Health Professions Subcommittee report

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Health Professions Subcommittee


September, 2008


  1. Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy

Revise Course Eff. Term: Fall 2009

Revise title and catalogue description.

  1. OT-220 Lifestyle Design: Introduction to Occupational Therapy (2)

Lifestyle Design: Introduction to Occupational Therapy

Introduction to theoretical concepts concerning the relationship of engagement in activities (occupations) to health and well being. Application of these perspectives to students' own lives.
Current: Introduction to Occupational Therapy
Exploration of philosophy and practice of occupational therapy (helping the disabled regain independence), including visits to hospitals; designed for students considering a health career.


  1. Biochemistry

New Course Eff. Term: Fall 2009

  1. BIOC-522 Applications of Physical Methods in Biochemistry (2)

Applications of physical analytical methods commonly utilized in research in biochemistry and molecular biology. Concurrent enrollment: CHEM-521.


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