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Allport, G. W. (1954). The Nature of Prejudice. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley.

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Amir, Y. (1976). The role of inter-group contact in change of prejudice and ethnic relations. In P.A. Katz (ed.), Toward the Elimination of Racism. New York: Pergamon (245-308).

Bar, H., & Bargal, D., with the assistance of Asaqla, J. (1995). Living with Conflict: Encounters between Jewish and Palestinian Israeli Youth. Jerusalem: The Jerusalem Institute for Israel studies [in Hebrew].

Bargal, D. (1990). Contact is not enough—The contribution of Lewinian theory to inter-group workshops involving Palestinian and Jewish youth in Israel. International Journal of Group Tensions, 20, 179-192.

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Bar-On, D. (1999). The "Other" Within Us: Changes in the Israeli Identity from a Psychosocial Perspective. Jerusalem: Mossad Bialik & Ben-Gurion University [in Hebrew].

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