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Development is a continuous process. Each new development of larger social relevance brings new opportunities to the respective field. The field of education has no exception to this. To provide and get education is one of the characteristic that differentiate human beings from other living things, and for better education human beings are continuously improving their teaching-learning tools and techniques. Revolution of the human society had its impact on education. The development of information and communication technology (ICT) have brought psychological, sociological as well as technological changes in the field of education. The present boon of ICT has its own very special impact on education. This impact of ICT is noticeable in formal and informal education, traditional and professional education as well as at all levels of education. The most recent influence of the ICT in the field of education is recognized as e-learning. E-learning has many other nomenclatures such as computer assisted instruction, computer-based training, online education, web-based training, etc. E-learning is therefore quite some time new. It has brought new opportunities to education in all ways including libraries.

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