Introduction: 99 Unconventional Interventions

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A Benefit of Group

It never ceases to amaze how the group can ‘take to’ a member whose outside life is marked by negativity and social isolation. These difficult members that tend to build an impenetrable wall between themselves and the world, do have likeable qualities if they would allow others access to them long enough for those qualities to emerge. In group, where members make a commitment to attending every week, group members do see these qualities that others would never see and almost literally save the ‘loner’ from a life of complete despair. It’s a very powerful and life affirming dynamic to observe. I have seen their faces light up after receiving a compliment; almost in disbelief and with some prodding, these people actually allow themselves to be feed by members. They have become totally unaccustomed to such feeding in the sad lives where others have shunned them. It’s heartwarming and gratifying for me to witness when it happens in my groups.

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