Introduction to Analysis of Variance Procedures

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14.2 User’s Guide
Introduction to Analysis
of Variance Procedures

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14.2 User’s Guide
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14.2 User’s Guide
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Chapter Introduction to Analysis of Variance
Overview: Analysis of Variance Procedures
Procedures That Perform Sum of Squares Analysis of Variance
Procedures That Perform General Analysis of Variance
Statistical Details for Analysis of Variance
From Sums of Squares to Linear Hypotheses
Tests of Effects Based on Expected Mean Squares
Analysis of Variance for Fixed-Effect Models
PROC GLM for General Linear Models
PROC ANOVA for Balanced Designs
Comparing Group Means
PROC TTEST for Comparing Two Groups
Analysis of Variance for Categorical Data and Generalized Linear Models
Nonparametric Analysis of Variance
Constructing Analysis of Variance Designs
For More Information

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