every imaginable action of a Jew's life anywhere in the world: marriage, divorce, property settlements, commercial transactions, down to the pettiest details of dress and toilet. As unforeseen things frequently crop in daily life, the question of what was legal or illegal (not what was right or wrong) in all manner of novel circumstances had incessantly to be debated, and this produced the immense records of rabbinical dispute and decisions in which the Talmud abounds. Currently there are officially 36 volumes of such ‘disputes’ and ‘interpretations’.

Was it as much a crime to crush a flea as to kill a camel on the sacred day? One learned rabbi allowed that the flea might be gently squeezed, and another thought its feet might even be cut off. How many white hairs might a sacrificial red cow have and yet remain a red cow? What sort of scabs required this or that ritual of purification? At which end of an animal should the operation of slaughter be performed? Ought the high priest to put on his shirt or his hose first? Methods of putting apostates to death were debated; they must be strangled, said the elders, until they opened their mouths, into which boiling lead must be poured. Thereon a pious rabbi urged that the victim's mouth be held open with pincers so that he not suffocate before the molten lead enter and consume his soul with his body. Might a louse or a flea be killed on the Sabbath? The Talmudic reponse was that the first was allowed and the second was a deadly sin.

Do today’s U.S government sanctioned ‘advanced interrogation techniques’ and ‘torture’ sound to you like product of the U.S Constitution, or of the ‘Cult of Judah’s Talmudic teachings?

Compare what the Cult’s own leaders do to the ‘Jews’ with what any ‘Gentile’ has ever been documented to have done to any ‘Jews’. Even the false accusations of the ‘Holocaust’ propaganda don’t compare to these Talmudic prescriptions on how to ‘deal with’ a ‘Jew’ who simply decides they want to leave the Cult.

Enough is known of the Talmud (and most of this from Jewish or converted-Jewish sources) for its nature to be clear, and nothing is gained by heaping proof endlessly on proof. Ample enlightenment can be obtained from the Jewish Encyclopaedia, the German translation of the Jerusalem and Babylonian Talmuds (Zurich 1880 and Leipzig 1889), William Ruben's Der alte und der neue Glaube im Judentum, Strack's Einleitung in den Talmud, Laible's Jesus Christus im Talmud, Drach's De l´Harmoni entre l´Eglise et la Synagogue, and Graetz's History of the Jews.

Note that the Talmud is admittedly manmade. The Torah was attributed to the voice of Jehovah, recorded by Moses. This is of great significance.

Dr. Kastein was accurate in saying, "It was not God who willed these people and their meaning; it was this people who willed this God and this meaning",

In other words, the ‘Jews’ made their god YHWH in their own image, and not the other way around. Anything commanded by ‘God’ in the Bible is a reflection on the Cult of Judah’s leadership, and ambitions, rather than attributable to any God. Unless we define Enlil, the Annunaki leader from the Sumerian Scrolls, as the ‘God’ that spoke with Moses. Then much of the content of the Bible would make sense as the expressions of a ‘jealous’ Annunaki that insisted on being worshipped, and in dominating all humanity.

When the Talmud was completed the question which the future had to answer was whether the central sect would succeed in imposing this New Law on the scattered Jews, as Ezra and Nehemiah, with Persian help, had inflicted the New Covenant on the Judahites in Jerusalem in 444 BC.

The ghetto was not something inflicted on the Jews by the Gentiles. It was the logical product of the Talmudic Law, and derived directly from the experiment in Babylon. The express object of such provisions as these was the segregation of Jews from others and their isolation in ghettoes.

The first ghetto was that which the Babylonian rulers allowed the Levites to set up in Babylon. The next was the Jerusalem around which Nehemiah, backed by the Persian king's soldiers, built new walls, wherefrom he drove out all non-Judahites. From those models the European ghetto took its shape.

Jews who never saw a ghetto carry a half-conscious memory of it within them like a haunting fear, yet it was essentially a Talmudist conception, to which their ancestors surrendered. It was the perfect means of corralling a scattered congregation, imprisoning people's minds, and wielding power over them.

