Hiv prevention Literature Review I: Adolescents & Young Adults in Low- and Middle-income Countries Draft 3

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HIV Prevention Literature Review I:
Adolescents & Young Adults in Low- and Middle-income Countries
Draft 3

Submitted to World Vision International

by Dr. Allison Ruark, Consultant
November 4, 2015

Table of Contents

1Executive Summary 4

2Introduction 5

2.1HIV treatment and adherence 6

2.2HIV and violence among girls and young women 8

3Objectives 9

4Methods 9

5Findings 10

5.1Health systems & facility-based approaches 13

5.1.1Youth-friendly clinics 13

5.1.2Voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) 14

5.1.3ART adherence support 14

5.2Community-based provider-led approaches 16

5.3Health behavior change communication approaches 16

5.3.1Reviews and meta-analyses 16

5.3.2School-based behavior change interventions 18

5.3.3Other behavior change interventions 19

5.3.4Yet-to-be-evaluated behavior change approaches 21

5.4Integrated and multi-sectoral socio-economic approaches 22

5.5Parental and family influence and communication 25

6Recommendations 29

7References 31

8Appendix 1: Table of Sources 40

9Appendix 2: Characteristics of effective curriculum-based programs 66

Acronyms & abbreviations
ABC Abstain, be faithful, use condoms

aHR Adjusted hazard ratio

ANC Antenatal care

aOR Adjusted odds ratio

ASRH Adolescent sexual and reproductive health

AIDS Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

ART Antiretroviral treatment

ARV Antiretroviral

BCC Behavior change communication

CCT Conditional cash transfer

GBV Gender-based violence

HIV Human immunodeficiency virus

HCT HIV counseling and testing

HR Hazard ratio

IDU Injecting drug user

IGA Income-generating activity

IPV Intimate partner violence

IRR Incidence rate ratio

KI Key informant

MSM Men who have sex with men

OR Odds ratio

PMTCT Prevention of mother-to-child transmission

PrEP Pre-exposure prophylaxis

PWID Person/people who injects drugs

RCT Randomized controlled trial

RR Risk ratio

SRH Sexual and reproductive health

STI Sexually transmitted infection

TasP Treatment as prevention

UNAIDS Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS

VMMC Voluntary medical male circumcision

WHO World Health Organization

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