Hsp3m introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology

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HSP3U AnnMarie Carruth

Psychology Test Review


Philipe Pinel William Wundt William James Ivan Pavlov

Sigmund Freud Carl Jung JB Watson Anna Freud

Ivan Pavlov Jean Piaget Erik Erikson BF Skinner

Harry Harlow Solomon Asch Abraham Maslow Albert Bandura

Mary Ainsworth Mamie Phipps Clark Hans Selye Philip Zimbardo

Stanley Milgram Sandra Bem Phil McGraw Genie Wiley

Edith Stern


psychology 4 Humours psychoanalysis

id ego superego

conscious preconscious unconscious

personality behaviour behaviourism

cognitive psychology humanistic theory hierarchy of needs

physiological need security love and acceptance need

esteem and recognition self-actualization classical conditioning

stimulus / response unconditioned stimulus unconditioned response

conditioned stimulus conditioned response Social Learning Theory

modeling operant conditioning negative reinforcement

positive reinforcement negative punishment positive punishment

conditioned stimulus unconditioned stimulus conditioned response

unconditioned response
mental health normal failure of socialization

stress eustress cognitive stress appraisal

general adaptation syndrome
stigma stereotype discrimination
mental illness DSMV anxiety disorders

trauma & stressor disorders obsessive compulsive d bipolar & related disorders

depressive disorders eating disorders personality disorders

schizophrenia spectrum ds genetic predisposition psychotherapy

psychoanalysis cognitive behaviour therapy behavioural therapy
nature nurture
REM sleep dream analysis libidinal drive
nature versus nurture heredity versus environment socialization

identical twins fraternal twins twin studies / adoption studies

public versus private response group unanimity group attractiveness

nature of task

psychological acculturation parenting styles authoritative

authoritarian neglectful / indulgent self monitoring (high or low)

false consensus

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