Introduction and Methods

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Introduction and Methods

(Chap. 1 and Appendix A)

I. Introduction

  1. Why take a Psychology Course

  2. Definitions of the Discipline (p. 4)

  3. Is Scientific Psychology Relevant?

  4. Reasons for Studying Psychology (pp. 10-11)

  5. Three ways to Explain Alarm Clocks

  6. Review

II. Intentional Explanations (IE) as Everyday Psychology

A. Three explanations

B. Nature of IE Explanations

C. When IE are used

D. Conditions of using IE explanations

E. Assumptions of IE explanations

F. Assignment 1
III. Science and Intentional Explanations (1:5 – 1:6)

A. IEs are not scientific

1. IE do not pass the test of scientific (i.e., critical) thinking (pp)

2. IE assumptions may be wrong!

B. Science and everyday explanations of human behavior
IV. Scientific Perspectives in Psychology (1:1 - 1:3)

A. Biological

B. Behavioral

C. Cognitive

D. Socio-cultural

E. Psychodynamic

F. Humanistic

G. Genetic: Evolutionary & Behavioral Genetics

V. Scientific Psychology

A. Psychological practice and research (1.7 and A.1)

B. Definition of Terms

1. Operational Definition

2. Reliability and Validity

3. Dependent Variable

4. Independent Variable

5. Hypothesis

C. Descriptive/Correlational Designs (1:8 - 1:9, A3-A4)

1. Methods

a. Case study

b. Naturalistic observation

c. Testing and Survey

2. Example

3. Correlation and causality

D. Experimental/Causal Design (1:10 - 1:11 A2)

1. Methods

2. Example

E. Research and the real world (1:12 - 1:16, A5)

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