Introduction to Social Work

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Chapter 8. Macro Practice, Social Development and Social Pedagogy
Social workers uses these three approaches bring together people with similar interests or needs in order to identify shared concerns and then work together to overcome them. Those people may be in a particular locality or joined by similar interests or needs. As a result, the approaches focus on social and educational rather than psychological interventions. Ideas from the three form a bridge between problem-solving and empowerment objectives.

Activation By activating people, those who are not making progress in their lives undertake instead personal development thus increasing their motivation and the likelihood taking advantage of opportunities.
Capacity-building This increases the understanding and skills required by excluded individuals, groups, and communities to increase their level of participation in society.
Community work The international term for what is called in America macro practice with an emphasis on social change; practices that help people come together to identify issues of concern and take action.
Macro practice The American term for the international term community work that emphasizes policy change. Macro focuses on changing or building social organizations for the benefit of those excluded from society.
Social capital The development of social capital allows an increase in community and social infrastructure resources for individuals, groups, and communities.
Social development theory This approach organizes ideas about macro social work into a system of practice for developing strength and resilience of social institutions mainly in local communities of resource-poor areas.
Social exclusion These focus on approaches to helping stigmatized and disadvantaged communities play a stronger role in society by providing them with resources and opportunities for participation.
Social pedagogy This is a significant tradition in mainland Europe and sees social work as a positive educational process for individuals and groups; social pedagogy is largely absent from English-speaking countries.

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