Hmorn research Process and Partnership Primer

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Research in the HMO Research Network

Research Process and Partnership Primer

Report funded by NCI 3U19CA079689-12S2

Prepared by the HMORN Collaboratory Supplement Team


List of Tables and Figures iii

Executive Summary iv

Acronyms vi

Acknowledgements vi

I. Introduction 8

Objective 8

What is the HMO Research Network? 8

Membership and governance 9

HMORN-affiliated research networks 9

Data collection 10

Glossary 12

II. HMORN Site Organizational Environment 13

Current members 13

Organizational variability: implications for research 14

III. Research Centers and Emphases 23

Infrastructure 23

Topical and methodological emphases 23

Partnerships for clinical innovation 23

IV. HMORN Research Processes 28

Establishing partnerships 28

Obtaining and managing funding 28

Protection of human subjects 31

Institutional impact assessment 31

Data access 31

Cohort development and utilization 31

Intervention studies 32

Methods and analytic processes 32

Cohort access and re-contacting participants 32

V. Research Data 33

Data sources 33

Site-specific data tools 35

The Virtual Data Warehouse (VDW) 35

Data availability by site 36

Distributed query tools 36

VI. HMORN Site Profiles & Publications 42

Geisinger Health System 48

Henry Ford Health System 59

HealthPartners Research Foundation | HealthPartners 66

Harvard Medical School, Department of Population Medicine | Harvard Pilgrim Health Care 88

Kaiser Permanente Colorado Institute for Health Research | Kaiser Permanente Colorado 92

The Center for Health Research—Southeast | Kaiser Permanente Georgia 96

The Center for Health Research—Hawaii |Kaiser Permanente Hawaii 106

Division of Research | Kaiser Permanente Northern California 116

LCF Research 120

Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation (Marshfield Clinic; Security Health Plan of Wisconsin) 126

Meyers Primary Care Institute/University of Massachusetts Medical School| Fallon Community Health Plan| Reliant Medical Group 133

Scott & White Division of Research & Education 148

VII. References 151

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