The demand for a ghetto often came from the Talmudists (that is to say, outside Poland, where all Jewish life, of course, was ghetto-life). The modern suggestion that the ghetto signified inferiority is part of the legend of "persecution", which is chiefly meant to intimidate Jews, so that they shall always fear to venture outside the fold; today's myth of "antisemitism" is intended to produce the same effect on them.

In ancient Alexandria (the New York of its day) and in medieval Cairo and Cordova the Jewish quarters were established at the insistence of the rabbis, intent on keeping their flock isolated from others. In 1084 the Jews of Speyer petitioned the ruling German prince to set up a ghetto; in 1412, at Jewish request, a ghetto law was enacted throughout Portugal. The erection of the ghetto walls in Verona and Mantua was for centuries celebrated annually by the Jews there in a festival of victory (Purim).

A ghetto made such control easy and absolute" (Rabbi Elmer Berger) The ghettoes of Russia and Poland were an essential and integral part of theTalmudic organization and any attempt to abolish them would have been denounced as persecution.

When the Roman ghetto was destroyed at Mussolini's order in the early 1930's the Jewish press (as Mr. Bernard J. Brown records) lamented the event in such words as these: "One of the most unique phenomena of Jewish life in Goluth is gone. Where but a few months ago a vibrant Jewish life was pulsating, there now remains a few [96] half-destroyed buildings as the last vestige of the quondam ghetto. It has fallen victim to the Fascist passion for beauty and under Mussolini's order the ghetto has been razed.’

The implication of this is that the razing of the ghetto was "Fascism", just as the original creation of ghettoes (at Jewish demand) is presented as persecution by the Zionist historians of today.

With emancipation the ghetto disappeared.

The Talmudic regime in the close confinement of the ghettoes was in its nature essentially rule by terror, and employed the recognizable methods of terror: spies-on-spies, informers, denunciants, cursing and excommunication, and death. The secret-police and concentration-camp regime of the Communist era evidently took its nature from this model, which was familiar to its Talmudic organizers.

During the many centuries of Talmudist government the terror, and the dogma which it enclosed, produced two significant results. These were recurrent Messianic outbursts, which expressed the captives' longing to escape the terror; and recurrent protests against the dogma, from the Jews themselves.

These were latterday symptoms of the feeling expressed on the ancient day when "the people wept" at the reading of The Law. The Talmud forbade the Jew almost every activity other than the amassing of money.

Even the most docile in time questioned the credentials of such a Law, asking "Can it be really true that every new edict and ban derives from God's revelation at Sinai?" That was their rulers' claim: "according to the Jewish view God had given Moses on Mount Sinai alike the oral and written Law, that is, the Law with all its interpretations and applications",

The "Great Ban" was in effect a death sentence, and was so intended. It called down on the victim the "cursings" enumerated in Deuteronomy, and cursing was (and by the literal devotees of this sect still is) held to be literally effective.

The article on "Cursing" in the Jewish Encyclopaedia says, "Talmudic literature betrays a belief, amounting to downright superstition, in the mere power of the word . . . Not only is a curse uttered by a scholar unfailing even if undeserved . . . Scholars cursed sometimes not only with their mouths, but by an angry, fixed look. The unfailing consequence of such a look was either immediate death or poverty".

This is recognizably the practice known today as "the evil eye", of which my encyclopaedia says, "This superstition is of ancient date, and is met with among almost all races, as it is among illiterate people and savages still". The Jewish Encyclopaedia shows that it is a prescribed legal penalty under the Judaic Law

Any time a ‘good’ ‘Jew’ emerged to any position of influence he was immediately crushed, denounced, excommunicated, discredited, smeared, slandered, and demonised.

Consider for example the following documented case history. Moses Maimonides (born at the Talmudic centre, Cordova, in 1135) drew up a famous code of the principles of Judaism and wrote, "It is forbidden to defraud or deceive any person in business. Judaist and non-Judaist are to be treated alike . . . What some people imagine, that it is permissible to cheat a Gentile, is an error, and based on ignorance . . . Deception, duplicity, cheating and circumvention towards a Gentile are despicable to the Almighty, as 'all that do unrighteously are an abomination unto the Lord thy God' ".

