Introductory Psychology Final Exam Study Guide

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Introductory Psychology

Final Exam Study Guide

T= Text L=Lecture R=Readin


Personality (Chapter 12)

Personality Defined (T&L)

Trait Perspective (T&L)

Infant Temperament and Traits (T&L)

The “Big Five” (T&L)

Evaluation of Trait Perspective (T&L)

Learning Perspective (T&L)

Behaviorism & Social-learning (T&L)

Reciprocal Determinism (L)

Personal Control (T&L)

Evaluation (T&L)

Humanistic Perspective (T&L)

Maslow’s “Needs Hierarchy” (T&L)

Rogers and the Conditions of Growth (T&L)

Assessing the Self (T&L)

Evaluation (T&L)

Socio-cultural Perspective (T&L)

Collectivist vs. Individualist Societies (T&L)

Evaluation (T&L)

Psychoanalytic Perspective (T&L)

Id, Ego, and Superego (T&L)

Freud’s and Erikson’s stages (T&L)

Evaluation (T&L)
Developmental Psychology (Chapter 5)

Definition of Development (L)

Stability and Change (T&L)

Are adults prisoners of childhood?

Nature and Nurture in prenatal development (T&L)

The Competent Newborn (T&L)

Crying, reflexes, learning, and perception

Language (T&L)

Attachment (T&L)

Physical development in Infancy & Childhood (T)

Cognitive Development

Piaget’s theory (T&L)

Stages (T&L)

Moral Development (T&L)

Kohlberg’s theory & Critique (T, L)

Gender Development (T&L not covered)

Role of Parents (T&L)

Power & Limits of Parental Influence (T&L)

Adolescence & Puberty (T&L)

Maturation and Adjustment (T&L)

Turmoil in Adolescence (T&L)

Wings and Roots (T&L)

Adulthood and Aging (T)
Psychological Disorders (Chapter 13)

Folk Psychology and Mental Illness (L)

Scientific Approaches to Mental Illness (L)

Characterizing Mental Disorders (T&L)

Statistical Deviance, Norm Violation

Subjective Distress, Harmful Symptoms

Textbook Definition (T&L)

Classification: DSM IVR (T&L)

Criticisms (T&L)

Psychological Tests (T&L)

Projective and Objective (T&L)

Mood Disorders (T&L)

Major Depressive Disorders (T&L)

Depression and Suicide (T&L)

Bipolar Disorder (T&L)

Anxiety Disorders (T&L)

Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Panic Disorder, Phobias, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) (T&L)

Schizophrenia (T&L)

Other Disorders (T)

Therapy (Chapter 12)

Psychological and Biological Therapies (T&L)

Psychodynamic Therapies (T&L)

Assumptions & Techniques

Behavioral Therapies (T&L)

Assumptions & Techniques

Cognitive Therapies (T&L)

Assumptions & Techniques

Humanistic and Existential Therapies (T&L)

Assumptions & Techniques

Family Therapy (T)

Evaluating Psychotherapies (T&L)

Patients, Therapists, & Alliance (T&L)

Bio-medical Therapies (T&L)

Drug Therapies (T&L)

Drug Types, Testing Effectiveness (T&L)

Surgery & Electroshock Therapy (T&L)

Assessing Therapies (T&L)

The NIMH Study (T&L&R)

The Exam

SBS testing center

35 multiple-choice questions

2 short answer 1 extra credit question

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