Iosr journal Of Humanities And Social Science (iosr-jhss) Volume 19, Issue 6, Ver. IV (Jun. 2014), pp 01-03

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IOSR Journal Of Humanities And Social Science (IOSR-JHSS)
Volume 19, Issue 6, Ver. IV (Jun. 2014), PP 01-03
e-ISSN: 2279-0837, p-ISSN: 2279-0845. 1 | Page

Job Stress study of Female Nurses working for Private and Public
Hospitals from Urban Area.

Krupa A. Vyas
Department of Psyhology Smt.J.P.Shroff Arts College, Valsad

It is an important task of workingwomen to handle two important tasks. These most important tasks
involve, justifying the responsibilities at workplace and handling the responsibilities at home front. Balancing
these two roles at home and work is very challenging task and causes stress at different levels. Different
dimension of workingwomen s life involves in evolving the stress in workingwomen s life. These stresses cause
the imbalance at the front of and handling family responsibility. The study is focusing on the stress causes
among female nurses working for private and public hospitals from urban area. A sample of 70 female nurses
from urban area participated in this study. Out of this, 35 each are from private and public hospitals
respectively. A non-experimental, cross-sectional survey design was conducted using Demographic information
form. The inventory used is based on 5 point scale. Using correlation and regression analysis, the result shows
that there was significant difference in stress level between female nurses working in public and private
hospitals. The measurement of stress level of occupational stress among working female nurses indicates the
impact and occurrence of justification of job duties. The result can be applied for further research on working
married women, especially concerning the impact and occurrence of job stress on patient’s service and health.
These results can be further applied to the studies concerning to mental health among the workingwomen.
Key words Occupational stress, workingwomen, female nurses occupational stress, correlation and
regression, mental stress.

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