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The Thirteenth and Last Encounter of the First Semester

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The Thirteenth and Last Encounter of the First Semester

Nasser: They’ve signed the [Hebron] agreement [between Israel and the Palestinian Authority]14. I think Bibi [then- Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu]is quick (smiling).…Say congratulations. Maybe there’ll be peace with all the Arab states, and there’ll be no need for this workshop next year? (Laughs. Everyone laughs.)

Nasser (referring to another participant’s question asking what each one of the participants has learned at the workshop]: Hard to say. Maybe I’ve learned to listen at the workshop.

Avner (smiling): You’ve become quite human, in fact. (Everyone laughs).

Nasser: I think we should be photographed and the picture exhibited in the Students’ Hall, so everyone knows. These encounters are very important, but they are not enough, a small group like this out of thousands of students at the university. If the photographs are seen, even more students and lecturers will come next year. So much money is invested in the university. Why don’t they invest in things like this? All of us will raise a family, have children, a lot of people can be affected by it. This group should be written about in Panim [a student bulletin]. We should do it. (He speaks seriously until this point; now he adds with a smile): We’ll get money, go on trips.

The final encounter (and maybe also the signing of the Hebron Agreement) created an euphoric atmosphere. Nasser says that he has learned to listen to others in the workshop. Maybe this, as well as the readiness Avner manifested in the previous meetings to listen to Nasser's opinions and to accept and internalize even extreme positions, brings Nasser to now present additional facets of his identity in the inter-group interaction—facets he had never presented before in this context. This is no longer only the Nasser who struggles and fights the majority for the rights of the collective he belongs to. He now shows his “soft” side to the group. Alongside his aim to keep his separateness and confront the Jews, he also reveals the part of his identity that wants to join them, to do things together with them.

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