Ib diploma Programme course outlines

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IB Diploma Programme course outlines

Brian N. Burak
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Psychology SL/HL
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Psychology is the study of behavior and mental processes, and as such, offers unparalleled insight into the motivations and consequences of the human condition. The approach to teaching is holistic and integrative. It fosters intercultural understanding and respect as students examine the roles socio-cultural factors play to influence human behavior. The aim is for students to critically analyze and apply psychological principles, theories and phenomenon in authentic, tangible ways in the real world. The course will focus on the core levels of analysis – Biological, Cognitive and Socio-Cultural – as the primary means to examine human behavior and mental processes. Students will examine the interrelationship of these core levels as well as exploring the roles they play in optional areas of Psychology through the study of two of the following: Abnormal Psychology, Sports Psychology, Health Psychology, Psychology of Human Relationships, and Developmental Psychology.

The practical objective is to actively engage students in the field of psychology through in-depth rather than broad, shallow coverage of topics, so that students may be able to critically analyze the psychology concepts and theories and apply that knowledge in various social, cultural, gender-based, ethical, real world situations. The assessment objective is for students to be able to use their knowledge of psychological terms & concepts, research methods, theories and studies, to apply and analyze said concepts, methods and studies to develop arguments, while critically evaluating those same methods, theories and studies and discuss how the knowledge can be applied though the core levels of analysis and be used to explain human behavior.

Every student will complete a replication of a simple experimental study as an internal assessment ad sit for the external examination at the conclusion of the course.
Theory of Knowledge content is interwoven into the daily fabric of the class. Many of the Ways of Knowing are aspects of Cognitive Psychology that are taught – language, perception, emotion, reasoning, and memory. When teaching these subjects specifically students are expected to compare the Psychology content to their ToK classes and vice versa. They are required to share personal, real world examples of these concepts to help them with their ToK essays. Frequent “ToKonnections” (questions or prompts designed to get students to consider ToK) are built into reading assignments and lectures. ToK is an essential component of Psychology class.
Course description: In two to three paragraphs, describe the course in terms of focus, purpose, aims and objectives, the inclusion of internationalism, the proposed process, and expected assessment. This should be a summary.


In narrative or outline form, list what you will cover in your course to meet the IB syllabus requirements. In addition, if IB courses are going to be combined with Advanced Placement or other curriculums, outlines should address additional non-IB topics to be covered.

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