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When undertaking a literature review ... (Thesis Whispherer 2013).

Facebook or Twitter

Social media is usually referenced as you would a website.

If there is no author’s name use the username instead.

List the name of the platform (for example: Facebook, Twitter).

If an author posts multiple entries on one day, include the time after the date (for example: 13 January, 4.25 am).

For social media accounts that are not publicly accessible (for example: a private Facebook page), the social media entry should be referenced as personal communication.

Direct quote

In relation to the Supreme Court vacancy in the United States, the Barack Obama Twitter account stated that 'it [is] time for Senate leaders to put politics aside and fill the Supreme Court vacancy' (Obama 2016).


Peter Smith (2015) updated his Facebook page on the 25 April with a link to ...

Webpage or document

If a webpage or document does not have an author(s) (individual or corporate), start with the title of the document in italics followed by the date.

The author may be the same as the organisation hosting the website.

If there is no date, use n.d.

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