Introduction to psychology

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University of Texas of the Permian Basin

Fall 2015 Syllabus

Section: 703.2158

Instructor: Stephanie Fife

Office: 3rd floor - Rm 3246

Phone: 432-552-3347

Office Hours: T & Th 2:00-4:15, W 11:00-12:00


Text: Psychology, 7th edition, by Hockenbury, Hockenbury, & Nolan (2015), published by Worth, ISBN 978-1-4641-0880-8 

Course Prerequisites: None - PSYC 1301, meets the social sciences requirement in the general education core throughout Texas.

Course Description: The present course emphasizes psychology as the scientific study of behavior and mental abilities. An introductory course like this is a survey course, where the various sub-fields within psychology are identified, and a sampling of material is examined within each sub-field. You will find that psychology is a much larger field than you ever realized. Psychologists work in areas of mental illness it is true, but they may also work in issues of children, aging, advertising, community development, business personnel, neuroscience and even the courtroom.

Course Purpose: The course purpose it to expand the student's knowledge of psychology as it fits into the sciences, the individual's life and the community.

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