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Introduction to pack
You are about to experience some aspects of psychiatry and mental health nursing within this resource pack. We hope you find the information informative and stimulating. If you have any problems accessing information, a member of the lecturing staff will be available to assisting you so do not hesitate to ask.
How to use the pack
Mental health lecturers within the directorate designed the pack with you in mind. Information was drawn from a variety of reputable sources within the mental health field. You are expected to read the brief in-text extracts and carry out the learning activities specified. It is advisable to work through the pack section by section and liaise closely with your personal tutor on matters that concern you. A number of activities are based on learning by reflection, i.e. you are asked to think critically about issues and make comments, other activities require you to read and analyse extracts and make comments in the relevant sections of the pack.
The pack should be used in conjunction with other teaching and clinical activities within the first year of the branch programme. You will be advised of other learning activities linked to this learning resource pack.
Section 1 asks what mental illness is. You are provided with a brief extract on mental illness and asked to explore a number of websites to gain further understanding of mental illness.
Section 2 deals with the role of the nurse: a more complex area to define within mental health. However, this section looks at the historical development of the nurses’ role and examines the role within modern mental health services.
Sections 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 deal with common mental health problems experienced by patients and examines the role of the nurse in providing nursing care.
Section 8 examines mental health law and pharmacology and important influences on the role of the nurse.
Most sections make reference to articles, books and web site addresses. Some articles can be accessed from the web site and books as hard copies within the periodical library.

Section 1

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