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Internet sources:
Hofstede, Geert (2003). Geert Hofstede Cultural Dimensions. 20 Feb, 2008. <>, <>.
Xinke,Tian and Zhao Haiyan. “On Specificity of Politeness. Contrastive Study of Western and Chinese Concepts of Politeness”. Sino-US Teaching, No. 2. 2006.

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Links to electronical cover letter writing manuals (anonymous):
12 Dec, 2007. <>.
12 Dec 2007. < your-cover-letter>.

12 Dec, 2007. <>.

13 Dec, 2007. < Letters/The-Reality-of-Cover-Letters>.

13 Dec, 2007. <>.

1 Following the presupossition that particular features only become obvious in comparisons, it is useful to note that this particular binary opposition comes from the frequent comparison of the Western and the Far east cultural traditions – especially Japan and China. Taking these differences into account may reveal how inappropriate the theories of politeness designed in the West are for cultures based on other principles (see Gu, 1990; Watts, 1992). The differences in its manifestations may be quite astonishing and exactly opposite results may be reached by the same behaviour (for more, see, Shield, 2006, Xinke, 2006).

2 For example a range of ´downgraders´, ´upgraders´ or ´point of view operation´ (Blum-Kulka and Olshtain, 1984: 201-205; House and Kasper, 19??: 166-170).

3 Interestingly, none of the letters contain any of the implications triggered through metaphors, contradictions or irony suggested by the strategy ´violate the quality maxims´. It could be ascribed to the fact that such a formal contact, moreover the very first one, is not an occasion for deliberate inaccuracy. Since most of the information between the participants is not shared as yet, it would be dangerous to distort the little there is.

4 a) verbal statements, b) non-verbal or expressive behavior, c) modifications of one´s physical appearance, and d) integrated behavior patterns, involving favor rendering etc. (Schneider in Stevens, 1995: 588).

5 For the purpose of this thesis we will restrict the term ´main body´ of the letter only to the part where experience, qualification etc. are presented.

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