Introduction to Psychology

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AP Psychology Study Guide –Midterm 2013

The format of the midterm will be similar to the AP exam. You will have 100 multiple choice questions and 1 essay question. You will have two class periods to complete the exam. This review guide lists the topics and terms we covered in this semester. I recommend starting by reviewing the terms, then moving on to the concepts.

Introduction to Psychology

  • Describe hindsight bias and explain how it often leads us to perceive psychological research as merely common sense.

  • Discuss how overconfidence contaminates our everyday judgments.

  • Compare and contrast case studies, surveys, naturalistic observation, and the experimental method.

  • Explain the importance of proper sampling.

  • Describe both positive and negative correlations and explain how correlational measures aid the process of prediction.

  • Explain why correlational research fails to provide evidence of cause-and-effect relationships.

  • Discuss how people form illusory correlations and perceive order in random sequence.

  • Describe the three measures of central tendency (mean, median, and mode) and the two measures of variation (range and standard deviation)

  • Explain the difference between random sampling and random assortment and discuss why each is important.

  • Be able to determine the independent and dependent variables in an experiment

  • Explain why psychologists study animals.

  • Discuss the ethics of experimentation with both animals and people.


Hindsight bias


Independent variable

Dependent variable

Random sample

Random assignment

Illusory correlation


False-consensus effect

Control treatment

Operational definition

Case study

Naturalistic observation


Placebo effect


Double blind

Single blind

Standard deviation





Normal distribution

Skewed distribution


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