Introductory Psychology Assignment 3

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Introductory Psychology

Assignment 3
We have been discussing the basis of gambling over the entire semester. When we discussed Folk Psychology, I provided a Folk Psychological analysis of gambling (people gamble because they like it). During the section on Behaviorism, I explained the Behavioral Psychological perspective on gambling (people’s gambling behavior is controlled by a variable-ratio (VR) schedule of positive reinforcement). When we were considering Biology, I mentioned the Neurobiological account of gambling (people gamble because they are seeking a norepinephrine rush due to a deficit of this neurotransmitter in their brains). Finally, in the Cognitive Psychology section, when we were considering human irrationality, I presented the Cognitive Psychological perspective of gambling (people gamble because they misunderstand probability theory and better encoding and remember wins than losses).
Imagine a problem gambler who tries to get help by going to a Folk Psychologist, a Behavioral Psychologist, a Cognitive Psychologist, and a Biological Psychologist. Now, further imagine that the four psychologists meet to discuss the case. Write an account of the imagined meeting between the four psychologists (feel free to name them) who are treating the problem gambler. Your account should focus on the psychologists’ claims about the causes of the patient’s problem and the kind of treatment or remedy that might be adopted by each psychologist to treat the patient. BE EXPLICIT ABOUT EACH OF THESE POINTS! Feel free to be imaginative in your answer, but remain true to the theoretical perspectives in presenting each account.
Finally, comment on which explanation(s) makes the most sense to you, if any of them. Explain which explanation or explanations would be best from your perspective. However, be careful not to combine theoretical approaches that are incompatible with each other. For example, do not claim that each approach is effective and that a patient should be treated with treatment programs from each approach. This can’t work because Folk Psychology is incompatible with the Biological and Behavioral perspectives (on the issue of mental states) and the Cognitive perspective (on the issue of rationality and perfect perception). Also, the Behavior and Cognitive Perspectives are incompatible on the role of cognitive processes. So have fun but remember that this assignment should be no longer than 3 typed pages.

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