The Talmudists denounced Maimonides to the Inquisition, saying, "Behold, there are among us heretics and infidels, for they were seduced by Moses Ben Maimonides. . . you who clear your community of heretics, clear ours too". At this behest his books were burned in Paris and Montpellier, the book-burning edict of the Talmudic law thus being fulfilled. On his grave the words were incised, "Here lies an excommunicated Jew".

And now to another typical ‘inversion’ of the truth that has been force fed to us as ‘history’ by the ‘Jew’ World Order. For don’t Jews claim that the Spanish Inquisition was set up to ‘persecute’ Jews. And as always, aren’t the only ‘victims’ we are constantly told about ‘Jewish’?

In fact the Cult of Judah actively sought out the assistance of the Spanish Inquistiors to do its own ‘dirty work’.

In fact The Inquisition, like the Gentile rulers of the earlier period and the Gentile politicians of our day, often did the bidding of the Cult of Judah.

The falsification of history, insofar as it relates to this particular subject, has left the impression on Gentile minds that the Inquisition was primarily an instrument of "the Jewish persecution". But in 1232, at the request of the Cult of Judah, of the Talmudists, it had ordered the anti-Talmudic work of Maimonides to be publicly burned!

As usual the Cult of Judah co-opted the Spanish and Catholic powers to enforce its own tyranny of the ‘Jews’. To punish ‘disobedient’ and ‘controversial’ and ‘non-comformists’ among its own ranks. To ensure that the ‘rank and file’, like those under the Jew.S.S.R reign of terror, complied with all the dogmas of the Cult of Judah automatically, reflexively, unhestitatingly, and whole-heartedly. Mindlessly. Like obedient slaves.

Another example of a ‘thinking’ ‘Jew’paying a high price for daring to merely question his Cult of Judah masters was Baruch Spinoza. Born at Amsterdam in 1632, the ban pronounced on him by the Amsterdam rabbinate derives directly from the "cursings" of Deuteronomy: "By the sentence of the angels, by the decree of the saints, we anathematise, cut off, curse and execrate Baruch Spinoza, in the presence of these sacred books with the six hundred and thirteen precepts which are written therein, with the anathema wherewith Joshua anathematized Jericho; with the cursing wherewith Elisha cursed the children; and with all the cursings which are written in the Torah; cursed be he by day and cursed by night; cursed when he goeth out, and cursed when he cometh in; the Lord pardon him never; the wrath and fury of the Lord burn upon this man; and bring upon him all the curses which are written in the Torah. The Lord blot out his name under the heaven. The Lord set him apart for destruction from all the tribes of Israel, with all the curses of the firmament which are written in the Torah. There shall be no man to speak to him, no man write to him, no man show him any kindness, no man stay under the same roof with him, no man come nigh unto him".

Spinoza was banished from Amsterdam and exposed to "a persecution which threatened his life", as one encyclopaedia puts it. In fact it took his life. Shunned and destitute, he died aged 44.

Two hundred years later, during the century of emancipation, Moses Mendelssohn proclaimed the heresy that Jews, while retaining their faith, ought to become integrated with their fellow men. That meant breaking free from the Talmud and returning to the ancient religious idea of which the Israelite remonstrants had glimpses. His guiding thought was, "Oh, my brethren, follow the example of love, as you have till now followed that of hatred". Mendelssohn had grown up in the study of the Talmud. He prepared for his children a German translation of the Bible, which he then published for general use among Jews.

The Talmudic rabbinate, declaring that "the Jewish youth would learn the German language from Mendelssohn's translation, more than an understanding of the Torah", put it under ban: "All true to Judaism are for bidden under penalty of excommunication to use the translation". They then had the translation publicly burned in Berlin.

When ‘Jews’ highlight the plight of Salman Rushdie, to demonise all Muslims, most of whom rejected the ‘Fatwah’, and actually protected this provocative author, they failed to mention Moses Mendelssohn’s treatment by their own Cult.

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