International Journal of Engineering Science and Computing, Septembe r 2016

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International Journal of Engineering Science and Computing, September 2016
ISSN XXXX XXXX © 2016 IJESC Factors Affecting the Stress of Teachers A Special Reference to
Trincomalee District
, Dr.T.Mangaleswaran
Assistant Lecturer, Senior Lecturer Gr II
Advanced Technological Institute, Trincoma lee, Sri Lan ka
Vavuniya campus of the University of Jaffna, Jaffna, Sri Lanka

Abstrac t
Be ing able to maintain the stress level, a teacher can improve the quality of work and the quality of life as it leads to better performance. This paper attempts to determine the factors affecting the stress of teachers with the special reference to Trincoma lee District. To achieve this objective, primary data was collected through the questionnaire. A sample of 129 respondents was taken for the study. An exploratory factor analysis is used to find out the factors affecting the stress of teachers. The findings explain the factors such as workload, working conditions, personal problems, Environment and problems with the curriculum affect the stress of teachers. Majority of teachers reported workload is the main factor leads them towards stress.

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