History and Systems of Psychology Fall 2015 Instructor: Diana Younger Office: Rm. 3120 Phone

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History and Systems of Psychology

Fall 2015

Instructor: Diana Younger - Office: Rm. 3120

Phone: (432) 552-2351

E-Mail: younger_d@utpb.edu

University of Texas of the Permian Basin

Psychology 4302.001.2158 – M-W 2:00-3:15pm. – Rm MB 2260
Prerequisite: Introduction to Psychology
Text: King, Viney and Woody, A History of Psychology Ideas and Concepts. (2013) 5th Edition, Pearson Publishers. ISBN – 10: 0-205-96304-8

There will also be additional readings that are required for this course that will be in the form of websites and are written into the online lectures or will be given during the course to you for assignments and discussions. These are not heavy additional assignments and discussions, but do add a depth to the course.

Office Hours: These hours are posted on my door – Rm. 3120. Along with other office hours, I will be in my office from 1:30 to 2:00 pm M-W and on Tuesday Thursday 9:30-11am. I am in my office a lot so it you see my door open, come in and we can talk. I also welcome e-mails but please put the words ‘History and Systems’ in the subject box. I can always meet with you at other times than those posted if you ask for an appointment.
Goal of Course: The intent of this course is to acquaint the student with the conceptual foundations on which modern psychology has been established. This is done by reviewing the history of psychological thought, emphasizing the past century of formal systems, but also dealing with the origins of psychology in post-Renaissance philosophy and allied sciences such as chemistry, mathematics, biology, physics and physiology.

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