Insight: Appreciation As a process Of Recognition a hermeneutic Format For The Interpretation Of Statements Made By Psychotic Individuals

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Insight: Appreciation As A Process Of Recognition
A Hermeneutic Format For The Interpretation Of Statements Made By Psychotic Individuals

This paper addresses the following themes:

1. The outline of a method for interpreting apparently bizarre statements (made by psychotic individuals).

2. The practical application of previous hermeneutic re­search on the role played by metaphor in the construction and re-construction of sense.1

3. What possible light this type of research casts upon the phenomenology of psychotic illness as individually wit­nessed by the psy­chotic person (and the role this insight has for the indi­vidualized formulation of a treatment plan).

4. The outline of a method for the examination of the de­gree, and nature, of self-insight appar­ently indicated by the textual behaviour of the psychotic person.

5. Resolution of a particular philosophical problem: How is it possible that psychotic individuals, while using a creative range of metaphor, seem incapable of directly rec­ognizing the analogued self-insight contained in such de­vices? The exercise, on one hand, of rich metaphorical sys­tems accompanied, on the other hand, by an apparent deficit in non-concrete, metaphorical, abstract thought processes.2

6. In what way might this research illuminate the phe­nomenological field of insight itself (assuming that insight is a distinctive phenomenon which, for the sake of these initial investigations, can be provisionally defined as the recognition of a process of appreciation already pre-estab­lished)?

7. An examination of how the individual as a person-in-their-social-context(s) has created for them their own sense of self-worth, their insight into this sense of value, and, the outline of a method for our interpretation of this sense of personal value through self re-evaluation and evaluation of the other.
Essentially, this paper is interested in the insight the psychotic person has into their own condition, our in­sight into this type of process, the insight the medical practitioner might find useful in this regard, what value insight might possess for the individual, how insight is ac­tually ex­ercised, and, what is the general phenomeno­logical nature of the type of insight implicated in this pa­per (assuming the same type of phenomenon is actually in play within the restrictions, or limits, set by collective bound­aries of the topics discussed in this paper?).

To achieve the large number of goals set by this paper I have decided to write it in four sections forming the following index:

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