Introduction to the project description

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Introduction to the project description

A relatively detailed project description has to be submitted in order to be admitted to a ph.d.-programme at the BFE-faculty, University of Tromsø. The project description serves multiple purposes.

  • It is an agreement between the student and the supervisors on how the PhD-study and the research project will be carried out. It is more elaborative on scientific matters and other important issues than agreement B.

  • It ensures that the project is well planned and that the proposed research is manageable within the project period. Hence, planning ahead and submitting a well written project description increases the prospect of completing the PhD-studies on time.

  • For some PhD-students, the topic of the project may not be well known. Reading and writing the background, establishing the scientific objectives and investigating which methods to use, is a good way of just getting started with the project.

  • The project description is also a "mini-application". For most PhD-students the project description is the first attempt to write something that resembles a project proposal. Writing project proposals are an important activity of researchers and scientists in order to fund their research. Therefore the project description can be considered an integral part of the PhD-training, i.e. it is kind of an introduction on how to write a project proposal.

The project description shall be written in cooperation with the supervisors. The presentation of the research project shall be 5-10 pages, and it must be signed by the PhD student and all supervisors. According to the University regulations and the supplementary regulations at the BFE-faculty, several topics must be described. Although some topics may seem peculiar at first glance, they are required for specific reasons.

Below is an example of how to organize the project description and which topics to include. By using this template you ensure that all required elements are included in the project description. You are, however, free to deviate from this template and, if desired, submit an even more detailed description.

Project Title




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