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Reference list General rules

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Reference list

General rules

  • Use a reference list at the end of the document to include the publication details of all the in-text references within your writing.

  • Start a reference list on a new page using the heading References or Reference List.

  • List only references included in your writing.

  • If your lecturer/teacher or supervisor has also requested a bibliography, list any other sources that you have read but not included in your writing under a heading of Bibliography.

  • The reference list is arranged alphabetically by the family name of the author. If the author of a reference is a company or organisation, list the reference based on the first letter of the company or organisation name.

  • If there are multiple entries by the same author, then arrange chronologically starting with the earliest year of publication.

  • If there are several authors with the same family name, then arrange alphabetically by initials.

  • If the author of a reference is unknown, list the reference based on the title of the work.

  • If the place of publication is not commonly known (for example: Harlow) or the place of publication could be located in two or more countries, additional information is required.

  • For Australia and the United States, add the abbreviated name of the State. For example: Fitzroy, VIC or Delmar, NY

  • For the United Kingdom, add the abbreviation UK. For example: Harlow, UK

  • For other countries, add the name of the country.

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