Installationsanweisung für ViciBox V. 6

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Installationsanweisung für ViciBox v.6

(Installation for ViciBox v.6)
Some basic Linux skills and general IT knowledge is assumed throughout parts of this document. For this reason, this guide does not cover topics such as basic networking, CD burning, partitioning scheme design, varying infrastructure methodologies, validity of install, and other unmentioned topics or variations of installation. To find out more about any of the steps in this document, or to learn more about any particular ViciBox install or ViciDial setup, we suggest you search and ask questions on the ViciDial forums at In addition, you can find more information with regards to Linux, OpenSuSE, and other general topics by using Google and/or the official OpenSuSE v.13.1 documentation located at
ViciBox is a self-contained installation CD based upon the OpenSuSE v.13.1 Linux distribution. It includes both online as well as offline installation capabilities. Starting with v.6.0 ViciBox will only be released in a 64-bit version for simplification and ease of maintenance. Any modern X86 CPU released since 2004 should not have any issues running ViciBox.
Alternatively, if the prospect of installing and maintaining your own ViciBox/ViciDial cluster seems too daunting, the ViciHost ( service is available to give you all the features and benefits of ViciDial without the complexity and learning curve of setting it up from scratch.
Paid development is also available through The ViciDial Group ( for any customizations or enhancements desired in either ViciBox or ViciDial.

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