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Table 1: Merits and demerits of the OSPE as an assessment tool

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Table 1: Merits and demerits of the OSPE as an assessment tool



-With comprehensive blueprinting of the syllabus, OSPE can assess cognitive, psychomotor domains effectively.

- Affective domain skills like communication , history taking can be assessed by OSPE

- A structured step wise checklist pattern is followed for assessment to incorporate majority of the clinical competencies.

- OSPE is a competence based assessment.

- Since it focuses on the details of the clinical skills, it aids as a good teaching learning tool.

- Less experienced faculty members can be incorporated for assessment.

-All the students are asked similar types of questions hence OSPE is less biased

- Blueprinting of the syllabus, validation of the comprehensive checklist is a tedious and time consuming job.

- Administration and conduction of OSPE is time consuming, labour, money and resource intensive.

- lesser number and time for the stations reduces the reliability and validity of the OSPE
- Compartmentalization in assessing the clinical skills

- Less interaction between examiner and examinee

- Constant need of innovation in development of OSPE banks to prevent repetition of the questions.

- Limited scope of questions

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