Impression Management

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Claim common ground

Strategy 1: Notice, attend to H (his interest, wants, needs, goods) – suggests that S should pay attention to anything he or she thinks the H would want to be noticed and approved of.
Strategy 2: Exaggerate (interest, approval, sympathy with H)
Strategy 5: Seek agreement - focuses on ways increasing agreement with H (choice of topics, etc.) and so satisfying his “desire to be ´right´” (ibid: 120)
Strategy 6: Avoid disagreement – complements the preceding strategy in suggesting vagueness about one´s own opinions. Common means to achieve this are hedges which “modify the membership to partial or true only under certain circumstances or”... “more true and complete than perhaps might be expected” (ibid: 146). Frequent expressions used to hedge might be think, hope, you know etc.

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