Impact therapy applied to groups

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  1. Get information quickly

  2. Get the members focused

  3. Get the members involved


  1. Designated Word or Designated Number Round

  1. Here/Not here/Getting here

  2. Yes/No (something to work on)

  3. 1-10 rating (comfort level, like yourself, marriage, job)

  1. Word or Phrase Round

  1. On a topic or issue (the week, your life, marriage)

  2. Reaction to an exercise, someone’s personal work, etc.

  1. Comment Round

  1. What has stood out to you?

  2. How has the week been?


  1. Where to begin and end

  2. Not completing the entire round

  3. Passing on the hesitant member

  4. Processing or using the round

  5. With kids—them write their comments

In order to be effective as a group leader, you must be able to cut off group members.
Tell the members during the first session that you will, at times, have to cut off members. You can say something like the following:
“There will be times that I may interrupt a member and direct the discussion elsewhere. I will do this for any number of reasons. I may interrupt in order to get more people in on a discussion or to shift the focus to a different topic or to a different person. Please realize that I am thinking about all of you and I want the experience to be valuable for everyone so that may mean I will have to shift the focus at times. If you ever have any questions about why I may have shifted the focus from you, please check with me.”

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