Hhd 243 late childhood and adolescence 3(2+1)

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HHD 243   LATE CHILDHOOD AND ADOLESCENCE                                3(2+1)

Late childhood – meaning, characteristics and developmental tasks of late childhood years, physical development and motor skills and factors affecting the same, handed-ness and hazards, cognitive development, Piaget’s stages, changes in cognitive abilities, factors influencing and ways of promoting cognitive development and moral development, socio-emotional development, socialization, gang functions and its characteristics, sex role development, pattern of emotional development, emotional dominance, balance, control of catharsis and hazards, role of family, school and peer in promoting various developments, educational and vocational guidance.

        Adolescence introduction, characteristics, developmental tasks, difficulties during transitional period and measures to help, pubertal changes and its physical and psychological implications, transition in emotions, heightened emotionality, common emotional pattern, coping mechanism, maturity and adjustment, socialization – difficulties in social transition, social attitudes and behaviour, influence of peers, conformity and self assertiveness, morality and personality development and aspirations, gender, identification and sexual behaviour, identity crises and personality integration, transition in family relations, problems during adolescence , counseling for adolescents.


Assessment of motor skills and cognitive abilities of school age children, assessment of social abilities, sex role development of school age children and adolescents, study of prejudices, emotions, self-concept, aspirations of school age children and development. Developing a resource file on the different parameters of development during adolescence, study of interests, values, and extra curricular activities and impact of media during school age adolescents.

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